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Bespoke Kitchen Design & Installation
Across the Somerset area there is a number of companies that can provide
trusted services to ensure that you are able to create your dream kitchen.
  Get started with your absolute dream kitchen with the help of
an expert kitchen designer.
Considering a new kitchen? Perhaps you have a completely new build? An expert kitchen design can really be beneficial and provide advice. We can help you find the perfect design and installation company for your needs.
Bespoke Kitchens Somerset
  Find a company providing the services that you need
  Looking to install an all-new bespoke kitchen? We know the perfect companies that can help you out.
Bespoke Kitchens Somerset
  Looking for more information about kitchen services
  Find out more about the design and installation of bespoke kitchens.

Companies in Somerset
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Want to know more?

Somerset Bespoke Kitchen Designers offer great advice on the advantages of having a bespoke kitchen installed into your home.

Bespoke kitchens are regarded as the ultimate luxury in kitchen design.  However, while it can be true that you can pay more for this ultimate kitchen luxury, there are also plenty of reasonably priced options that fall into the ‘bespoke’ category.

The advantages of Bespoke Kitchens?

Bespoke Kitchens give a perfect fit for awkward-shaped kitchens

  • They provides a real ‘one off’ kitchen design
  • With Bespoke Kitchens there are no limits on what can be achieved

The term ‘bespoke’ means ‘specially designed to the client’s requirements and measurements’. If you have an unusually-shaped kitchen with curved walls or beams, awkward corners or unconventional window positions, for example, you may choose bespoke out of necessity rather than desire.

If you want a kitchen that is a true one-off and different from any other this is the only option.  The biggest benefit of ‘bespoke’ is that you get units and furniture designed specifically for you – to fit your kitchen and suited to your needs.

Taking the plunge with Bespoke Kitchen Design

Find a company specialising in your chosen style

  • Pick a design and materials that won’t quickly go out of fashion
  • Establish a timescale for production and fitting

Like most kitchens, bespoke kitchens come in a variety of styles that range from traditional, solid-wood designs to hi-tech, contemporary sophistication – so there's something for everyone.

Many bespoke designers in Somerset specialise in a particular style so it pays to do your research and find those companies that produce the style – and work in the materials – you prefer.

When choosing your design and materials it’s wise not to be too swayed by fashion. What in for kitchens this year could look totally out of place within 12 months or so. Remember that once you have the basic kitchen fittings you can easily make changes by changing colour schemes and furnishings to suit your tastes.

Materials for Bespoke Kitchens

  • Traditional and modern provide similar durability
  • Glass gives spacious feel to small rooms
  • Choose a finish to complement your lifestyle

Your choice of material should depend not only on your personal taste but also on your lifestyle. For example, easy-clean surfaces are the best option for busy people and families with young children. Materials like glass are higher-maintenance and best left for those with time to care for them.

Wood such as maple, birch and walnut is always a safe choice but if you want something more sophisticated, try brushed stainless steel or aluminium.  These materials have become modern classics in kitchen design and will continue.

Developments in glass technology have resulted in its increased use in kitchen design and have even been used for work surfaces. This is a material that gives a light, airy feel to a room and is especially suitable for creating an illusion of space in small kitchens.

Modern bespoke kitchens are the technical equal of their predecessors in the kitchen world. The wealth of materials available has not affected the quality – the veneers and composites used are rigorously tested to very high standards and are used by many good designers.

And, of course, many companies in Somerset still use traditional methods such as mortice and tenon and dovetail joints, and they mainly work with solid wood.


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