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Devon Stone Masons
Devon Granite Worktops for
Kitchens & Bathrooms
Devon Stone Tiles
Across Devon, Cornwall
Somerset & Dorset
TEL: 01392 461132
Devon Granite Flooring
Tile Specialists, Honiton
Stone Tiles, Bathroom Tiles, Kitchen Tiles, Floor Tiles and Wall Tiles
Tel: 01404 549900

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Devon Granite Flooring

Devon Granite Flooring
Tel: 01752 706 388
Plymouth, Devon
Natural Stone Flooring, Granite, Slate.
Stone Mason Devon
Granite, Slate, Timber, Natural Stone Flooring/Paving, Reclamation & more!
Lifton, Devon : 01566 784289

Devon Tiles

Devon Natural Stone specialists, Plymouth Stone are dedicated to the provision of first class natural stone and quartzstone tiles.  Sourced from only the best quarries our comprehensive portfolio encompasses granite, slate marble, travertine, limestone and quartzstone for both internal tiles and external use.

The greatest diversity of natural stone is to be found in the granites and marbles where there are hundreds of different colour and texture combinations.  Limestones usually show some trace of their fossil based origins; the clay-based slates and the magma-based basalts complete the list.

Our experienced staff can offer advice on the suitability of the different materials dependent on your project.  It is our company’s philosophy to personally select the correct material and colours according to their needs of each single customer to guarantee their satisfaction.  We can provide tiles in varying sizes to create that special look whether your property is contemporary, traditional or a period home.

Our extensive knowledge ensures that you will be confident in placing your order with us no matter the size or diversity of your project.

For more information on the range of natural stone tiles and products avilable from Plymouth Stone contact us on 01752 706388 or visit our website at www.plymstone.co.uk

Tiles Devon
Tiles Devon
Granite Tiles Devon

Devon Granite Flooring Specialists offer Granite Natural Stone Flooring throughout the local Devon area at highly competitive prices and outstanding quality.

Nearly all natural stones create beautiful flooring, adding a distinctive style and providing a backdrop to the decor of your home.

Depending on your preferences and tastes, granite or marble is ideal for most flooring areas of your home, even the kitchen and bathrooms floors where you could choose non-slip varieties of white Italian marble or granite.

Natural stone like slate is also usable, if you prefer, in areas like the shower, or around the tub.

Along with limestone, slate is also is also suitable for any kitchen floor.

Floor Granite Devon

Devon Granite Flooring

Natural floor tiles come in variety of sizes and thicknesses in varying qualities.

Below is an example of Granite- a natural stone used for flooring.

Stone Flooring Granite Flooring Devon


Natural floor tiles come in variety of sizes and thicknesses in varying qualities. Throughout Devon you can choose between many colours, grains, finishing styles, add borders, create designs –the possibilities are endless for any look you want.

Granite is a fascinating material that may appeal to you when choosing flooring options for your home. 

One of the main reasons people in Devon select granite is because of its
natural beauty.
The colouration will never change so it will always be as bright and vibrant as when it is first installed.

Granite is very competitively priced and a sketch of your countertops is all that's needed for an estimate.

Quarter-inch beveled and round edges are considered standard and the price increases with more labor-intensive edges such as a bull nose or ogee.

Some advantages of choosing granite are that only another piece of granite or diamonds can cut it so it won't scratch with normal use.

In addition, it's heat resistant so items from the oven can be placed right on the counter without a problem.

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Devon Granite Flooring
Granite Flooring Devon
Devon Stone Flooring Supplier
Somerton, Somerset
Tel: 01458 223166
Mob: 07887524808

Devon Stone Merchant Granite Flooring
Spanish Granite
Newton Abbot
Tel. 01626 334567
Devon Granite Flooring
Devon Granite Flooring
Exmouth, Devon
Tel. 01395 272757
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Devon Stone Granite Flooring Devon
Stone & Granite Flooring
01803 868260
Devon Granite Flooring
Granite Flooring Devon
01209 712754
Camborne, Cornwall

Devon Flooring Somerset Specialists Hardwood Carpet Laminate Vinyl Stone Granite Slate Tile Floor Fitter Fitting Installation Installers Rugs Blend Cut
Devon Granite Flooring
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