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Garden Maintenance Devon
Garden Landscape Design
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Garden Maintenance Devon
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Garden Maintenance Devon

Spring Lawn Care Tip: Aeration

If your lawn is subjected to high levels of traffic year after year, it may eventually start to show signs of decline. In such cases, your lawn is probably suffering from compaction. For instance, the presence of moss plants signals compaction (among other things).

Lawn aeration is the remedy for compaction. Lawn aerators can be rented at your local rental centre. But unless your compaction problem is severe, many experts recommend postponing lawn aeration until the autumn months.

Spring Lawn Care Tip: Liming

Besides compaction, the presence of moss plants also signals acidity. But grass likes a neutral soil pH. You can solve this problem by liming your soil.

But if your lawn has been doing fine and shows no signs of suffering from acidity, don't apply lime. Liming is only a corrective measure, not a preventive measure. A soil that is too alkaline will also cause your lawn problems, so too much lime is as bad as not enough.

Spring Lawn Care Tip: Fertilizing

Lawns can be fertilized organically by using compost and mulching mowers. Many experts recommend a lighter feeding in spring and a heavier one in autumn for cool-season grasses. Too much fertilizer in spring can lead to disease and weed problems.

In addition to the above tasks of spring lawn care, don't forget weed control and making sure your mower is ready for the mowing season.

Spring Grass Care Tip: Applying Post emergent Herbicides -- Or Pulling Weeds

Keep an eye out for the emergence of the perennial weed, dandelion during the spring season, unless you find the presence of their cheerful yellow flowers in your lawn desirable. At the very least, you'll want to snap off their flower stems before they produce seed. If you're more ambitious, you can dig them out by the roots. 

Besides proper spring grass care, there's more you need to do to get ready for a summer filled with lawn mowing. Don't neglect preparations concerning the lawn mower itself -no other power equipment is as intimately associated with and essential to landscaping as is the lawn mower. You need to have a lawn mower that will consistently get the job done without any hassles throughout the lawn mowing season. And you should also know how to use the lawn mower to your best advantage.

Spring Grass Care Tip: Tuning Up Existing Lawn Mowers

When a lawn mower is stubborn about starting up, that can be a sign that it needs looking at. Although it’s often possible to get by without one, it is recommended that you have a lawn mower serviced each year.   This will help greatly when trying to get all your gardening jobs done.

Devon Landscape Design
Devon Landscape Design
Garden Maintenance Devon
Devon Garden Maintenance
Garden maintenance Devon
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Garden Clearance Devon
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Garden Maintenance Devon
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