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Who has keys to your home?

When you move into a new home, having the locks changed is something easily overlooked. With everything all going on at once, it isn't hard to miss something so seemingly trivial. But take a second to consider just how many copies of the keys to your new home might have been made and what sort of people may have them. While the previous occupants may be trustworthy enough even they may not be entirely aware of who has copies of the keys. It is quite possible that didn't even change the locks when they moved in. This means that the occupants before them and everyone they may have given keys to could still just walk into your home.

If this seems paranoid, just think about anyone you have given a set of keys to your home. Even on a loan during exceptional circumstances. You can make a copy of a set of keys in a matter of minutes.

Did you knwo that the odds of being burgled is doubled during the first year that you live in a new home compared to the national average. For that safety of you and your family, not to mention your peace of mind, the Association of Chief Police Officers recommends that the locks be changed when you move as soon as possible, preferably before you have finished unpacking your belongings. Just imagine, if you are burgled, this is the very worst time it could happen. When your possessions are all boxed and ready to be moved you don't want them to be easily available to a burglar.

A key piece of information to be aware of on this issue is that failing to change the locks when you move into your new home means that if someone does use a key to break in, your home insurance company can legitimately decline any claim you make. It is common practice for insurance policies to categorically state that a homeowner is responsible for taking what steps are reasonable in ensuring the security of the insured property.

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