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Devon Heating Engineer
Heating Engineer Exeter
Heating Engineer Exeter

heating engineer Exeter
Plumbing, Gas and Heating Engineers
Exeter, Devon
Tel. 01392 683 230

Professional service
East Devon Plumber
Tel: 0777 333 2298

Devon & Cornwall Emergency Plumbing Service Mcnamaras 24 Hour Oil Boiler Repair
24 Hour Oil Boiler Repairs
Covering Devon & Cornwall
Tel: 01566 783471

Heating Engineer Exeter
Heating Engineer Exeter

Exeter Heating Engineers
Maintenance and Repair
Exeter, Devon
01392 248 949

Devon Plumber
Plumbing & Gas Engineer
Tel. 01752 563978


Emergency Plumbers and Heating Engineers Call-Out 24/7 for oil frde boilers.

East Devon Plumbing and Heating work throughout East Devon and they are available in an emergency 24/7.

Call Mark at East Devon Plumbing and Heating on 0777 333 2298

Plymouth City Plumbers work across Devon and Cornwall and offer twenty-four hour a day, three hundred and sixty five day a year service for all plumbing and heating emergencies.

Every year people die from carbon monoxide poisoning caused by incorrectly installed and maintained gas appliances. Many others also suffer ill health.

Oil burner keeps tripping the lockout button?

The little red button on the box of the oil burner itself. If your oil burner stops running, the first thing you should check is the reset button. If you press it and the burner fires up then that was the problem.

If the button should trip again then there is a fault and you should call McNamara's Emergency Plumber on 01566 783471. Do not keep resetting the button and ignoring the problem.

we offer a range of services including Heating and Renewable Energy services. 

If you need a plumber or Heating Engineer then contact one of the above asap. Do not ignore the problem.


Heating Engineer Devon

What is a gas safe engineer?

All Gas Safe engineers have to be checked to make sure they are competent and are qualified and to make sure they carry out their work safely and legally with any use of gas.

Why is it important to find a Gas Safe Engineer?

Gas Boiler Installers Devon Gas Safe engineers will have a range of qualifications to allow them to carry out specific types of gas work.
Safe Gas Devon Always make sure you check what work they are qualified to do first.
Heating Engineers Devon All registered engineers will carry a Gas Safe Register ID card with their own unique licence number, showing the type of work they are allowed to do.
Gas Boiler Installers Devon Make sure you ASK to see the card!

It is all about safety of you and your family. If someone else other than a Gas Safe Engineer does your gas work in your home, you could be putting you and your family at risk. Badly fitted and poorly serviced appliances can cause gas leaks which in turn could cause fires, explosions and carbon monoxide poisoning.

Gas Safe Engineers

Gas Installation Devon Will carry out tests and checks to establish your appliances are operating safely.
Gas Boiler Repair They will use the Gas Industry Unsafe Situations Procedure ( Industry accepted document for guiding engineers on dealing with unsafe situations) to make any unsafe issues, safe.
Gas Boiler Repair Exeter The will fit an audible carbon monoxide alarm. This is useful to detect any traces of Carbon Monoxide produced by unsafe gas appliances.

So make sure you are up on all the knowledge as it could save yours and your family's life.

Come and find a local heating engineer near you.

Heating Engineers
Boiler repairs
Gas Safe Engineers
Boiler repairs to make your house safe

Exeter Heating Engineer Heating engineers
Gas Installation Devon Landlord safety certificates
Safe Gas Devon Overflow systems
Exeter Heating Engineers Pipes & fittings
Gas Boiler Repair Exeter Plumbers
Gas Fittings Devon Power flushing
Condensing Boiler Devon Radiator repairs
Gas Boilers Devon Gas appliances - supply & maintenance
Boiler Repair Devon Gas leaks
Safe Gas Devon Gas safety checks

Heating Engineers Devon

Installations | Bathrooms | Showers | Heating Systems | Boiler Installation | Servicing | Repair | Boiler Replacement | New Systems
Gas Fire Installation | Central Heating Installation and Repair


Having a boiler fail can be a major problem, even more so during the middle of the night. Few homes still have a fireplace, even those which orginally had them have often had them removed during remodelling and modern homes have never had them. So if your gas or oil central heating system fails during the winter then you can be left in the cold with no alternative means of heat.

A leak in your heating system is another serious problem, although not exactly common, this can develop a twofold problem, as the water leaking into your house can cause damage on its own as well as the problems which can develop within a heating system when the pressure starts dropping.

Plymouth Emergency Plumber
24/7 Call Out Emergency Plumber
Plymouth Heating Engineer
Gas Safe Registered Heating Engineer
Plymouth Boiler Servicing
Gas and Oil Boiler Servicing
Plymouth Boiler Installation
Gas and Oil Boiler Installation and Repairs
Plymouth Boiler Installation
Boiler Upgrades
Plymouth Heating Maintenance
Central Heating Maintenance

Click here for more information on the services provided by Torbay Heating and Plumbing >
  Devon Plumber  

Exeter Area


Choose an experienced local heating Engineer, specialising in central heating installation, maintenance & boiler servicing for all your plumbing and heating needs today!.

