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Devon Swimming Pools

Devon Swimming Pools
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Swimmingpools Devon
Devon Swimming Pools
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Devon Swimming Pools

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Swimming Pool Design Devon

Thinking about a pool for your home?

Confused about the types of pool design on offer in Devon?

Over the last few years the design and installation of swimming pools throughout the UK have been on the rise, this is testament to our desire to turn the home into a a retreat and to enjoy. It is an instant way to increase the value of your home, and with the choice of bespoke swimming pool designers throughout Devon it can be designed and personalised around you and your home. What a better way to spend your weekend or an evening after a days work than to lounge in and around your pool.

There are a limitless choice of pools for your home and the design can be as individual as your imagination will allow or the skill of your designer. At times the architecture of the home may dectate which path to lead towards, for example if your house is a classic and formal design or an extreme contemporary design these suit best with a straight line pool design. A house with maybe a spanish feel or an exotic flavour could easily accomodate a free-form tropical design.

Inside or outside a waterfall set usualy placed at the rear of a swimming pool will add elegance and a relaxing ambience to any swimming pool design but should always be aproached with caution especialy if you are leaning towards a natural boulder waterfall could without an experienced designer look fake and cheap.

Keep an eye out when looking for an experienced pool designer or installer that you view past or recent work that they have created themselves, not only will you be able to see the standard of quality in there work and pool design but also maybe see for yourself what maybe or maybe not right for you and your home.

The idea of a zero-edge pool, or vanishing edge pool is a popular choice when used with a view as the pool looks endless before it merges with its setting. These can also be incorporated with spools which are a cross between a spa and a pool offering a cool place for the summer and a heated spa for the winter.

After looking at all your options for a swimming pool Design and you have chosen what would suit your home the best you should consider certain structural features to keep it working for you and your family. These can be discussed with your chosen Pool Installers and designers.




Devon Pool Design

Devon Pool Design

Pool Design Devon


Devon Swimming Pools
Article courtesy of:
ISCA Pools

Devon Swimming Pool Suppliers, ISCA Pools, give tips on how to keep your swimming pool clean and enjoy the rewards a clean, well maintained pool this summer.


Daily Swimming Pool Maintenance

  • Check the filter pressure.
  • Clean the filter if the water is not clear
  • Remove debris from strainer basket

Weekly Swimming Pool Maintenance:

  • Use a nylon brush to clean tile and walls of pool.
  • A stainless steel brush should be used to loosen algae on concrete walls.
  • Check walls or vinyl liner for cracks or tears, and repair immediately.
  • Test the water, and add the recommended chemicals.
  • Hose off the deck but aim water away from the pool.
  • Invest in a pool cover that will reduce evaporation, keep debris out of water and trap the heat.
Swimming Pool Maintenance Tips

As many swimming pool owners will know, floating oils, dirt & wastes can combine to form a scum line around the pool.  This is why tile, an easily to clean surface, is placed at water level around the perimeter of the pool. There are many tile cleanser products available which are applied with a scrubbing pad or brush and a little effort. Remember, abrasive cleaners work well, but should be avoided in vinyl lined pools as they can damage the linings.

Cleaning the scum inside of the skimmer frequently will help to keep the tile cleaner, as scum sticks itself to clean plastic. Additionally, enyzme cleaners can help reduce the amount of scum left in your swimming pool.

Automatic cleaners are terrific time-savers when trying to clean your pools, and they also help to distribute and circulate the water.  There is a wide range of cleaners available, for all types of pools and budgets.


Unless you have an automatic cleaner, an in-floor cleaning system or an automatic cover is necessary to clean any debris left in your pool.

To clean your swimming pool simply roll your vacuum hose straight along the length of the pool. Attach one of the cuffed ends onto your vacuum head which is attached to your telescopic pole. Extend the pole and place the head (with the hose attached) into the water so that it rests on the floor of the pool. Point the head across the pool so that it doesn't roll down the slope towards the deep end and prop the pole up against the pool's edge.

From the point where the hose surfaces, begin pushing the hose straight down into the water until you reach the other end. This is filling the hose up with water so there is no air in it which may cause difficulties for the pump when you attach the hose to the skimmer.

Once the hose is primed, remove the skimmer lid and the basket and stick the hose end into the hole at the bottom of the skimmer. Roll the vacuum head on the floor, over the debris and you're vacuuming. The suction will gradually decrease as the pump basket fills with vacuumed debris. When the pressure gauge drops and suction is sufficiently decreased, stop the pump and empty the basket. If pressure rises significantly, stop the pump and backwash the filter. Continue this routine until your pool is clean.


If your swimming pool tiles begin to have crusty white deposits on them, do not worry. Called efflorescence, this calcium deposit usually originates from grout or setting mortar. To remove, simply scrape it off the tile or wall, and acid wash it. There are products available to help make this task easier and save you time.

Dirt, dead leaves, rust and other minerals can stain the finish of your plastered pool. If the stain is organic; left from a leaf or acorn for example, a small amount of granular chlorine added at that location.  Once settled, the stain will usually disappear instantly. Unfortunately, other non-organic stains will not be removed by chlorine. Do not place chlorine tablets directly into the pool...they will stain and etch the plaster.

