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Devon Stove Specialists give a brief account on the most popular choices in Stoves today.

It’s one of those questions that is on the mind of every stove consumer - which material is best? Read below to find out more......

Cast Iron Stoves
Cast Iron has always been a popular stove material and with good reasons. The casting process was perfected long before steel and welding were, and so naturally the earliest stoves were of poured iron. From the original Ben Franklin Stoves to the thousands of models that were heating homes in the 1800’s, cast iron was the preferred material.

Steel Stoves
In the last few decades, steel plate stoves have become an alternative to cast iron stoves. The mass production of plate steel, along with the availability of improved steel cutting and welding machines and techniques, have created a boom in the production and sales of steel stoves.
Shoppers comparing steel and cast iron should keep in mind that the two materials are almost identical...they are both the same element - IRON. One is rolled out into sheets and then formed, while the other is melted and poured into molds. In addition, many stoves on the market today will have BOTH materials as part of their construction.

Soap Stone Stoves
Soapstone is a relatively soft material that can easily be cut and polished for use in wood stoves and gas stoves. In earlier years many people found that stoves made of this material held up well to the regions cold winters and also provided a gentle and even heat.

This soft heat is due to the ability of soapstone to soak up intense heat from the fire and then radiate it slowly. The swings in the stove temperature and room temperature are likely to be less with this type of soapstone stove.

These beneficial properties are due to two reasons - one is simply the mass (weight) of the stove and the other is the chemical composition of the stone. The combined effect makes the heat from a soapstone stove different than that from other stoves.

Most soapstone stoves on the market today are hybrids - they contain iron, soapstone and possibly even some steel and firebrick. This represents a good use of the various materials in a final product that can be shipped and installed relatively easily, At the other end of the spectrum are pure soapstone fireplaces, which can weigh a great deal so be sure to bear that in mind when choosing the right stove for you!

Devon Stoves
Stoves Devon
Devon Stoves

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Devon Stoves
Devon Stoves

Devon Stove Supplier

If you are in the market for a stove to heat your home, you probably already know that the fuel options available to you are nearly endless.  If you talk to stove manufacturers, dealers in the Devon area or even your neighbours, you are likely to get varying opinions as to what type of stove and fuel will work best for your home. 

Fortunately, Devon Stove Suppliers have long known that there are certain benefits to each type of stove -- that's why they offer a full, diverse product line to all dealers and customers.  Additionally, Stove Designers have designed and manufactured these models with many convenient and attractive options.  Following are some of the benefits of each type of stove available:  wood, pellet, gas and coal.

Wood stoves are the original and best-selling stoves that have ever designed, due mostly to the popularity and accessibility of wood fuel.  Many people have access to land that can provide firewood; those who don't can regularly purchase wood at a much lower cost than a comparable amount of heating oil. 

Wood stoves provide an excellent amount of radiant heat, along with circulated heat -- blowers are standard or optional, depending on the model of the stove.   In addition, wood stoves have so much surface area that you can easily heat several dishes on them simultaneously, if you like (or if you must, in the case of a power failure).  Add to that the fact that many consider wood heat the warmest and most satisfactory heat, and by far the most enjoyable to view, and it is easy to understand why wood stoves remain so popular. 

Wood stoves are available with many options, including freestanding and insert styles.  Different models heat from 1,000 sq. ft. (for a very economical choice) to approximately 3,000 sq. ft.  Brass trim and close-clearance heat shields are also available, as is mobile home adaptability on certain models.

Pellet stoves are popular in large, partly because they are so environmentally-friendly.  Pellet fuel is made from wood waste and biomass (commonly grown) materials, and has very low emission levels, which allow for a clean burn with minimum soot, ashes and creosote.  

Pellets are very convenient because they are sold in bags which are easily moved and stored; loading them into the stove is also easy (a pellet hopper may only need to be loaded once or twice a day).  Other benefits include the absence of log splitting, clean storage and the fact that the pellet stove uses less electricity than four 100-watt light bulbs, even when set on the "high" setting.

With the many benefits of pellet fuel, it is easy to see why our pellet stoves are big sellers.  All of our models have glass viewing areas, air wash systems, built-in blowers and strong, sturdy double auger feed systems. 

Available units range from a fireplace insert model to a model that can heat 2,200 sq. ft. (and hold 70 lbs. of pellets in its hopper), to a compact model that adds even more convenience to the pellet family. 

The newest stoves to be designed and built are the gas models.  Many municipalities have long offered gas heat to people in their communities, and now that alternative is available with the beauty and elegance of freestanding and hearth stoves.  A major advantage to gas heat is that it will operate in case of a power outage; it is also extremely convenient, since gas stoves only require the turning of knobs to fuel and light (no lugging logs, pellets or coal).  Besides all this, gas stoves are extremely efficient--   vent-free units are rated at 99% efficiency and require no flue system whatsoever. 

Further benefits of gas stoves are close clearance to combustibles, attractive fibre logs and easy front access to all controls.  Gas stoves are typically available in both Liquid Propane (LP) and Natural Gas (NG) models, in both B-Vent and vent-free styles, with a hearth mount model available in the vent-free style.  Attractive colours and standard brass trim make these stoves among the most elegant that we create.  We also have a remote thermostat for our B-Vent model that can retrofit to take the place of the standard wall-mount thermostat.

When you’re looking to add the traditional look of a cast iron wood stove to your home, our electric stoves are the go-anywhere stove that needs no installation! Perfect in condominiums, apartment buildings, offices and retail locations, our high-quality electric stoves create warmth and beauty wherever you need it. And with patented light-filtering technology that creates astounding realism and ambience, these innovative stoves can be "plugged-in" practically anywhere.

Finally, the coal stove can be called the workhorse of the stove family.  Coal has been used for years as a dependable source of fuel, and many people still choose to use it each winter.  The Coal stove is designed to be used as a great supplementary source of heat for your home-- with its impressive 2,600-2,800 sq. ft. heating capacity and 105,000-110,000 BTU/hr. maximum output, it can easily heat most houses.  

Another great benefit to this stove is that it can burn for 24-plus hours per filling.  It comes with plenty of extras, too, including a large glass viewing area, built-in blower and brass window and door trim standard. 

All stoves available in Devon are backed by a five year limited warranty on the firebox, a one year limited warranty on electrical components, and toll-free customer service support. 

These stoves have a nationwide reputation for their efficiency, good craftsmanship and very economic pricing.  No matter what type of fuel you choose to heat your home, any of our Devon Stove Suppliers will have a stove that can meet and exceed your expectations.

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