CORGI registered plumbers & Heating Engineers produce work to a high standard giving quality, safety and value-for-money, are well respected and experienced local experts.

Getting your central heating system regularly serviced in the long run saves you money.

Emergency call outs can be expensive and sometimes awaiting parts can be a chilly experience! Working with local Heating Engineer gives you a personal easily contactable professional who offers a fast efficient service.

  • Central heating upgrade and installation.
  • Central Heating Maintenance
  • Combi boilers installation and maintenance,
  • Breakdowns, repairs and upgrades.
  • Gas installation, fire installation.
  • Boiler Servicing
  • Boiler Replacement
  • Burst pipes & leaks
  • Commercial & domestic work
  • Commercial Boiler Servicing Repair
  • Corgi - gas services
  • Fast, friendly efficient service
  • Combi boiler replacements
  • Upgrade to condensing boilers
  • System design and installation
  • Re routing gas supply pipe work
  • Installation of radiator packs
  • Gas fires
  • Gas fired un-vented hot water cylinders
  • Domestic and commercial gas fired kitchen appliances
Devon Heating Engineers
Plumbing, Heating, Renewables
Exeter, Devon
Tel: 01392 277199
Devon Plumber
Corgi Registered
Tel. 01752 302069
Exeter Heating Engineers
Air Source Heat Pumps, Ground Source Heat Pumps, Solar Thermal, Biomass, Heating Engineer
Exeter, Devon

Sidmouth Area


Many Heating Engineers offers services in the following:

Heating Services

New Boilers
Full Heating Installations
Boiler Repairs
Boiler Servicing
Power Flushing (Radiators)
Pre-Purchase reports

Gas Services

Gas Leaks
Gas Safety Certificates
Landlord Certificates
Cookers, Hobs, Fires

Electrician Devon
Electricians, Electrical Engineers
Plumbing and Heating
Exeter, Devon
Email us
Devon Heating Plumber Sidmouth
Devon Heating & Plumbing
Sidmouth, Devon
Tel : 01297 680396


Axminster Area


The Bradleys Homeguide offer a range of professional heating engineers. Here they recommend the following top heating tips to help prevent central heating breakdowns.

For energy efficiency in your home:

  1. Have the boiler serviced annually - the summer is the best time - CORGI registered engineers are extremely busy during the winter and many will be more reluctant to call during this period.

  2. Is the timer/ programmer set correctly?

  3. Fit thermostatic radiator valves in all rooms to allow you to control temperatures - don't heat up rooms unnecessarily.

  4. Ensure all pipes are lagged/ insulated correctly.

  5. Insulate your loft - most heat escapes through your roof.

  6. Check for drafts around windows/ doors & letterboxes and insulate if necessary.

  7. Older boilers can be inefficient - modern combination or condensing boilers are much more energy efficient.

Devon Heating Engineers

If you do need to call an engineer at any time, always make sure they are CORGI registered and ask to see their CORGI registration card - they should carry this with them at all times. If you are in any doubt, you can contact CORGI directly to check that your installer is CORGI registered.
Devon Heating Engineer


Other Areas


Find out how to conserve your heating and hot water energy.

Over 6 billion pounds of energy is wasted in the UK annually.
In fact, unless your home is newly built, your heating system is unlikely to be running to maximum efficiency and will be losing you money. So, what are the options in conserving heat in your home?

A brand new boiler
This is an expensive option, but it will pay off in the long run. Replacing your old boiler will immediately save you around a third on your heating bills.

In fact simply upgrading your old heating controls will improve the efficiency of your central heating system and could reduce your heating costs by 17% a year.

Hot water
Your hot water will stay hot longer if you fit a new lagging jacket to the cylinder. Fitting a jacket like this can cut wastage by 75% - a cash saving of around £15 a year.

Fixing draughts
Every year you could be saving £100 if you track down and insulated your draughts.

Double Glazing
You will save £60 on annual bills if you decide to fix double glazing but may take 40 years to pay for itself. However you can stop draughty windows simply by fixing foam strips along the side, available from most DIY stores.

Corgi Natural Gas and LPG Registered Engineers
Devon Gas Fitting Plumbing and Heating
Heating & Gas Services throughout Devon offer gas boiler servicing, maintenance and replacement. If you have a natural gas or LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) Boiler, it will need inspection and servicing every year to ensure that it is safe. Heating & Gas Services in your local area can maintain and service all makes of boiler and are qualified to provide landlord safety test certificates.

Heating & Gas Services are also trained to replace boilers. Your older boiler may be less efficient than it was and replacing it with a newer model can save you money on your gas bills. Heating & Gas Services, Okehampton, are fully registered with CORGI and all of our work comes with a peace-of-mind guarantee.

  Devon Gas Fitting Plumbing and Heating

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Devon Heating Engineer Boiler Servicing Maintenance Corgi Boiler Engineers Gas Oil Boilers Serviced Exeter Plymouth Devon

Devon Heating Engineer
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