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Devon Home Office
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Gazebos, Summerhouses and Pergolas

At some point in most peoples home lives they will find they need more space. Wouldn't it be amazing to suddenly find another room that just appeared from nowhere. Well with a garden room it is possible, often know as a gazebo, a pergola, a summer house, or even a shed. You can have a new room for just about any use. Our Devon specialist installers can give you that new space you've been looking for.

Gazebos and pergolas were originally designed to provide shade and basic shelter from the elements. The popularity of the gazebo is rooted far back in history when they were primarily used as pavilions and were much stronger and more solid structures than they are today.

Some historians believe, the word "gazebo" was first used in 1752 as a grand way to decorate a garden or patio. Gazebos have had several names over the years - pagodas, summerhouses, screen houses pergolas and arbors.

Gazebo history

Gazebos in Europe have been in existence for more than a thousand years. In the beginning they were built as towers or lanterns on the roofs of houses, to give excellent views out over the surrounding land. However in other parts of the world gazebos had a different use and meaning.

In Egypt dating back to 5000 BC they were believed to help create heaven on Earth and gazebo type murals were set on tombs. Gazebos were also used as early temples. In Rome and ancient Greece, gazebos were built as small temples. These were made mostly of marble. As the populations grew, the trend among the rich was to have a summerhouse along the Mediterranean coasts. Gazebos were mostly seen in these coastal getaways.

In Persia Summer was unbearable, so many gazebos were built across pools or streams. The idea was to let the cool water regulate the temperature inside. In china gazebos were seen as a place to rest, meditate, and achieve spiritual harmony. They were built to admire the beauty of the garden. Chinese gazebos or pagodas were large and had metaphorical looks. They were often known as 'teahouses' had held a great deal of significance during Tea Ceremonies.

In early America there was a boom in the popularity of Gazebos in the mid 1800's. As time passed, gazebos were regarded as out of fashion/style, but regained their appeal around the 1930's.

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gazebos devon
"There are so many options for garden rooms from Gazebos to Summerhouses or Ramadas"
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devon pergolas
"Gazebos have been around for 1000's of years as small temples or spirtual buildings"
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Modern gazebos and garden buildings

Modern gazebos, pergolas, and summerhouses are all fairly similar and are often made of wood so they are in keeping with their surrounds. There are a few points to distinguish between and help let you make the best decision for your Devon gazebo.

The Ramada
A ramada is a structure to provide shade and shelter, traditionally roofed with branches or brush, in modern construction it has a fully covered roof. Due to the ramada's sturdy structure it is ideal to include features such as a fireplace, barbecue area or a wet bar. Ramada designs from our Devon expert gazebo fitters also often include brick and stone details in the designs.

The Pergola
Both traditionally and modernly a pergola is an outdoor structure with an open roof. They are often built with supporting columns and great architectural details. Vines and creeping plants are often grown around the columns. Often in modern pergolas wood trellis is placed on top of the columns for plants to grow over.

The Gazebo
Gazebos are usually built in circular or geometric shapes. Nowadays an outdoor structure with at least five sides, often a hexagon, is defined as a gazebo. The roof is most often fully covered. They are sometimes called a summerhouse. A beautiful gazebo from a Devon installer can compliment Victorian architecture, and they look lovely sat among lots of trees, plants and vegetation.

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"Our Devon Timber building specialists can help you create your dream structure"
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Uses for your garden room

There can be so many reasons for wanting a garden room built by our Devon timber outdoor building companies and they can have so many different functions. If your room is going to house a gym or a hot tub, then you will need excellent ventilation. A home cinema you may require sound proofing or excellent acoustics. A granny annex or spare bedroom would necessitate excellent insulation, or an en-suite showroom.

However one of the most common uses of a garden room is as a garden office. With so many reasons to work from home such as young children, own business, studio, or simply just having hours to suit you.

Rather than being trapped in an office or a study in the house, an office in the garden is a very conducive environment for productivity in relaxing surroundings to allow effective and efficient use of time.

The idea of the garden office has been around for a long time. It was once fairly expensive to design and build a garden office. But with new construction methods and manufacturing techniques, our Devon outdoor timber building specialists can construct one for you at a reasonable cost.

