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Floor Restoration Somerset
Floor Restoration Somerset
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Floor Restoration Somerset
Floor Restoration Somerset
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Somerset Stone Flooring
Installing stone flooring in your home can be the perfect solution for many situations. If properly sealed at installation stone flooring can last a lifetime.

Stone Flooring Somerset

Stone tile flooring at your entrance or stone patio flooring are ways you can finish an area so it will withstand foot traffic and weather as it is very durable.

Natural Stone flooring come in a variety of materials including limestone, marble, slate, granite and flagstone, sandstone, and travertine.

You should select the product to use based on your budget as well as on your preferences in durability, colour, texture and shape. Also, it is important to consider the weight of the stone as some structures can not support a very heavy flooring, at least not without increasing floor support.


Installing stone flooring should be done by a professional. If you plan to do it yourself, make sure to follow instructions very carefully. If you don't, you are likely to have a floor that cracks, chips or is uneven and causes someone to fall.

You should take into consideration how to clean stone flooring as well. It is not as easy as you might like. Each type of stone requires its own methods; you may find it somewhat tiresome to take care of stone, beautiful as it is.

Lastly, you should realise that stone flooring can be used in virtually every aspect of the home from the kitchen, bathroom and entry to stone patio flooring.

Natural Stone Flooring



Stone Flooring
We've all had experience of accidentally ruining a floor treatment. Whether it's tracking water on hardwood or inadvertently searing a laminate. The sad fact is that many of the best laid floor inevitably fall to mishaps. However this is not the case with stone flooring.

Natural Stone Floors Devon Stone Flooring Stone Flooring Flooring Stone Floors

Stone flooring is one the true classics of interior design, dating back millennia. Modern stone flooring is hewn from mines all of the world and the results are typically dazzling. Whatever composition you design, whichever ore and finish you are looking for, chances are the best suppliers have it at an affordable price. Today's favourable trade environment makes this the golden age of building supplies.

The solid stone takes millions of years to create, forged by the planets geological activities. Using such materials the smart homeowner can benefit from this incredible strength. Quite apart from the strength of the stone itself, a stone floor is easy to keep clean, and unlike hardwood it is non-porous and does not dent.


  The massive variety of stone available can be used to develop any style for your home, from sleek contemporary to elegant classical. Stone gives a different feeling to a room, unlike wood or carpet that comes from the inherent qualities of stone, not to mention the different texture underfoot.  
For a more decorative effect stone can be laid in mosaics, a practice used since ancient Babylonian times to define the character of a room. Stone floor can be used throughout the home and even extended outside, being completely weather-proof.
Installing a stone floor should not be taken lightly and expert fitters should be consulted to ensure the stone and floorboards are properly dressed, levelled, set and seamed. Unlike tiling a bathroom or kitchen wall the floor has to be carefully constructed to prevent breakages of unleveled slabs.
A stone floor specialist will also be able to advise you an the best floor for your home, not only in looks but the stones physical characteristics.

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