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Somerset Thatchers
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Somerset Thatcher
Somerset Thatcher, Taunton
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Somerset Thatcher
Thatcher Somerset
Thatcher, Wellington, Somerset
Tel: 01823 667744
Somerset Thatcher
Master Thatcher,
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Thatchers Somerset Thatching
Somerset Thatchers

Somerset Master Thatchers Association

The Somerset Master Thatchers Association covers the whole of the county from Exmoor to the Dorset and Devon borders and beyond.

The Association offers a reliable, dependable service along with sound advice for thatched property owners and architects/interested professionals.

We are the organisation representative of thatching in Somerset which is recognised by reputable bodies.


Thatcher Somerset
Thatcher Somerset

Thatched roofs have brought charm to buildings across the British countryside for millennia, and there are still 60,000 thatched properties across the UK. Of those three quarters are listed buildings, meaning that the thatch must be maintained in a traditional manner. This is where master thatchers like Simon Willey come in. Apart from bringing the thatch to your home in the back of his truck and using modern scaffolding for safety, the job he does and the materials he use are the same as those used by master thatchers for centuries.

Aside from traditional buildings, the number of thatched homes is growing every year. Thatch is an environmentally friendly and sustainable roofing material meaning that new home are being built with it. It is watertight and remains so for decades, it is a wonderful insulator keeping the heat in during the winter and out during the summer. Straw and water reed thatch has been used for centuries for roofing and its tough, durable nature means that it will last for up to half a century of everything the British climate can throw at it.

The skill of replacing a thatched roof so that the new roof is one which Simon learned over two decades ago and he is now a member of the Somerset master thatchers association. Part of his work is consulting with home owners and professionals, such as architects and planners, regarding thatch both for new and traditional properties.

If you have a thatched property, then it is important going to an expert when it needs to be replaced, that way you know it won't need to be replaced again for a long, long time. Simon works across Somerset and Devon.

For more information:
Simon Willey Master Thatcher

Or call on
Tel: 01823 667744
Mob: 07974 306 612


Somerset Thatchers

Master Thatcher Somerset


Thatchers Somerset Thatching

Somerset Based Thatchers.

Getting the right Thatcher can prove difficult. Begin at best by recommendation and by viewing the work which has been done in the past. Try to look at work which covers a period of time, ideally up to 20 years with straw and further with reed. Look to see if the thatch is even with no bumps or sunken sections. Look to see the line of the straw runs down the roof. If it is all reasonably strait with a good density you can be fairly sure it will keep going. The angle of the roof needs ideally to be 60° but 45° is just sufficient.

On the ridge look at the 'braunches' which hold the 'liggers' in place, when new they are deeply sunk into the straw. (The liggers are the strips of hazel which make the decorative pattern by the top ridge of the roof. The braunches are the twisted hazel 'U' shaped stakes which hold the liggers in place.) If you can see the braunches exposed it will give an idea of the wear and if you know when the ridge was replaced it will help you to gauge the speed of wear.

For more information on any aspect of Thatching contact one of our highly experienced Thatchers today.

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Thatcher Somerset
Somerset Thatching

Thatchers Somerset
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