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Taunton Car Hire / Van Rental Taunton
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Taunton Car Hire Van
Van Rental - Car Hire
Taunton, Somerset
Tel: 0870 1910625
Taunton Car Hire

Taunton car hire and van rental specialists, National combine both value for money vehicle rental with a local service, backed by a countrywide network.

There are probably as many different reasons for hiring a vehicle as there are vehicle hire companies and each is different. Whether you seek short term hire of car for a short break or a van to move house or if you are looking at longer term leasing you need to think about your needs first of all.

When renting a vehicle you need to look at what you want, how much you're willing to spend and whether you have any specific requirements. There are minimum age limits for drivers (21 for most vehicles and some younger drivers will not be allowed to rent some specialty and larger vehicles). You will be required to provide at least your driving licence (both photo ID and paper section) and you will need at least one other form of proof of identity (credit card / passport / bank statement / etc.).

Your rental vehicle will be provided with a full tank of fuel, you will be expected to return the vehicle with a full tank or pay for any fuel you use. You should check for any restrictions on usage, clarify the time of return and ask about what the procedures are in case of damage, theft or accident. No matter how careful you are with the vehicle, it's best to know what to do just in case something happens.

  1. Always read the terms and conditions of any car hire provider you use carefully.
  2. You may not be given the exact car you ordered - most car hire companies make it clear it will be a particular car or 'similar' and reserve the right to upgrade you to a more expensive model if they cannot supply the one you ordered.
  3. Before taking the car away, check the petrol situation. Have you paid for a full tank? How much is actually in the tank? How must you return the car? If you need to return with a full tank check where the nearest petrol station is to the car hire return depot.
  4. Clarify the excess situation. Even if you pay to reduce the excess to zero you may still be liable for damage to certain parts of the car i.e. tyres/windscreen
  5. Check the insurance covers you for all aspects of your trip, especially if you plan to take your car off road, on unsurfaced or gravel pathways, as you may not be covered.
  6. Make sure the paperwork states clearly what you have paid for i.e. insurance, taxes and charges for additional drivers and car seats etc.
  7. Ensure you reserve the correct type of car for your needs i.e. is there enough space for you luggage, pram, have you pre-ordered infant seats and given the correct age details?
  8. When you collect the car, make thorough checks for any damage to ensure you are not blamed for any you have not done on your return. You may be asked to sign a pre-rental inspection document to say that you have done this.
  9. Ensure you keep the car hire company's contact details with you in case of emergencies. Check if there is any breakdown cover or what to do / who to contact in the event.
  10. Check where you need to return the car to. If it is off the airport site, make a note. Make sure you have enough time to drop the car off and get it checked over.
  11. Most car rental agreements are made on a '24 hour' hire basis. Therefore returning your car late may incur an extra day's rental to be added to your bill.
  12. Check your credit card statements after your hire to ensure that no unauthorised extras have been charged to your card. If they have, request a full explanation of the charges immediately via the broker, or car rental company, keeping a record of any correspondence.
Contact us at National, Taunton, Somerset for more information on the range vehicle available for rental throughout the Taunton area.
Van Hire Taunton
Taunton Car Rental
Taunton Car Hire
Van Rental Taunton
Taunton Vehicle Rental
Taunton Van Rental
Taunton Vehicle Save
12/13 Trinity Business Centre
South Street,

Tel: 0870 191 0625
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