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Garage Doors Somerset
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Garage Doors - Somerset
Somerset Garage Doors, Automated Gates
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Garage Doors Somerset

When it comes to choosing the correct garage door there are various different types, so it is important to know what door is right for you.

If you find you want to install a garage door for your property then it is vital you find a professional for the installation as a poor installation can lead to various issues in the future, also they can help with extra features such as automation.

Garage Doors Somerset
Garage Doors Somerset
Somerset Garage Doors
Garage Door Somerset
  Up & Over Garage Doors

One of the most popular types of garage door that is available is the up and over garage door. Up and over garage doors offer an incredible ease of use to you, with two varieties to choose from so to help finely tune it to your needs.

The first variety is the canopy up and over garage door mechanism, which opens giving you full width of your garage, while leaving the bottom part of the door overhanging the opening, hence the name 'canopy garage door'. The other type is the retractable up and over garage door.

A-Door Solutions can help find you the perfect Up and Over Garage Door Somerset for your garage, so you can have peace of mind that you are getting the right choice for you.

  Sectional Garage Doors

Sectional garage doors are an incredible door for anyone looking for a door which offers an incredible convenience at the same time as providing that bit extra security.

The sectional garage door works by the door being made up of various horizontal panels, which then move up inside the roof of your garage by using tracks that run from the side of the garage into the roof. One of the greatest advantages is the fact it does not swing out, meaning you do not need to leave space for opening, which is perfect for people with short driveways.

At A-Door Solutions they can help you get the right garage door for you, so if you want a sectional garage door, Somerset contact A-Door Solutions today.

Round the Corner Doors

Round the corner garage doors are perfect for those needing a garage door that is a peculiar shape, such as for a curved wall.

The round the corner garage door works by multiple vertical panels moving a long a track in the bottom of the garage while using rollers in the top.

As well as being perfect for those with curved walls the round the corner design is perfect for anyone who wants a garage door that doesn't swing outwards, or those who want that bit extra security.

If you want a round the corner garage door Somerset then A-Door Solutions are there to help, if you want to know more contact them today to find out what they can offer you.

  Roller Garage Doors

Roller garage doors work in a similar fashion to the sectional garage door, except instead of the horizontal panels rolling into the roof, it rolls up the door using tracks onto a roll in the roof. This gives much more height within the garage itself as the garage door is stored only above the door while open.

Roller garage doors offer an additional security to the general up and over garage door model, as there isn't a lock a criminal could pick or break.

With a wide range of garage doors A-Door can help you find a roller garage door Somerset, which they will install with an experienced team of garage specialists.

  Automatic Garage Doors

Automatic garage doors make life all that much easier.

With the ability to open the door with a remote it means it is perfect for people with mobility issues, as they can open the garage door at the press of a button. As well as this if you are in your vehicle in bad weather you do not need to get out to open the door, meaning you can stay within your car and stay warm and dry. Also by using an automated garage door there is no lock for thieves to break to gain entry to your home.

If you want to automate your current garage door, or maybe you want a brand new automatic garage door, Somerset, A-Door Solutions' team of experienced staff are here to help.

Garage Doors Somerset
Garage Door Somerset
Gagrage Doors Somerset
Somerset Garage Doors
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