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Devon Bathroom Basins
Devon Bathroom Basins
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Devon Bathroom Basins

Bathroom Basins- Traditional Choices

A new basin can go a long way in revitalizing your bathroom, and when you’re on a strict budget, this may be a good way to change the look of your bathroom without breaking the bank. You’ll be surprised to know that you’re not limited to just a shiny white bowl anymore. Bathroom sinks come in many shapes, sizes, colors, and materials—and with a wide range of price tags.

Basins for the bathroom can be free-standing, installed into a counter or table top, or hang on the wall. Each installation requires special attention to plumbing and space requirements.

A white porcelain basin is traditional and will probably be one of the least expensive choices if you’re watching your pocketbook. These come in round, oval or square and can even be found to fit into a corner space.

The bowl can be installed into a countertop or on a pedestal.

Solid surface countertops can be molded with a bathroom sink integrated into the design, and this is a nice solution. There is a wide range of quality and price for these counter sinks. You can buy them pre-molded in standard sizes at any home improvement center. The more expensive types are custom-molded and professionally installed.

Bowls can be installed into any sort of base, and using furniture pieces in the bathroom is a trend that will hold. Pieces traditionally used in a bedroom, such as a low bureau, can hold a sink in the area the top drawer would traditionally be. With this installation, plumbing would be concealed behind the piece of furniture. You can still use the lower drawers for storage!

A bowl can also be installed in the top of a table, using the table in place of a traditional pedestal. The top would be cut to accommodate the shape of the bowl and the tabletop would be treated to withstand water overflow. Using furniture pieces adds warmth and interesting lines to the bath.


Porcelain pedestal basin with brass taps with mixer, and fluted base.
20 1/8"Pedestal Basin (commonly available in white, bone & biscuit)



Bathroom Basin- Modern Styles

A porcelain bowl can be painted with motifs to enhance the décor of the room. Nursery characters, flowers, or fish are common themes. Once the paint is dry, a glaze is applied and the piece is re-fired. The result is a beautiful, custom bowl that is durable as well as interesting.

Many manufacturers are including bold colours in their line of traditional style sinks. These are fun in contemporary decors or for use in children’s baths.

Glass basin bowls are a newer introduction to the bathroom. Amazing colours, textures, and shapes are replacing traditional styles. The bathroom is taking on a fashionable look, using the fixtures as art. These glass bowls are usually set in wrought iron bases, on brass or chrome stands, or on top of a traditional countertop.

Brass, stainless steel, chrome, copper and stone and many combinations of materials are also used for bathroom sinks.

One choice looks like fabric draped over a black iron base. Another available is copper encased between two layers of glass. The options are endless.

If you’re a trend-setter with a sky’s-the-limit budget, you might want to consider a mahogany, birch, or teak basin and bathtub. With the trend moving away from a hard, sterile environment in the bathroom to seeing it as a place for serenity, pampering, and relaxation, wood, with its warmth and soft look, is a natural choice. The wood is aged, dried, glued together, impregnated with wax, and polished with a hard-wax oil. Because it’s such a new choice, there’s not a lot of data regarding durability, but manufacturers suggest that the bowl or tub should be waxed semi-annually and dried after each use.

Whether you choose a traditional bowl or let your imagination soar, your budget will undoubtedly play a big role in your choice of material and style for your bathroom basin.


Glass Sink Bathroom

Beautiful one piece glass frosted/satin glass wall mounted washbasin unit, in various dimensions
Glass washbowl placed on top of a stainless steel countertop,

beautiful 39.5cm dia., 49cm deep, tempered wall mounted 15mm thick glass bowl + wall support + mixer tap holder, in two versions, satinato bianco and trasparente. The illustrated chrome siphon trap set is included.
  Semi-transparent glass composite, vetro freddo, wash-hand basin on a stainless steel surround.

Beautiful simple glass surface mounted washbasin only, in molten clear crystal glass, available in two sizes. The basin can be used with an always open stainless steel drain, which is optional. Suitable for wall mounted mixer taps. The sinks are shown with optional wall mounted storage vanity cabinets, available in wenge or oak wood finishes.
Beautiful wall mounted coloured glass washbasins, available in two sizes.



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Bathroom Basins Devon
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