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Shower Enclosures
For every homeowner looking to install a brand new bathroom it is important that it meets looks aesthetically pleasing while at the same time fulfilling all necessary practical applications. When looking to install a new bathroom or just a new feature, such as new shower enclosures, it is essential that you plan where the new features will be while leaving enough room to comfortably use each part of the bathroom.

When it comes to installing a brand new bathroom one of the first things you will want to think about is the the room each of your new bathroom features will take, which can largely differ from product to product especially if you are buying a shower enclosure as shower trays can be a range of shapes, with square, rectangular, D-shaped, or quadrant shower trays.

After you have looked at the amount of room you need to leave for each of your bathroom features you then need to look at additional space next to your shower enclosure, bath tub, sink, and toilet so allowing for easy usage.

When it comes to shower enclosures we advise that you leave an area outside of the shower tray of about 40cm by the width of the tray. However if you are using a shower which is enclosed on three sides you should have an area outside the shower of around 70cm. Obviously if you want more room in front of your shower enclosure you should plan accordingly.

If you are planning to install a sink within your bathroom you should leave about a 100cm by 70cm space in front for easy and convenient usage. You may want to consider an even larger area if you are deciding to use a vanity unit as well.

Shower Enclosures

Shower Enclosures
Shower Enclosures

Shower Enclosures

When it comes to baths you should leave around 70cm by 110cm outside the bath to get out with ease, this space only needs to be along where you will be getting out so you don't need to leave an area all along the bath to get in and out.

If you are installing a toilet within the bathroom you should leave an area of about 80cm by 60cm in front. Even though you need to ensure there is space in front of each feature within your bathroom there is often no reason why you cannot have two spaces crossing over. You will also want to consider a range of other aspects when planning a bathroom, including the way the door opens into the bathroom, where the current plumbing is and is there anything that will stop a feature from being installed, such as you obviously cannot install a shower enclosure along a window.

Things to remember:

Shower Enclosure Leave room in front of each feature, including bathroom furniture
Shower Enclosures Take into account the location of your current plumbing
Shower Enclosure Make sure there is space for your bathroom door if it swings inwards
Shower Enclosures Make sure none of the bathroom features cover vents or windows.

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Our featured plumbers pride themselves on delivering professional and top quality work at honest prices. Don't risk ending up with cowboys for your home plumbing and heating work. Call a highly-trained and well-experienced expert plumber in the local Devon area.

For comprehensive services covering a wide range of plumbing and heating jobs, With a 24/7 emergency call out service for any plumbing or heating emergency you can be sure to have prompt service in the event of something going wrong. Be it a burst pipe or a broken boiler give a local plumber and heating engineer in Devon a call to quickly get the situation under control.

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