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Outdoor Play Equipment Devon
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Devon outdoor play equipment suppliers Super Tramp, offer a wide range of children's play equipment ranging from climbing frames to trampolines, throughout Exeter and the south west. Super Tramp also have various retail outlets throughout the UK.

Super Tramp give a brief overview on the range of children's climbing frames that are available from their Uffculme store, Devon and compare the advantages and disadvantages of buying a wooden or metal climbing frame.

Generally speaking traditional wooden climbing frames blend into your garden space more easily than a modern aluminium climbing frame, which tend to stand out more prominently.
However, this is not always true as many aluminium climbing frames, like the climbing frames available from Super Tramp, Devon use carefully selected materials to enable a softer finish on the poles. Natural colours are also used on canopies and slides, enabling it to blend in with it's outdoor surroundings.

Wooden climbing frames compared to aluminium climbing frames are more high maintenance. Wooden frames require wood treatment, surface mould normally appears on the wood which also needs to be treated.
Modern aluminium climbing frames however, that available from Super Tramp, Devon do not fall fault to any of these problems mentioned. You may be thinking that the metal poles used to construct the climbing frame would be at risk to rust All the structural tube components are extruded aluminium tubing.  They are not the usual steel tubing with some kind of protective finish.

Aluminium is light and strong and most importantly does not rust.  Our unique extruded finish creates mini grooves all around the circumference of the tubing for better grip and a matt non shiny finish therefore increaing the play value of the action station.
The tubing is just the right size for children's hands to get a comfortable grip of any part of the frame.

There is no need to worry about how to get the climbing frame in to your back garden, as there is no need for a large lorry to deliver it. The metal climbing frames are fairly light and easy to assemble once in the garden space.

Typically, wooden climbing frames are more costly that their metal counterparts, but they are designed to last 10-20 years, so if you hope to use the climbing frame for a lengthy time, the extra cost may be worth it.
If you plan to keep the wooden climbing frame for long enough to entertain older children, be sure that you choose one that will handle the weight of heavier kids. In general, wooden climbing frames can withstand a greater weight load than metal ones.

The Ultima climbing frame which is featured left is brilliantly designed and would provide endless hours of fun for children of a range of ages, with its range of levels, ladder, slide and much more.


Action Station

The Ultima is available from Super Tramp, Uffculme Devon. This particular climbing frame is designed for older children with its impressive height and large range of activities.
There are two separate soft platforms which are split level and allow children to ‘zone’ activities: the tall tower with canopy not only has a ladder for access and descent and a long 3m ‘wave’ slide but also features a climbing wall, under den with free draining platform, soft climbing grid, climbing ladder, two split-level free-draining platforms, port holed wall panel, fireman’s pole and domed canopy. Because the lower platform is separate from the ladder and slide, it creates a natural space which children are able to use as an area for less active play.

Devon Climbing Frames

Ultima Climbing Frame Specifications

1 A fast and fun 3m long green wave slide is attached to platform for an easy and rapid descent.
2 A vertical timber ‘rockwall’ is fitted with five moulded climbing stones to add yet another way up onto the tower.
3 All uprights have adjustable feet which also provide ground anchoring with supplied pegs.
4 The footprint of the Ultima is designed to offer maximum play value within a compact area.
5 The removable fabric under den canopy creates a safe tent for play activities or storing toys and is attached with velcro webbing.
6 The Ultima’s two large split-level platforms are free draining and comfortable.
7 The challenging ‘fireman’s pole’ offers a quick way down!
8 The large flexible yet soft climbing grid provides an interesting alternative climb up to the platform.
9 The Ultima upper platform has a wide ladder, flexible climbing grid, rockwall and 3m wave slide.
10 A large domed fabric canopy roof provides protection against the elements.
11 Triple ‘monkey bars’ provide a daring and fun challenge for older children.
12 Timber platform allows easy access and can be used as a table or even a stage.
13 The ‘net bridge’ gives a safe and intriguing route to the platforms.