It is easy to see how a gazebo or garden room can be a great investment for your home, and can definitely add considerable value to your home. There are plenty of designs and styles to choose from when it comes to building a garden room. It is good to remember that a garden room doesn't always have to be a formal working area. A garden office by our Devon gazebo experts could also serve well as a child's playroom or a chill out room away from the hustle and bustle of family life.

If you're planning to establish a garden studio. Devon summerhouse installers can help you decide and create the best option for your needs. And remember if you design your garden office appropriately then it can be used as a space for anything in the future.

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garden timber buildings devon
"Whether you are looking for a garden office or a childs play room, our Devon timber building companies can help you"
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Devon Home Office

Devon home office and timber specialists Payne give ideas on how to create the perfect outdoor office space.

Have you got more children than bedrooms? or do you desperately need a home office? One solution is to put a room in your garden,. this saves you the stress, hassle and expense of moving house and will also increase the value of your property.
A garden room is as easy and as cost effective as an attic conversion. Unlike an attic conversion, it's clean to construct and the independence you and your family gain from having a room on its own is priceless.

Payne Timber are a supplier of a wide range of cabins which can be used for a variety of different things; from home offices to summer houses or even affordable housing, we guarantee that will have something to suit. Typical uses include; summerhouses, cabins, chalets, garages, home offices, workshops, receptions, information centres, gymnasiums, sauna rooms …… the options are endless.

Having a Home Office can revolutionise the way that you as a professional can work from home and has many advantages as it solves the problem of having to sacrifice home space for a study.
It also means that when you are working you can avoid family interruptions and maintains a professional space outside the home, enabling you to just close the door at the end of your working day.

Furthermore if you manage your own business or you are planning to start up on your own. This is a perfect way of getting your own office space within in walking distance from your home.

What will you save from having a home office?

Time spent commuting: You will waste no more time commuting to work as work is right on your door stop!
Travel expenses: There is no need to run your car sitting in traffic for 3 hours a day and also there will be no more parking costs either. Also just think, you will be doing your bit for the environment by spending less tim on the road.
Office Rent No more large overheads for office rent etc.


There's nothing worse than a cold office and sitting at your desk. The best option to keep your office at a comfortable temperature that allows you to remain productive for as long as you want is an LPG portable heater. These are inexpensive to both buy and to fuel with the added convenience of direct to your door deliveries.
Portable LPG heaters fit neatly into any standard office and become almost part of your office furniture. Even better, because they are portable you have a ready made source of warmth for any other room in your house if needed.

With a wide range of portable heaters to choose from ranging from cost effective, with elegant and stylish models now on offer you will be able to find the right portable heater for your home office.

Devon Home Offices
Devon Home Offices
Home office devon
Home Offices Devon
Timber Building Solutions can build a custom made garden room in any size, which can provide you with both a secure and comfortable home office that is separate from your house.

To find out more about our products that are available from us please visit our website:

Office at Home Devon


Devon Home Office Specialists give a brief overview on creating the perfect Home Office.

The important thing to remember about creating a home office is to make it suit your family's needs. For example, if your children need to use a computer, you will need to set up space that can be shared -- not a corner in your bedroom. Likewise, equipment and supplies should be selected for versatility.

If you do not have much room use a wall or part of a wall to set up an office. If you're extremely short on space, mount shelves on the top portion of a wall to store files and use a table that can be folded down.

  • Use a screen to set off a corner of a room and create office space. Although this is not perfect, it may be the best space you can find.
  • Find a niche -- under the stairs, on a landing, or in an odd-size room or hallway. Alternatively, why not have a timber Home Office space set up in the garden so you have more space and can escape there when you wish.
  • Convert a large cupboard into an office with a folding door. If there is no power inside the closet, have it wired to provide good lighting and an electrical outlet. This works particularly well in a spare room.
  • If you have a spare bedroom you could also replace an existing double bed with a sofa bed to allow space for your office.

Home Office Equipment & Supplies

Home Office Equipment is crucial for a home office to work properly. Along with good lighting, make sure your home office a place that you like.

  • If you intend to accessorise a room, draw up a floor plan before purchasing equipment. Make a plan and draw in any windows and doors. Then plot various design arrangements for things like your desk and computer.
  • Plan your work space so you have room to keep items such as the phone within reach while still retaining space to make notes.
  • Make sure you allow room for file cabinets to open. They are deeper than a standard desk.
  Devon Home Office

Office at Home Devon
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