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Sidmouth Plumbers give a brief overview on the problems that can arise from lead pipework in old properties.

Older properties may still have lead pipe work and some lead could be transferred from the pipe into the water you drink.
You may decide to replace your lead supply and lead plumbing. If you do the water board will replace there part of the service pipe free of charge.

You will be charged by your plumber for the rest of the work involved, From the boundary of the property to your point of entry into your property..
If you have a lead supply pipe you share with your neighbours and you agree with them to replace it, we suggest separate pipes be laid where possible.
Although lead is no longer considered to be a major health problem in Scotland, with only very rare cases of lead poisoning being reported, it is still important to ensure that lead levels in drinking water are minimised to prevent possible effects on the intellectual performance of children.
Young children may be at special risk because of their high consumption of water.

The U.K. Water Supply (Water Quality) Regulations specify a maximum permissible level of lead in the water supply of 50 micrograms per litre or parts per billion.
A supply with a level below that figure is regarded as satisfactory by current standards.
However, the World Health Organisation has reviewed desirable standards of a number of substances, including lead, in the light of new medical and scientific evidence, and has recommended (in November 1993) a reduction from its present guideline value for lead of 50 micrograms per litre to 10 micrograms per litre.
This lower value could in practice only be achieved by replacement of lead pipe work. Any revision of the U.K. Water Quality Regulations is a matter for the Government.

For more infromation on this subject, contact one of our Plumbers for the Sidmouth area and they will be happy to help.

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