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Tips on tiling and some stunning styles  
There might be more involved with choosing, to perfect tiles and the best ways
to install them. We can help you find the tiles to create your dream bathroom.
For a surface that is both practical and long lasting, tiles are hard to beat. The right tiles can breathe new life into a room, but with so many tiles to choose from, in an inexhaustible range of colours, patterns and textures, it is difficult to know what choice to make decorating your floors.
Tile Styles

The majority of tile mass-produced tiles are square or rectangular, but sizes do vary. More unusually shaped tiles like hexagonal, octagonal, triangular and diamonds, which can be combined to cmreate distinctive, interlocking patterns are also available. Tiles can be plain or decorated with either a flat print or embossed pattern. Generally it is cheaper to buy tiles in bulk than in small or single purchases.
Hand-made tiles

Although they can look stunning, hand-made and hand-painted tiles are often considerably more expensive than their mass-produced counterparts. They are also more difficult to cut, grout and edge. Many also unglazed edges, so you may have to use special border tiles with them. If you fall in love with hand-made tiles but can't afford too many, think about using them sparingly in a small area of the room or dotted amongst plainer, cheaper tiles. But before you buy them make sure that both types of tiles are the same thickness and will fit together on the wall or floor where they are to be fitted.

Ceramic tiles

A very popular choice of tile is the ceramic tile, which has decorated floors since the days of ancient Greece, Persia and Rome. Today, ceramic tiles boast brighter colours and elaborate patterns and styles there are so many beautiful tiles to choose from, different sizes and finishes available at very reasonable costs.
Mosaic tiles

For the more adventurous the art of mosaics may be a more suitable option. Mosaic decoration has been practiced for millennia and many examples of Roman mosaics have survived to this day all over Europe, including in the UK. These ancient mosaics have survived the ravages of time with little loss to their colour or damage to their tiles.

Even today the art of mosaics, in on form or another, is still extremely popular. The designs or pictures created by embedding small pieces of glass, stone, terra cotta etc. into a bed of cement or other form of fixative is often used floor or walls, but is also effective on ceilings and curved surfaces. Available in a range of bold colours, mosaic tiles are small versions of standard ceramic or glass tiles.

To save time in laying mosaics, the tiles are usually joined by a paper or mesh backing into a large panel. They can be easier to use than standard tiles as you can simple cut strips or individual tiles from the panel to fill gaps or create patterns.

From casinos to high end custom installations, interest in mosaic art is soaring with many home owners choosing this flooring option as the most suitable for their home. The demand has brought a dramatic revival in the craft of creating and installing this most durable of decorative arts adding originality and value to many homes.

Tiled Floors

If you intend to tile a floor it is worthwhile to consult an expert. Tiled floors must be laid with care to ensure that the tiles are secure and level so that they do not crack. You must also be sure that the floor beneath the tiles is suitably prepared for having the tiling laid upon it.
  Top tips for buying tiles  
  • Always look at a small number of tiles in the room before you buy them in bulk.  
  • Decide whether they suit the fittings you have.  
  • Take time to plan the layout of your tiles carefully  
  • Check tiles for chips and colour differences when you get them home.  
  • Experiment with layouts on paper first, if you make a mistake it is much less expensive.  
  • Purchase about 10% extra tiles to allow for breakages and mistakes.  
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