However, if chlorine doesn't work, acid usually will. Draining and acid washing will remove a thin layer of plaster (and stains), exposing fresh, new looking plaster beneath.  Be very careful when using acid though as it is corrosive and always read the instructions carefully.
Article courtesy of:
ISCA Pool Care

Devon Swimming Pool Suppliers, ISCA Pool Care, give tips on how to keep your swimming pool clean and enjoy the rewards a clean, well maintained pool this summer.
Swimming Pool Supplier Devon
Devon Swimming Pools Swimming Pool Supplier
Devon Swimming Pool Supplier Installation
Swimming Pools Devon
Swimming Pools Devon
Swimming Pools Devon

Non Slip Flooring

Ideal for the surroundings of swimming pools and hot tubs. Non-slip flooring specialists, reduce the risk of accidents with state-of-art techniques to prevent slipping on wet surfaces. Keep your family safe around your pool or spa.

Slip Associates is a national company, which markets and distributes a revolutionary anti-slip treatment for wet surfaces throughout the UK. The Precision technologies Centre of Industrial Collaboration (Precision Technologies CIC) was approached by Slip Associates Systems Ltd to carry out precision measurement work for their ‘Anti-Slip’ floor treatment. In doing so, they were able to independently validate the function of this revolutionary product and increase customer confidence. The Centre was asked to provide scientific evidence assessing and confirming exactly what happens to the surface of a floor tile when treated with ‘Anti-Slip’. Slip Associates also asked the Centre to demonstrate that the system does not work by acid etching or by substantially roughening the surface. This is extremely important when considering the treatment of marble, granite and porcelain as damage to the glaze would make cleaning difficult.
  Non Slip Floor

Experts at applying non-slip technologies in wet environments on any surface type. Reducing the risk of accidental drowning in domestic and commercial swimming pools.

The Precision Technologies CIC carried out surface roughness measurements using contact and optical techniques on a micro scale. The results showed that the product works in a different way to traditional acid etching systems. It impregnates the glaze of a tile or the natural pores of marble and granite with a material that expands on contact with moisture, causing ‘bumps’ to grow on the surface. This provides increased friction and creates the anti-slip function in wet conditions. A published report was released by the Centre that was incorporated into sales and marketing material. This contributed to increased customer confidence and brought in more sales leads for Slip Associates. The Galpharm Stadium Leisure complex in Huddersfield is one of the many venues that have used ‘Anti-Slip’, and since application, there have been no slips.

Slip Associates offer a range of solutions for different floor surfaces and environments, allowing a safe, anti-slip walking surface over any number of materials, wet or dry. Whether tiles, concrete, terrazzo, wood, vinyl, metal or marble.
Contact Slip Associates for information regarding details of local suppliers.

Devon Swimming Pools

Devon Swimming Pool Installation

You have probably heard the horror stories about building a swimming pool, if you are considering one yourself. Before you start wading through volumes of manuals, and have dozens of contractors scheduled to come and give you a free estimate for your swimming pool construction, read the following ten tips. Heeding this simple advice could save you a great deal of aggravation, not to mention money, in the long run.

Don't go about building a swimming pool as though you were buying a car as swimming pools are custom construction projects and are built by various individual pool contractors who may have different standards. All pools are not built the same, unlike an car which is manufactured in a factory with highly controlled conditions. With a swimming pool much of what you do not see will impact the cost of pool ownership.
Don't feel as though you can ask potential building contractors too many questions, the more you understand better buyer you will be. Do your homework!

Try not to get too many quotes off numerous building contractors as when you have 20 different estimates offering various different end products, you will only become extremely confused and unable to amke a decision.

Devon Swimming Pools
Devon Swimming Pools

Get a handful of quotes, for instance 4 or 5, make your decision and then stick with it. Also if you know the history or experience of a contractor then maybe go with what you know, as some companies may be cheaper but not so experienced and this may end up costing you in the long run.
If you assume that swimming pools cost less to be built in wintertime you are mistaken. The materials and labour cost what they cost, pools don't get cheaper as time goes on; swimming pools will never be less expensive than they are today.

Make sure that you understand what you are agreeing to by reading the contract properly,. Make sure thatt everything is in writing thus protecting both you are the contractor.

Devon Swimming Pools

Further things to plan and consider are how accessable the proposed site or plot is for plant equipment is when removing soil etc. Also the condition of the ground. .Then there are the main pool details such as what size, depth and shape of swimming pool you want. Today there a vast range of styles and types of swimming pools available so this part of the decision making may take considerable time. These decisions will of course be influenced by the available budget.
The orientation of the swimming pool is also very important. The various factors that may affect the desicion of where the pool will be positioned are shade, wind, positioning of walls adjoining buildings etc, overall views of the pool from the house and perhaps neighbours property.

Devon Pools Swimming

There are also the issues of heating to be considered. If you are going to heat the pool will it be by electricity, gas or oil. If the swimming pool is going to be indoors, there will be a requirement a dehumidification system. This will control the water temperature and the environment in the pool enclosure.
The are various factors that will affect your ability to keep your swimming pool clean and sanitized, these include Hydraulic design, flow rates, pipe size, pump and filter types, chemical management systems among others.

Swimming Pools Devon


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