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For a builder in your local Devon area click one of the below links to find out more about the service your require:

Honiton Builders Exeter Builders
Paignton Builder Plymouth Builder

Building Contractor Devon
Mechanical and electrical services
Exeter, Devon
01392 247 006
Honiton Roofers
Roofer Honiton
01404 63941
Devon Builders
Construction Services
Exeter, Devon
01392 438 517
Builder Devon

Carpenter, Joiner, Kitchens, Tiling, Electrics, Plumbing, Extensions

Kingsbridge, Devon
01548 856122 or 07970892662
Devon Building Servies
01392 422131
Specialist Construction


Builder Devon
Builders Devon Builder
Build Devon Builder
Builder Devon

Devon Building Contractors
Sidmouth, Devon
Tel : 01297 680396
Devon Builder Merchant
Marsh Barton, Exeter, Devon.

Cob Repair Devon
Cob and Stone Specialist
Honiton, Devon

Devon Builders: How to spot a cowboy builder

Cowboy builders are very much in the minority, but they are out there, so how can you protect yourself. Treat them with suspicion if they:

  • EVADE giving you references or details of previous jobs
  • OFFER you a 'cheap' deal for cash-in-hand.
  • SUGGEST you can avoid paying VAT for cash
  • CONFUSE you with jargon and complicated explanations
  • INSIST that a written contract is not necessary
  • SAY they can start tomorrow (a good builder is usually busy)
  • CAN'T give you costings because 'things may change'
  • LAUGH when you suggest showing them plans
  • GIVE you a surprisingly low quote
  • CAN only be reached by mobile and don't have an address on their card
  • ASSURE you the details are their problem and you don't need to worry
  • KNOCK the opposition

One sure-fire way to avoid cowboys is to look for the FMB logo - the sign of building quality - on builders' vans, stationery or advertising. Whatever you do, follow our simple guidelines for choosing and working with a builder.

Whatever you do, follow our simple guidelines for choosing and working with a builder,

  • Ask for references and talk to previous customers. A good builder will provide you with credentials and references, so try to visit previous jobs similar to your own.
  • If the builder is a member of a trade association, check the membership criteria - and make sure they really are a member, rogue builders have been known to falsely claim membership.
  • Get estimates from two or three different builders. Be clear about what you want done and ask for a written specification and quotation.
  • Avoid adding to the job or changing your mind halfway through - it will usually cost more and cause delays. Confirm any changes you do make in writing.
  • Use a contract.
  • Agree any staged and final payments before work starts.
  • Avoid dealing in cash.
  • If any problems arise whilst work is in progress, or you are unhappy about anything, talk to your local Devon builder right away

Devon Building Development
Devon Building Development
Devon Building Development
Planning a home office? Not enough room? Many Devon Builders specialise in conversions and extensions.

Adding an extra room to your home is not an exercise for the unprepared, but Devon Builders will deal with all of the building regulations, planning applications and actual work to make the entire process as painless and hassle free as possible.

The dawn of the digital age has opened the possiblity of more and more people working from home, with a computer and a telephone line it is a simple matter to cut your commute time from 25 minutes to 25 seconds.
But to work from home you need space to work. A home office not simply a large cupboard with a desk.

Builders in Devon are experts in building homes and building maintenance that maximise the natural features of Devon homes, abundant sunshine and beautiful breath-taking landscapes and creating a home office which is light, airy and open, giving you an office in which you feel comfortable.


Devon General Builders throughout Devon, specialise in renovations, conversions and extensions. Whether you are converting your attic or want a complete refurbishment to bring life to an aging property, call one of our Builders for an expert and professional service.

Whether you want an extra bedroom, more entertaining space or your own office, our Buidlers can tailor your home to your needs. They will be able to advise you through the planning process and make reality even your most vague notions of how you want to change your home.
  Devon Building Services Builders Extentions Renovations Home Office
For an efficient and friendly service from beginning to end with an excellent finished product, we promise a quality job and customer satisfaction.
Extensions   Conversions
Renovations   Refurbishment
Throughout Devon   Free estimates
For a free estimate call now one of our professional builders.
  Devon Building Services Builders Extentions Renovations Home Office
Devon Building Services Maintenance Extensions Conversions Renovations Carpentry Joinery Builders Flooring Roofing Property Development Building Contractors
Emm Lec Construction
Devon Building Services Emm Lec  
Emm-Lec Construction works across the Southwest on both New Build Homes and simple extensions. We are able to undertake almost any kind of work but pride ourselves on the advantages of working within a company which can offer a complete and professionalservice.
Working within Emm-Lec our construction division has the support it needs from all the trades and professions within the group. Last minute changes of design can be absorbed by a company culture of mutual support with a pride in getting a job fully finnished.

Emm-Lec really is building with pride, pride in a job complete. Call us for further information.
Call us for further information. 01297 680 396
Devon Builders
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