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Loft Conversion Somerset
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Somerset Loft Conversions
Whether you are undertaking a loft conversion, or simply trying to gain access to your loft, things can often become confusing. Somerset Loft Conversion Specialists talk about how you can make use of your loft space and how it can affect the price of your property.......

It would be a mistake to assume that a loft conversion automatically adds value to a house. It may make it easier to sell but evidence shows that you will not necessarily recoup all the building costs. The exceptions being if you live in a very small house when it is advantageous to expand, or you live in an area where there are not enough houses to supply the demand.

However, Somerset Loft Conversion Specialists, Attic Designs, say a fourth bedroom is the single most valuable feature a family house can have and usually converting an attic is simpler than building an extension.

The most important point to bear in mind is that a loft conversion should not look or feel like an add-on because if it does it will add little to the value of the house. The staircase is the key to making a conversion look as though it is part of the original house. Wherever possible the stairway should be a natural continuation of the original staircase so that the transition from ‘old’ to ‘new’ is seamless and within the conversion itself the style should follow that in the rest of the house i.e. skirting boards, architraves, picture rails, ceiling heights etc.

Top tips for lofts

  • Do contact your local authority building control and your local planning department to get a full understanding of the rules and regulations
  • Do get in the professionals – you will need an architect and structural engineer, plumbing and heating advice and at least three quotes from reputable builders
  • Do consider a warranty, like the FMB’s MasterBond, to protect your investment
  • Do make sure your builder and designer explain any changes necessary to your existing house to upgrade its fire precautions
  • Do be flexible – you may need to compromise on the position of roof windows and dormers, for example.
  • Don’t ignore a party wall – you may need an agreement with your neighbours if you are affecting it in anyway
  • Don’t rush your decisions, plan carefully this is an important investment
  • Don’t expect this to be over within a week or two – however good your builder is - this is a major job and it will inevitably be disruptive for a while.
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Somerset Loft Conversion

Loft Conversion Somerset
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