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Wood Flooring Devon
Timber Merchants Est .1983
Tel. 01404 891713
Fax. 01404 891374
Cornwall Wood Flooring
Wood Flooring Specialists
Across Devon and Cornwall
01579 371222
Carpet Flooring Devon
Carpet, Vinyl, Laminate & Solid Wood Specialists, Exeter.
Tel: 01392 251926
Devon Flooring Ian Trowsdale
35 Years of Experience
Working with Wood Floors
Exeter, Devon
Tel   01395 542510
Devon Wood Flooring Specialists For All Your
Timber and
Sheet Materials
Ottery St Mary
Branch in Torquay
Tel.   01404 815878
Dustfree Floor Sanding
Floor Restoration Exeter
Exeter, Devon

Devon Floor Sanding  

Floor Sanding

Bringing a wooden floor back to life isn't as hard as you might think, but the professional touch is unmistakable.

A lot of people who have attempted to sand their own wood floors learn that what the guy at the tool hire centre told them isn't quite as straightforward when their home is filled with dust.

While it is possible to sand and refinish a floor yourself, this is one DIY job that even the most ardent enthusiast often ends up regretting ever starting.

It isn't just handling the sanding equipment. Nor is it checking the condition of the floor before you start. Everyone who hires a floor sander will be warned to ensure that all nails are carefully forced below the surface.

  Flooring Sanding Devon

Hiring a professional to do the job makes sense. Your floor will be very expensive to replace and taking care of it should be handled by those who know what they are doing. A professional will have the latest equipment, will be familiar with it and be able to get the job done more effectively. It will often take a professional less time to sand a floor, and leave it perfect.

Beyond sanding the floor, there is also the application of varnish or stain. Experts at floor restoration, such as M & M Wood Flooring, will leave the floor with a smooth, even, golden glow. A sure sign of a DIY floor sander is blotches, lumps and a rough finish.


A wood floor is often a sign of quality. Once installed it doesn't need much care, it will last much longer than a carpet and it is hypoallergenic. Getting a new wood floor doesn't need to take much, it could be as simple as ripping up an old carpet and getting someone who knows what they are doing to refinish the floorboards.

M & M Wood Flooring Specialists offer a professional hardwood floor restoration service across Devon and Cornwall, including expert sanding and refinishing.

More at: Devon Floor Sanding Experts

Devon Hardwood Flooring

Underfloor Heating Devon
Timber Flooring, Underfloor Heating.

Underfloor Heating can be used successfully with almost all forms of timber floor but achieving success requires specialist knowledge. It is very easy to install the wrong sort of UFH system, which can very quickly damage an expensive hardwood floor.

By comparison, installing the right form of UFH can be the very best way of looking after a timber floor throughout its life. Osma Underfloor Heating has this knowledge plus long experience and it is the only company approved by English Heritage to provide UFH systems for Grade 1 Listed timber floors.

Over the range of temperature change in a building between heating ON and heating OFF, timber does not change dimension to any significant extent. However, it does expand and contract as its moisture-content changes, which will happen naturally as the seasons change.

Wood floors should be laid at a moisture-content of 10-11%. When the heating system is turned ON or OFF, and the moisture-content of the floor changes, it is very important to ensure that the moisture-contents of the upper and lower surfaces of the timber remain the same. If one surface becomes drier than the other, the timber will either cup or crown.

Osma Underfloor Heating products are designed to conduct heat directly into the floor deck, rather than heat the air below the floor deck. Heating the air creates a heating system that provides much lower output than an Osma system provides but it can also over-dry the underside of the timber floor.

Osma products have also been designed to work within the floor construction holistically. They allow the floor deck to be glued to the tops of joists/battens so that the strength of the floor construction can be maximised while at the same time they minimise the risk of creating floors that squeak or tick.

Osma is able to supply UFH systems that fit completely within all of the Part E Robust Standard Detail approved timber floor constructions. Also products that are manufactured from Polyfoam extruded polystyrene are available in different thicknesses, to suit different floor U value requirements.

Osma Underfloor Heating has developed a range of products that can be easily installed into timber constructions, including acoustic separating floors, which provide the user with the assured performance necessary for dry timber constructions.
Timber Flooring Devon
Devon Timber Flooring
Timber Flooring Devon
Devon Wood Flooring
OSMA Underfloor Heating, Exeter Devon. Tel: 01392 444122
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Devon Wood Flooring
Timber Flooring
Tel: 01884 35994
Mobile: 07967 357977
Devon Wood Flooring

Oak Flooring Devon French Oak Flooring Devon


Devon French Oak Flooring Specialists, Blamphayne Sawmills of Giitisham, give a brief overview on French Oak Flooring.

Blamphayne Sawmills of Gittisham near Honiton offer French Oak Flooring throughout Devon. As specialists in solid oak and french oak floors we carry a wide variety of both floating and structural oak floors.

