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Devon Lighting

Lighting is a very important issue that needs to be considered within a home.

Lighting is often the Cinderella of home refurbishment.  It can be the last thing people think about when decorating a room, and yet above all else good lighting can change and enhance the appearance of even the most mundane area in the home. 

Kitchens are different, however.  Soft, subdued lighting in this area is out.  Safety is paramount here, where hot liquids hot surfaces and electrical gadgets are being used, so a higher level of light is paramount. 

A more even distribution of light is required in the kitchen, and a central light or multi-head bar with halogen lights will be instrumental in achieving this.  An alternative is the use of halogen downlighters mounted within the ceiling. 

Bathroom lights, too are available in many styles.  Choosing lights for the bathroom, however, needs great care as the regulations are strict concerning the type you use.  The bathroom mirror deserves special attention, and a diffused glass light either side will give good illumination. 

The alternative is halogen downlighters from the ceiling, or fluorescent strip lighting over the mirror.  Portable lights are not allowed in the bathroom, however, so for mood lighting use ceiling mounted directional spotlights aimed away from the bath and at interesting features.  Lights designed specifically for showers are available and must be carefully fitted according to the instructions.


Lighting Devon
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Devon Lighting

Lighting Devon
Lighting Devon
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Devon Lighting

Devon Lighting Suppliers give a brief overview on how to save money on your electricity bills & the environment with efficient lighting.

Replace Lamps & Fixtures
Compact Fluorescent Lighting (CFL) is identified as a good energy efficient lighting option. Begin by replacing your lamps from incandescent to CFL. You can do it easily in stages. Change the ones you use most often first. That way you will not have to spend a lot of money on bulbs at the same time. You can buy new bulbs in many stores across Devon or alternatively contact any of our Devon Lighting Specialists for more information.

Controlling Lighting

A lot of times, electricity is wasted in many peoples home throughout the local Devon area by having lighting on where it is not being used. Various methods can be used to regulate the use of lighting. One very common method is by using dimmers to reduce the lighting output. Some other methods to use timers and sensors. Outdoor lighting can be motion activated. Also lighting that is sensitive to the outdoor lighting conditions can be used. These will turn on when daylight is low, for example at as the sun goes down. Most of these are simple to install and can be bought at local stores across Devon at excellent prices.

Task Lighting concentrates the light where you need it. With task lighting you aren't wasting energy casting light in spaces where it isn't needed. You also aren't annoying others in the area with an intrusively bright light. When you use task lighting, you can use a lower watt bulb to accomplish the desired result.

Free Lighting

Whenever possible, you should use natural sunlight instead of artificial light. Living in such a beautiful area as Devon why not enjoy the sunshine and put it to use at the same time! Natural light is a free resource and using it can save you a lot of money. Blinds, curtains and awnings can be used to avoid the glare of strong sunlight in the summer months. Click here for Devon Blinds, curtains & awnings specialists.

Lighting Maintenance

Usually forgotten or overseen, maintenance on your household lighting should be carried out to increase lighting efficiency.  Cleaning the bulbs and fixtures regularly will help to do this. Always be careful when cleaning light bulbs and ensure you never clean them while they are hot. Another good idea is to replace old fixtures and lamps with new more efficient ones. For more information on any aspect of lighting please do not hesitate to contact any of the above Lighting Specialists available throughout the Devon area.

Devon Lighting
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