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FutonHealth Benefits of Futon Mattresses

Good futons provide a really healthy sitting or sleeping surface which allows for the perfect amount of support combined with the comfort of a regular mattress.

This perfect support combination ensures your spine is aligned while you sleep. If your spine is not in the correct position, your muscles will stay contracted in order to compensate for the lack of support, leading to waking up with back problems and/or generally aching. Osteopaths and chiropractors say that if your joints are not supported well enough they can become lengthened, leading to a cricked neck or back ache.

Cambridge FutonsIt’s not just the industry professionals who agree that a firm mattress is the key to healthy joints; the Japanese have long promoted the health benefits from sleeping on futons.

Futons are usually placed on a slatted base, which allows for regular air flow to the mattress. This, along with the great temperature control of futons will reduce sweating in the night. A futon is warm when you are cold and will attempt to transfer moisture away from the body when you are sleeping in hotter conditions.

A good night’s sleep guarantees both physical and mental well-being, which stimulates appetite and a balanced immune system.

All-natural futon mattresses are much healthier and environmentally friendly than spring-based and synthetic mattresses, and are therefore an extremely popular choice. Natural fibres also have a really high degree of resilience, which is ideal for people who may need to move their mattress frequently or who move a lot in their sleep.



bespoke devon furniture

Have you got that annoying space under the stairs where nothing fits properly and you can’t store things or such a small bedroom that it is impossible to imagine ever having enough wardrobe space for all your clothes? Well bespoke furniture could be just what you’re looking for. Bespoke is furniture designed and made to meet your needs. It is handmade by a skilled craftsman and made exactly to your specifications.

Even if you don’t have a storage problem, bespoke furniture can still be excellent. A beautifully designed and crafted piece can set off any room. In this day and age of mass produced piece by IKEA and the likes it is almost impossible to put your own stamp on a room. With bespoke articles of furniture they are crafted by hand to perfection only for you. They are like individual pieces of art work that not only can you enjoy but you can use also.

Even if you have some old and tired pieces that have seen better days, a skilled craftsman can transform them into something wonderful. Not only does this type of furniture make your house look and feel special and elegant, it can add a touch of your own individuality and glamour to your home. A craftsman can build you a bespoke kitchen and what’s more if you decide after a while that the design doesn’t fit with your room anymore it is possible for a Devon master carpenter to change them due to bespoke units being fitted with multiple panels. A craftsman can modify the colour or the general look in a couple of days. You can add flare and panache to any room in the house just by using bespoke furniture.

It may seem that bespoke furniture is more costly, but unlike pressboard or boxed furniture that you have to put together yourself and which may be okay for a short while, bespoke furniture will last, be hard-wearing, and can be passed on to future generations. So in the long run bespoke will actually cost you less as you will not need to replace it several times over.

Devon master craftsmen really know what they're doing and make all their handmade furniture exactly to your liking, and is high-quality, tailored, and intricate. Or can if you wish make new furniture that matches your existing pieces. With the kind of craftwork that provides the functionality, beauty and exceptional quality of bespoke furniture, paying a little extra is worth it.

But when employing a professional to build your furniture, ensure you are picking out a skilled Devon craftsman, as the piece will be determined by his skill. Ask to see their portfolio of previous work and talk about in detail what you need and want before handing over any money.

bespoke furniture devon

"Master craftsmen can build you the perfect bespoke furniture"

bespoke furniture


bespoke furniture devon

"You can have a simple piece of furniture or a whole kitchen made"

bespoke furniture


furniture bespoke devon

"Skilled Devon craftsmen build elegant, special pieces of bespoke furniture"

furniture devon bespoke


bespoke devon furniture

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