We also offer a variety of different options for the floors from unfinished and presanded to prefinished oiled and waxed oak, to satin and matte varnishes, to parquet and herringbone patterns. We also carry matching skirtings. Blamphayne Sawmills carries everything related to the supply of solid wood flooring, oak floors to maintenance products.

All of our staff have in depth knowledge of all of the products we carry and will be more than happy to discuss any of them with you. It is our goal here at Blamphayne Sawmills to provide you with a solid French oak floor to suit the look of your home.

For the supply of solid French oak floors, and all maintenance supplies such as oil, wax, satin and matte varnish, and skirtings, call 01404 851357 or email Blamphayne Sawmills in Devon to discuss your requirements.


Devon Hardwoods Hardwoods Devon Floors
Hardwood Floors Devon

Hardwood Floors Devon

Floor Devon Hardwood

Flooring Devon

Wood Flooring Specialist

Specialist in Wood Flooring Devon

Floors Devon Specialist

There are many master craftsmen who are specialists when it comes to laying and maintaining a wide variety of wooden floors.

The Bradleys Homeguide can recomend the best type of wood surface and treatment for your home and can get the job done quickly and cleanly.

Our Hardwood Specialists can offer free quotations, and all our staff are fully trained and experienced. We also, only use the best materials to ensure that your floor not only looks good but will be be durable and last for years.


Hardwood Real Wood Flooring

Step on to any hardwood flooring and you'll appreciate the warm and inviting tones and colour. As one of the worlds most versatile floor coverings not only do you get traditional beauty but also practical advantages such as lasting good looks, resists stains, including wine and food, warm to the touch, easy to clean, fully restorable, hygienic and dust free, especially good for allergy sufferers.

What is solid wood Flooring?
Solid wood flooring is exactly as it sounds, the individual boards of the floor are made from one continuous plank of wood as apposed to engineered woods which are solid wood veneer on top of a ply base.

Do Solid wood floors increase the value of your home?
Solid wood floors, just like ceramics are recognised as a high quality building material. They are long lasting and completely renewable with very little effort. Aside from these benefits solid wood floors are fashionable, minimalist and above all, desirable which means that they increase the value of your home.

Are solid wood floors expensive?
An increase in demand for hard wood floors has seen prices slowly fall as more and more companies are realising their benefits. When looking at the lifespan of solid wood floors they are excellent value for money as they never have to be replaced and are easily re-finished to suit interior changes. Solid wood floors truly are "beauty that lasts a lifetime".

What is the difference between solid wood and laminate?
Solid wood flooring is made from one solid plank and so is solid the whole way through; it has not been engineered or glued. Laminate flooring is a photograph of wood printed onto a high-density base and then finished with an acrylic lacquer. There is no solid wood in a laminate.

Is Solid Wood Flooring suitable for use with Radiant heat underfloor heating systems?
So long as the tubes do not touch the wood this should be fine. A laminated underlay vapour barrier should be used between the concrete and the floor.
Click here to view Underfloor Heating Specialists in Devon

Can Solid wood be installed over linoleum?
Yes – providing the linoleum remains tightly glued to the original sub floor, this should not be a problem.

Can Solid wood be installed on stairs?
Yes, although it can be slippery, so think about your own environment before deciding. For example, whether you have small children and pets.

Is there a type of hardwood that is more durable than others?
There is very little difference in durability and the choice really comes down to aesthetics and your own personal choice.

Which solid wood should I choose?
Other than the walls, the floor represents the largest expanse of colour or pattern in a room. It should complement the surroundings already present in the room.

Which rooms can I install solid wood flooring?
Solid wood is suitable for any room except the bathroom. You must also consider whether the floor will be on, above or below-grade (in general terms this is the floor level. Above grade is above ground, below grade is below ground – ie. In a basement). Due to potential moisture problems, solid hardwood is not suitable in basements but are fine for on or above grade rooms.

Which installation method is best?
The method used for your hardwood installation will depend upon the type of product you have chosen, where the flooring will be installed and the type of subfloor. Nail down, glue down & floating are the three type of installation. For instance, if you are remodeling your kitchen, some products can be "floated" over most subfloors, including vinyl or ceramic tile, eliminating the mess and cost of tearing up the existing floor and installing a subfloor.

Are Solid wood floors difficult to maintain and clean?
No – the prefinished floor contains multiple layers of a UV-cured polyurethane. This gives the floor a tough, durable and smooth finish which is very easy to maintain. However you must never damp mop a solid wood floor – water and wood do not mix. There are a number of products now available which are specifically for wood floors.

Care and maintenance of your floor.
Solid hardwood floors are the easiest of all floor surfaces to keep clean and looking new. Solid hardwood is truly the floor for a lifetime.

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