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Devon Outdoor Play Equipment Supplier

Outdoor Play Equipment Suppliers in Devon give a brief overview of the many different play equipment options available for your children today ranging from swings to bouncy castles for the outdoors.

Having play equipment in your garden, such as swings, slides, mini roundabouts and even a bouncy castle, can be great fun for children throughout Devon. Play is an important part of development and aids imagination and social skills. But just as there's a need to ensure play equipment at public parks and playgrounds is safe, it's also crucial that anything you use at home in the garden is perfectly safe too.

Children throughout Devon love to play outside and below are a few points to help you choose the most suitable and safest option for your child.

Outdoor Play Equipment- General Buying Points

Outdoor Play equipment for residential use in gardens needs to satisfy the British Toy and Hobby Association's safety standard number. This is called EN71, and it covers outdoor play equipment equipment such as swings and slides. It should also carry a CE and Lion mark on it, which shows that it's passed strict tests and should be safe to use. From a safety point of view, seeing these numbers offers reassurance that the play equipment is produced to a quality standard and is much better than buying something where you've no idea how well it was produced.

Other general points to consider when you're choosing outdoor play equipment is to buy it according to the age and size of your child. Most quality play equipment products should give some indication of what age child it is aimed at and they should provide full installation, maintenance and operating instructions. In addition, it's worth looking out for products that:

  • Say they used non-toxic and low lead paint.
  • Have no awkward bolts of parts that protrude and could catch on children's clothing.
  • That can be secured to the ground securely.
  • Give ideas and information relating to the type of ground/surface they should be placed on.
  • Have caps on all the ends, so no raw edges will be near children.

Each individual product has particular buying issues too. In the case of swings, you should specifically look out for:

  • Ropes that are protected against wear at fixing points.
  • Seats that are impact absorbing.
  • Swing ropes that don't cross in the middle.
'S hook' fixings on swings that are closed or can be closed

Once you've set the swing up, you need to ensure that the ground clearance around the swing is at least 200mm, so that if a child jumps or falls off, they won't be crashing into something else and hurting themselves.

As some degree of climbing will be involved with a slide (as well as the fun bit of sliding down!), you don't want accidents as children climb, if the slide wobbles due to it not being suitable for certain weights/ages or if there are other parts of the equipment that children could fall off. So when you're choosing a slide, you need to look out for:

  • Slides that have sides at least 64mm high.
  • Guard sections and hand grips at the top of the slide, as these will help prevent falls.
  • Slides that have access ladders and steps securely fixed to the side, so children won't have accidents getting onto the equipment.

You may think of roundabouts as only being suitable for larger spaces, but mini garden roundabouts exist too. For the safety of your children these should ideally have:

  • No unexpected protrusions underneath the equipment.
  • Lots of hand grips dotted around, so that children can hold on safely.
  • Room for children to comfortably sit on, to enjoy the ride.
  • A smooth and relatively silent rotation.

Climbing Frames
Climbing frames for use in the garden should be:

  • Nice and sturdy, so they won't topple over with the weight of children on them.
  • Hand grips set at regular intervals, to enable safe climbing.
  • Any ropes that are on it should be fixed top and bottom to reduce movement and enable safe climbing.

Bouncy Castles
Whilst you might not have a bouncy castle as a permanent fixture in your Devon garden, they're popular during the summer and can be hired for special occasions, such as children's birthday parties. As with any form of children's play equipment, it's important to use them properly, follow the instructions that come with them and ensure everyone is safe.

Before you set up a bouncy castle, ensure you've actually got enough space for it. Living in Devon many people have the luxury of having large gardens and ample space for a bouncy castle. However even with a smaller garden a bouncy castle can be used for the children to enjoy for hours! Once it's in place, only let children (or adults, if they can't resist!) bounce without shoes on, to ensure that you don't get unwanted punctures and, if it begins to deflate, add more air. But don't over-pump it - only add the manufacturers suggested level of air.

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