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Devon Non Slip Flooring

Non slip, non-slip, anti slip, slip prevention.

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Specialists in the application of anti-slip flooring technologies. Helping to prevent slips on any type of flooring in any environment, especially wet, exterior and high-traffic.

Non-Slip Flooring, great for all environments; wet, exterior and interior, on any flooring material.

Non Slip Flooring Cornwall

There are many advantages of non-slip flooring including:

Non Slip Flooring] It will save you money in the long terrm, by reducing the number of fall accidents in public places.
Non Slip Flooring A range of solutions for different floor surfaces and environment.
Non Slip Flooring Allows a safe, walking surface over a number of materials, wet or dry.
Non Slip Flooring Can be used with Hardwood, Laminate, Stone, Vinyl, Granite, Slate Tiling and more.
Non Slip Flooring Suitable for a range of working areas including; offices, entrances, factory floors, stairs, factories and more.
Non Slip Flooring Cornwall Contributes to companies complying with HSE regulations.

A study shows that the product works in a different way to traditional acid etching systems. It impregnates the glaze of a tile or the natural pores of marble and granite with a material that expands on contact with moisture, causing ‘bumps’ to grow on the surface. This provides increased friction and creates the anti-slip function in wet conditions. A published report was released by the Centre that was incorporated into sales and marketing material.The Galpharm Stadium Leisure complex in Huddersfield is one of the many venues that have used ‘Anti-Slip’, and since application, there have been no slips.

Devon Non Slip Flooring
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