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Devon Kitchen Worktops
Kitchen Worktops Devon

What are your choices for an elegant and practical kitchen worktop?

From solid wood, to granite. The choices for worktops range from the materials you use to the styles, texture and finish you apply. A well installed, quality produced worktop can provide a centre piece for your kitchen, so many people find it vital to spend time making this decision.

Kitchen Worktops Exeter

A hardwood kitchen worktop can transform a classic or country style kitchen. With a suitable wood such as Oak, Beach, Wenge, Iroko or Walnut, a hardwood surface can provide your kitchen with stunning natural beauty, whilst supplementing character and practicality.

For both modern and traditional kitchens, finding a worktop that oozes style can be difficult. With a hardwood worktop you need not compromise on style. With many ranges of classic and contemporary effects to choose from, your kitchen can be set alight with a luxurious natural feel.

Why choose a hardwood worktop?

Not only is a hardwood worktop one of the best ways to achieve a traditional and rustic look, but it is one of the easiest to live with over a long period of time. Many other surfaces lose their aesthetics over time and become dull and un-attractive to the eye. With solid hardwood, your worktop only gets better. Wood gains a natural character over time, in some cases the wood will become deeper and richer in colour and more appealing, becoming a part of your home in a personal way that other worktops and surfaces may not.

A solid wood worktop is always a joy to work with, with the benefit of being a natural material, your wooden worktop can always be altered by a craftsman. With endless design choices, your worktop can be easily transformed with carved designs and stains, whilst can always be sanded back to its original glory.

kitchen worktops Devon
Devon Kitchen Worktops

Solid Surface Worktops

Planning on bringing your kitchen into the 21st century? With hundreds of materials, designs and styles of solid surface worktops to choose from, you can create your perfect kitchen with unrivalled sophistication.

Not only can you achieve that perfect modern and purposeful kitchen style, but a solid surface worktop will last for years to come, providing you with an easy to clean, strong and practical worktop for any busy lifestyle.


Granite in any application is a joy to own. For a sophisticated, easy to maintain and lasting worktop, it is hard to find a better replacement. With ever-lasting natural beauty, a pure granite surface can be the solution to your perfect kitchen. As well as providing a solid and easy to clean worktop for all your kitchen uses, a granite worktop can work in any environment, from a studio apartment in London, to a cottage home in the countryside.

Kitchen Worktops Devon

Want to learn more about Kitchen Design?

Choosing a Kitchen design can be a stressful event, but it shouldn't be. The vast amount of designs and styles available can be daunting, but with such choice, with the right decisions, you can end up with the kitchen of your dreams, suited and styled to your tastes.
Exeter Kitchen Worktops



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Devon Stone Masons
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Devon Kitchen Worksurfaces

Finding one of the South West's trusted kitchen suppliers can be a difficult task.

With years experience in this market and thousands of happy customers, our stone worksurfaces suppliers can supply and install granite and quartz worktops, marble and limestone fireplaces, natural stone wall and floor tiles, house signs and slate sills.  They also have trading partners worldwide to ensure that not only is the price competitive but that the quality is second to none.

Our suppliers continue to grow year on year and that happens because they strive to be the best in all that they do.  Quality of the highest standard, attention to detail, delivering the product when they have promised it and competitive prices makes them companies that customers feel safe and happy to deal with.

Natural Stone Work surfaces. The timeless beauty and practical characteristics of a granite worktop will add an individual touch of quality and style to every kitchen. Granite is the natural choice for your kitchen and bathroom worktops.

They supply granite and quartzstone work tops throughout Devon and Cornwall to both private and trade customers.  Work tops are bespoke pieces, hand made by our skilled craftsmen. From the smallest bathroom shelf to a complete bar re-fit we have the ability to offer you their experience and expertise with competitive lead times and a service that is second to none.

In addition to granite, our kitchen suppliers offer three ranges of man-made quartzstone; Arenastone, Pianoforte and Silestone.  This product offers an alternative to granite worktops, giving both a wide range of colours and a stain resistant finish.

Kitchen Worktops Devon
Devon Kitchen Worktops
Granite Worktops Devon

Devon kitchen worktops

In the past people had wooden worktops fitted in their homes as it was one of the only materials available on the market. However now there are a wide range of materials on the market suitable for use as kitchen worksurfaces. There are both natural and synthetic kitchen worktop options, each of which have distinctive looks and properties.

A very popular choice for kitchen worktop nowadays is granite and has been since the early nineties. Some people believe however that granite is outdates and common in many homes. This has meant people are looking for an alternative choice.

People who are worried about being eco-friendly are now opting for wooden worktops over granite. They claim that wooden worktops are the most durable and hygienic and maintains it natural beauty for a long period of time.

Granite worktops are preferred however by many people. Due to the fact that they natural and can also withstand very high pressures, temperatures and stain resistant . For this reason granite is perfect for use as a kitchen worktop. Granite worktops will last far longer than wooden worktops as these will have to be replaced after a few years.

Our Devon advertisers on this page can supply and professionally install kitchen worktops for you.

Kitchen worktop Devon
kitchen worktops Devon
Devon kitchen worktops

Grabite kitchen worktops Devon
The process in templating granite worktops

Basically a template is the pattern of your future granite worktop. An experienced craftsmen will visit your home to measure and template the worktops to basically make the patterns of how your work surfaces will look like. The templates will then be made using hardboard and taken back to the factory in Devon to create the worktops in granite.
  • Granite selection
  • Preparation for templating worktops
  • Templating
  • Cutting the granite worktop
  • Worktop installation

Stone Selection

Due to the fact that granite is a natural stone pattern, colour and graining will vary within the same selection. Ask the granite worktop company to provide you with some general granite samples, for you to see that will give you an idea of how your granite will look, even if not exactly.

Prepare for granite template

Templating Visit - The visit will normally take between 1-2 hours, depending on the size of the kitchen / bathroom.
Exact sizes of sinks, faucets etc are required before templating. Ideally the sink should be on site for the template visit.
The locations of any seams will be discussed.
Location of faucet holes and accessories will be discussed.


The templater is responsible for making templates accurately.

Kitchen cabinets will be checked for level and structural soundness.
We will cut the templating hardboard to fit the kitchen cabinets, allowing for a proper overhang, seam placement and cutout locations.
The sink base with be traced onto the template.

Cutting the Granite to a template

The granite will be cut and polished. After the process has been completed, then your new granite worktops will be ready for the installation process.

The process of making granite worktops:

  • Template
  • Saw or cut the stone
  • Add an edge profile
  • Drill Holes
  • Add structural reinforcement
  • Stone selection and seams
  • Seal and fill if necessary

High quality equipment is used to cut the stone. Without the aid of this high tech equipment all granite fabrication would have to be done by hand. This process is much more time consuming, much more expensive and not as consistent.

Granite worktop installation

The pre-cut granite kitchen work surfaces will be brought to your home and fixed to your kitchen cabinets using a strong adhesive. The kitchen sink and any other accessories and appliances will be dropped into place to ensure that they fit.

kitchen worktops Devon
Devon granite worktops
Devon kitchen worktops
Granite worktops Devon
Kitchen granite worktops Devon

Kitchen worktops Devon Devon Granite Floors Stone Floors Devon Devon Floors Floors Granite Devon Granite Flooring Devon

Kitchen Work tops Devon
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