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taircases are a vital part of the home, as well as being having functional purposes; staircases can transform and establish the style and feel of your home. The staircase can be elegant as well as being a feature that exudes character and charm. Georgian staircases were often made of mahogany or oak and commonly had a strong handrail with wooden balusters intricately carved. However, painted pine staircases can be found in some houses. During the end of the Georgian period, Iron balusters became considerably more popular.
Repair or replace

Always try to preserve your staircase, rather than replace it. It may just need a clean up or the timber may just need staining or painting. Period properties in particular will often need restoring or repairing.  Look out for signs of beetle infestation or signs of rotting as if this is left for a long period it can weaken the timber. A blacksmith or stonemason may be needed with those that are made of metal stone if repairs need to be made.

If a new staircase needs to be installed, always think carefully about the location. as if it is not positioned correctly, the staircase can waste space. A good place is the central hallway as it is the link to the main rooms. If you have a period home, it is important that the design and materials apply to the relevant period of the property.

Types of staircases

  • Straight Flight: Leads in one direction
  • Dog Leg Flight: Two straight runs of steps connected to a half landing with a 180 degree turn.
  • Winder flight: Kite and wedge steps
  • Spiral flight: winder treads leading off a central column
  • Helical staircase: A curved staircase
  • Cantilevered tread: Appears to float as tread is fixed at only one side
  • Space saver flight: A steep staircase with alternating treads and risers.

Paints & Finishes

Fine hardwoods were often left bare but sometimes wax or resin varnish was used. Softwood was popular in the eighteenth century and was often painted or stained to look like hardwood. Oil based lead paint and grey/blue colours were popular in the Georgian era and the soft sheen would resemble today's eggshell paint, instead of gloss.

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hen we view the new Exmouth Life Boat Station with its clean lines and simple elegance, it is immediately apparent that this unique building will withstand the
Within the larger commercial sector and on large jobs where the talents of a specialised team are required Woodley’s really show their colours as highly trained craftsmen working in partnership with architects and quality builders to produce custom crafted results. Woodley's work includes the production of bespoke stairways, windows, doors and conservatories and have been working with discerning clients across the decades very successfully, building on a reputation of excellence and quality.

Woodley's MD, Bryan Woodley says “We always retain an eye for detail and offering advice from the wood workers perspective. We are proud of the work have done for the RNLI and wish the lifeboat staff a long and happy occupancy”.

Contact David or any of the team at Woodley's.

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Below are some photographs of the exterior and interior work that Woodley's carried out at the Lifeboat Station at Exmouth.
severe tests of the coastal elements for the 100 years required in the brief of the RNLI.

With a striking combination of Iroko hard wood, Red cedar and Stone the professionals involved show a deep satisfaction and an understandable pride in the qualities of durability seen in their workmanship. They share a knowledge that this exceptional building will last far longer than the century required.

Woodley's Joinery responsible for the Iroko wood frame, windows and the beautiful fortress like doors speak with respect for the design knowledge of the Architects and their understanding of 'detail changes' conscientious craftsmen make. In fact the RNLI, committed to longevity in an institution which must span the centuries, also understood and condoned Woodley’s efforts in ensuring that they could deliver the best they were capable of. Not a small thing when we look at Woodley's conscientious craftsmanship across nearly 100 years in Devon.

Eli Wheaton a Wheel Wright Joiner began this conscientious journey from Newton Poppleford in 1920 and can be seen as the founder of Woodley’s Joinery. He worked upon the same site as the factory now stands and served the community as a true village craftsman for more than 30 years. It is from this honest beginning that Woodley’s draws it strengths, through the passing of knowledge, skill and each craftsman’s wisdom, through the tradition of first class training so evident within the company so over the years creating the specialist modern joiners workshop and team we see today. 
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Devon Carpenters and Joiners offer a range of carpentry services, from bespoke design and fabrication, installation and construction.
  • Gate Installation
  • Shelving
  • Radiator Covers
  • Cabinets
  • Built-in Wardrobes
  • Bespoke Garden Furniture
  • Bespoke Gates and Doors
  • Staircases
  • Kitchens
  • and much more...

If you have a job that you don't see here, then don't despair. Simply call any Carpenter or Joiner on this page and they will be willing to discuss any job you may have in mind.

Joiners are used to cut and fit joints in wood that do not use nails using traditional joints such as mortice and tenon. All work is usually carried out within workshops as the machinery used requires non-portable machinery, joiners are well known for their attention to detail and fine craftsmanship. Joiners are different to carpenters who would normally work on site. Joiners offer a large variety of services which can be bespoke to a customers exact needs whether its for a bespoke Conservatory, Window or Door a joiner will be able to give the customer options with different woods, cuts and finishes for a personal and bespoke finished product.

Joiners usually work offering a design, planning and installation service along side so that they can help carry out a project from beginning to end with any job you have in mind. Joiners are master craftsmen and are passionate about the work that they do, whether its a small bespoke piece of work or an architectural piece of installation each piece will have a unique and distinct character finish.

Most Joiners offer designs and build for individual needs which can include: wardrobes, bookcases, shelving, cabinets, tables and chairs to be made in mdf, oak or any type of timber. Pieces of furniture can be made for free standing or fitted pieces and completely made to measure and fit perfectly with your home.

Traditional wood joinery often use techniques that create distinctive material properties of wood, not using modern techniques which often resort to mechanical fasteners or adhesives. Joinery tradition is especially well documented and known throughout the UK including many different types of joints none of which use glue or nails.

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