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Somerset Bedroom Design
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Bespoke Bedroom Design Designer Somerset
Custom Fitted Bedrooms
Bovey Tracey - Devon
Tel: 01626 832934

Bespoke Bedroom Design Designer Somerset
Custom Fitted Bedrooms. An easy way to give a new look to your home. Working with talented local craftsmen you could have the home of your dreams


Bespoke is a British word for "custom," and bespoke cabinets refer to handmade cabinets made to a personal unique design. All types of bespoke furniture are available from custom crafter's and Somerset is a wonderful place to find traditional craftsmen, prepared to take the time to produce a quality fitted bedroom.

Bespoke wardrobes and drawers add a rich, custom look to any bedroom. They also offer the type and style of space which appeals to you as an individual, taking ideas from the world around.

Bespoke furniture can be made to suit any taste, from austere to ornate, simple to decorative. Bespoke furniture is designed to either match or change the personality of the house according to the desires of the owner.

Bespoke furniture can be made to replicate the intricate workmanship and style of a bygone era, or in the case of ultra-modern design, an era yet to come. High quality of bespoke furniture is such that a piece might very well be passed along in later generations as a family heirloom, but with more modern design and materials it would be more likely to increase the value and salability of the home.

Aside from beauty, bespoke furniture can be very practical in that it is made to utilize the space in your home to its best possible advantage. The shape of any bespoke furniture, its edges and design, will take into account the shape and angles in the room.

In an age of industrialization, machined parts, and assembly line production, bespoke furniture calls us back to the days when fine craftsmen worked with their hands to lovingly produce cabinetry and furniture unlike any other, intricate, beautiful, and of the highest quality. If this type of furniture appeals to you, bespoke cabinets may be just what you're looking for. But beware once you get the fever. Your living room, kitchen and study may be next!

Bedroom Design Somerset
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