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Devon Gyms and Health Centres offer helpful advice on the benefits of using your local gym.

Cardiovascular Equipment
This includes all the treadmills, cross trainers, ski-machines, step-ups and any other machine you get on and ride.  The design of these exercise machines is to help you achieve cardiovascular fitness.  In other words, their purpose is to keep you heart, vascular system and lungs healthy.  Using cardiovascular equipment is one of the best health insurance policies on the planet. But if shaping your calves, thighs or butt is what you’re after; you’ll have get off your favourite bike and look elsewhere in the gym.  When planning your workout, use the cardiovascular equipment for general health and weight management.

Exercise Classes
In most gyms there are multiple classes to choose from:

Aerobics:  All the benefits stated earlier about cardiovascular equipment are true of these classes.  The big difference between these classes and cardiovascular equipment is impact to the body.  All the jumping, twisting, kicking and punching is much harder on the joints.  The upside is you are group motivated and that can make a big difference in the boredom factor.  When planning your workout, use these classes for general health and weight management.

Abs Classes:
  These classes are designed to increase the strength and size of your abdominal area.  Unless you can already see your abs these classes will just build a great “six pack” under that layer of fat you already have.  To lose that layer of fat you have to burn more calories than you eat and these 30 minute classes don’t burn that many calories.  When planning your workout, use this class for building your abdominal wall.

Yoga and Mat Pilates:
  These classes are for centering and flexibility.   When planning your workout, use these classes for increasing flexibility, learning balance, mental focus and breathing correctly.

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