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Bathroom Tiles Devon

Tiles can transform any bathroom. In many bathrooms, tiles are used to be both practical whilst promoting a chosen style. With many tiles to choose from, it can be easy to change your bathroom into a spacious, clean and attractive space.

It can be easy to look at tiles from a practical point of view and pick out a standard white tile to cover your bathroom wall, but why not be different? There are hundreds of colours, styles and designs to choose from and with the right choice you can set your bathroom alight with flair and sophistication.

Bathroom Tiling Devon Devon Bathroom Tiles
Modern and Contemporary Classic
Tiles can be used in many different ways. Simply by framing your new bath with a feature tile can make a centrepiece to your bathroom, promoting space and oozing elegance.
Devon Bathroom Tiling Bathroom Tiles Plymouth
Modern Classic

Want to learn more about Bathroom Design?
With so many designs to choose from, you can transform one of the smallest rooms in your house into a selling point and something to be proud of. Fittings and details are key in bathroom design as all the small things add up to embrace your chosen bathroom design. Designs can range from simple modern or contemporary styles, to luxurious designs with real depth. Devon Bathroom Tiles
Devon Tiles

Devon Tile specialists, Plymouth Stone are dedicated to the provision of first class natural stone and quartzstone tiles.  Sourced from only the best quarries our comprehensive portfolio encompasses granite, slate marble, travertine, limestone and quartzstone for both internal tiles and external use.

The greatest diversity of natural stone is to be found in the granites and marbles where there are hundreds of different colour and texture combinations.  Limestones usually show some trace of their fossil based origins; the clay-based slates and the magma-based basalts complete the list.

Our experienced staff can offer advice on the suitability of the different materials dependent on your project.  It is our company’s philosophy to personally select the correct material and colours according to their needs of each single customer to guarantee their satisfaction.  We can provide tiles in varying sizes to create that special look whether your property is contemporary, traditional or a period home.

Our extensive knowledge ensures that you will be confident in placing your order with us no matter the size or diversity of your project.

For more information on the range of natural stone tiles and products available from Plymouth Stone contact us on 01752 706388 or visit our website at www.plymstone.co.uk

Tiles Devon
Tiles Devon
Granite Tiles Devon

Devon Tiler and Tiles

Devon Tiler and Tiles Specialists give a brief overview on the variety of tiling options available today.

Natural stones including marble, slate, and granite are some of the most naturally suitable materials for household tiling due to their high resistance to wear and traffic. Additionally, the stone tile floors, and countertops made from these natural stone materials are some of the most attractive options available for your flooring and other surface you wish to transform. The beautiful and endless patterns in granite and marble are formed over millions of years and give any floor a high sense of individuality and innovation. Alongside this, natural stone offers an elegant and luxurious look and feel to any home. The natural stone is quarried from massive deposits and cut into large blocks. These blocks are then cut to a standard thickness, with one side of the granite or marble honed and polished. This is what gives the stone such a beautiful and lasting effect.

Stone tile flooring: location, location, location

When you choose your stone tile flooring you should consider issues such as moisture levels, slip resistance, traffic, and even the hardness of the surface of your stone tile floor. All of these are more easily judged once you’ve decided where the installation will take place.

When choosing your ideal flooring surface, you must first consider how much traffic the space will get. In most cases, the higher the traffic, the harder the surface should be. Also, if your floor is for a kitchen or dining room, it is important to note that fragile items such as glassware or china are more likely to break if dropped, for example, on marble or granite, as opposed to wood flooring. Also, remember to consider moisture, and how much your stone tile floor is likely to sustain. Some types of stone tile flooring are more porous than others and therefore less resistant to moisture and more likely to crack over time.

The issue of slip resistance is important as well, particularly if your household is likely to see high traffic from young children or the elderly. A marble stone tile floor may not be the best choice if you are concerned with someone slipping in an area such as a bathroom, where footwear often consists of bedroom slippers and socks. In an area such as this, stone flooring such as slate tile may be more appropriate. Another alternative could be unglazed ceramic tile.


Devon Tiler Stone Tiles
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Devon Natural Stone Flooring
Examples of Slate Stone Flooring
Devon Stone Floor Tiles
Stone Floors, designer chic that will last a lifetime

Tile care and maintenance
The best and easiest way to clean a ceramic tile surface is to scrub it with an electric floor washer or polisher-scrubber.
[More on cleaning and caring for your tiles]
For a surface that is both practical and long lasting, tiles are hard to beat. The right tiles can breathe new life into a room, but with so many tiles to choose from, in an extensive range of colours, patterns and textures.
[More on tiling]

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With one of the largest selections of ceramic wall and floor tiles on display in the South West you really won't need to visit other showrooms. We have tiles sourced from around the world - all on display in Sidmouth.

A complete tiling service is offered including design, planning, supply and installation. Alternatively if you want to fit the tiles yourself we will be happy to provide a complete range of tiling tools and accessories.
  Devon Bathrooms Tile and Pine

And remember the business has been providing tiling services to the East Devon area for over 20 years, so if you have a question, why not ask

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