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Devon Stump Removers
Devon Stump Removal

Drain blockage from tree stumps..?

Many times if your plumbing is backing up, it can be caused by large tree roots buried in the ground cracking or causing collapsed portions of drainage pipes. Sometimes it may be the only option to remove a tree if the roots have gone deep into the ground. This is where a Devon specialist tree stump remover company come in handy.

Blockages can cause major problems and can require you to remove the whole tree. As well as extracting the tree, you will need to trace the roots to remove them as well. This is necessary to ensure that they do not continue to grow and cause further problems after the pipes have been repaired.

There are many things that need to be checked before digging into the ground such as, checking with your local utility companies to make sure that where you are digging is safe, a trained Devon tree surgeon can help with this.

Quite often a water line or electrical line may be buried under ground and if you disturb or pierce these then this could cause more problems and can be a very expensive fix if you accidentally puncture a water line, or cause death if you pierce an electrical line.


Tree removal is a necessary task for many reasons, so speak to a qualified Devon tree removal company to be sure it is done safely. They will make sure of problems such as path clearing for a falling tree and that they are not digging into electrical wires or water lines. An expert tree and stump removal firm is your best choice for safety before removing a tree on your property. It is better to be safe than sorry.

Our Devon tree surgeons remove trees and stumps all over the East Devon.

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Devon Stump Removers
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