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Business Taxes

One of the two inevitable certainties in life, taxation is a complicated system which many people simply leave up to their employer to sort out. PAYE has removed the need for most people to have to go through the rigmarole of filling out tax returns.

However, if you are the employer, then you have to know about tax. Apart from all other aspects of accounting for a small business, such as payroll and bookkeeping, there are also several different types of tax which businesses need to pay, such as:

  • Income Tax
  • PAYE and National Insurance contributions for Employees
  • VAT
  • Capital Gains Tax
  • Corporation Tax
  • Stamp duty

Obviously, just knowing which taxes apply to you involves some research, so it is always a good idea to use professionals, so why not use our Exeter experts to be sure that you know what is what.


Our specialist Exeter accountants can help with all of your tax paperwork (although in many cases you can now file online) which need to be sorted out. While HMRC do try to make it easy for people to sort out their own tax, there are several benefits from getting an Exeter professional to do it, especially if you are running a business.

Professional Exeter Accountant

Professional accountants, like us at Marlow & Co of Exeter have plenty of experience in filling out tax returns. We can save you a considerable amount of time as well as ensuring that everything is filled out correctly. The last thing you want is to have incorrectly filed tax returns, especially with the additional time and effort to set things right.

The other key benefit you will see in engaging the services of Marlow & Co of Exeter is that we can ensure that you do not pay excess taxes. Simply because it is our job to work with the tax system, we understand it. You and your business can take advantage of tax breaks which have been specifically implemented to encourage good business practices, better environmental consideration or simply to encourage growth in certain industries.


Contact Marlow & Co today:

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We understand the need to be understood and the desire to work with local Exeter people who care.

  • We offer free parking
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  • We are Exeter accountants for small businesses
What are the advantages of a Limited company?

Devon Accountants

The limited company has a separate legal existence. Therefore it will be the company itself which owns property and contracts will be signed on behalf of the company. The directors, management and employees of the company can only act as agents.
The company trades regardless of director or management change. Unlike partnerships, the company is not dissolved on the resignation, bankruptcy or death of a director. The company can only be 'killed off' by either winding up, liquidation, or order of the Registrar of Companies or by the courts.

Another attractive feature is that there is limited liability. This means that the shareholders' liability is limited to the value of the shares held by them should things go wrong. The personal assets of the directors cannot be seized to pay off debts.

Only property owned by the company can be touched (except in the case of fraud when the directors may be found personally liable for losses if they knowingly incurred debts they knew or should have known the company could not or was unlikely to repay).

Registration of a limited company will protect the company name selected. This is because the name has to first be approved first by Companies House which maintain a register of company names to ensure that the name chosen is not already in use.

There are also tax benefits. Directors are required to pay income tax, but the company pays corporation tax on company profits, which is one rate of tax only and averages out at much less than if income tax were paid on the profits. In the case of sole traders and partnerships they would have to pay income tax on profits. For more information contact our Exeter Accountants.

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