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Bathroom Lighting Devon

Devon Bathroom Lighting

There are a number of points to consider when choosing lighting for a room, particularly in the bathroom.
There are three or four basic types of lighting that should be used in conjunction with eachother to light up your bathroom. These include task lighting, general lighting, accent lighting and decorative lighting.
A well lit room will usually combine at least the first three and sometimes even all four types of the lighting mentioned.
Around the vanity mirrors in the bathroom task lighting is crucial. This is because it can assist in performing specific tasks such applying makeup, shaving, dressing a wound, or performing a manicure.
Recessed downlights should not be used to light your face at a mirror because too many shadows will be caused over your face. However these can be used in other parts of the bathroom for general lighting.

An area of bathroom lighting that is often forgotten is the shower, tub, or Jacuzzi. It is a good idea to have one or two recessed downlights with special shower trims which can illuminate each of these areas.

Unless you live in a custom-built home with a luxurious bath and dressing room, you probably wish your bathroom were larger. Without drastic building alterations, you can use lighting to give the impression that a small bathroom is bigger than it is, as lighting can 'open up' a room and also add interest.
Recessed can lighting can be installed into the ceiling and focused on any work space. Wall sconces or a decorative lamp can add warm charm to the room and makes a nice alternative to a night light.
However keep the lamp a safe distance from the water source.

Devon Lights Bathroom
Bathroom Lightihng Devon Bathroom Lighting

Bathroom Lighting Devon
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