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Somerset Storage Wellington
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Somerset Storage
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Secure container storage for your home or business

Moving house can be the most stressful but can be one of the most exciting events in your life. Make sure you have packed your belongings first as this could slow down the moving process, on the day. Our storage companies in Somerset have a selection of packing materials especially for those very fragile items you may not have packed. Somerset storage solutions are here to suit your needs & requirements.

Friendly & professional advice!

Available storage solutions for you:
Storage Wellington Storage units to house your possessions for a few weeks, months or years.
Somerset Storage Safe, secure solution is perfect for all your storage requirements with our modern purpose built storage facilities.
Storage Units Somerset Our storage companies will pack and seal your possessions in to special containers
Taunton Storage Units No damage to your goods made
Taunton Storage Securely monitored 24/7 and all items are fully insured
Storage Taunton Somerset Our storage companies will always have a storage solution for you

Student storage solutions for you!

If you are an international student and coming to the UK for university then don't panic.

Contact one of our storage company who are here to help you!

Our storage companies totally understand that you only have accommodation for the duration of your course consequently needing to move your belongings back and forth from your home to University.

Our storage companies can confidently offer their services to the most challenging and hectic schedules of today's students.

Storage companies know how frustrating moving to a new area let alone starting at University. So they take all this into consideration you do not need to worry about where you are going to store your stuff.


No more loading/unloading the car, taxi, train or plane – we take care of it all.

Parent approved.

Simple, secure, affordable, effective, logical and so much easier than doing it yourself when compared to other options such as self storage.

Hassle free system designed to be convenient for both parents and students.

Household storage solutions Business storage solutions
Wellington Somerset Storage Convenient storage whilst building, renovating or converting your home.
Wellington Somerset Removals Safeguarding items when you are on holiday/ travelling or renting out a property.
Storage Units Wellington Clearing your garage out.
Storage Somerset Computer monitored access control for each customer.
Taunton Somerset Storage Downsizing premises and if you don't want to dispose of your office equipment.
Wellington Storage Safer for storing tools that are not needed and not to leave in your van.
Wellington Somerset Storage Long access hours
Wellington Storage Units Drive direct to your unit on level tarmac not gravel.

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Wellingotn Self Storage
Storage Somerset

Somerset Self Storage specialists examine the many reasons why people need self storage.

There are many reasons why people require self storage. They range from creating more space for living to temporarily having no home at all. The reasons also vary from country to country. Let's examine some of the main reasons why people need and use self storage in Somerset.

Selling a home:

Self storage can be of great use when selling your home. It is not a well kept secret that the less cluttered your home is the more spacious it appears. This appearance of extra living space in your home can translate into more interested buyers and a significantly higher sale price. This is why one of the first recommendations you will receive from your real estate agent prior to putting your home on the market is to "de clutter" your home.

This often involves packing away unnecessary ornamentals, old lounges and furniture that are really not needed in the home. Some home owners even go the extreme of storing everything they own and renting newer more modern furniture and plants just for the sale period. Some self storage facilities in Somerset offer a free no obligation quote at your home to accurately assess the storage space you will need and can even provide a removal solution.

People who hoard:

The desire to "hold on to things" goes back many centuries and in extreme cases can be referred to as hoarding. Hoarding is about the fear of throwing something away that you might need someday or that if thrown away will cause a problem. More recently our grand parents and great grand parents who experienced the great depression of the 1930's have passed down the need to protect and acquire possessions that they themselves once lost. There are many examples in the self storage industry of people renting a storage space in the local Somerset area so they can continue to collect items that they can no longer store in their home.

Hoarding can cause problems in the family home due to a reduction in the actual living space. Self storage companies throughout Somerset offer customers an opportunity to clear some space at home and still fulfill their need for retaining and gathering items. Because self storage can be rented on a month by month basis it is easy for customers to increase or decrease the amount of storage space they need. It is not uncommon for individuals to have 2 or more storage units which they often visit to look through their "stuff". Extended hours access at most storage facilities gives customers the flexibility to visit their storage units when it is convenient for them.

Building a new home:

Most people who have built a new home have done it, yes move in with in laws for a period of time while the new home is being built. However, it is quite rare that our accommodating family will have the space needed to store all our prized possessions. People using secure self storage to store all of their belongings while they build a new home is very common.

Most customers who use self storage facilities during this period like the flexibility of month to month renting due to the uncertainty of when their new home will be completed. Customers also like the fact that they can increase their storage space at any time allowing them extra room to purchase and store new furniture for their home. Some self storage facilities in Somerset will even receive deliveries of new furniture directly into your storage space on your behalf.

Due to the nature of building a home, storage for this purpose is often at least 3 to 6 months or more. Some storage facilities offer prepayment discount solutions for 3, 6, 9 and 12 months payments in advance. Alternatively you can arrange to have your payment automatically deducted each month from your credit card.


It is unfortunate but marriage breakdowns and high divorce rates are becoming more prevalent in today's society. It is often the case where one person is forced to leave the family home and needs to store the items that were solely theirs. This can often include a car and the contents of the garage. Most storage facilities in Somerset deal with these situations regularly with discretion and privacy. Should you need to store a car you should check with the storage facility to see if this type of space is available. Most times cars are stored in a lock up garage space but alternatively there may be opportunities to store it in a secured outside space.

Most customers in this situation have a tough emotional time and the need for storage can be sudden. A good self storage company in the Bridgwater, Taunton or Wellington area will have trained team members who will have an empathetic and caring approach and provide a complete storage solution including quote, move and store at very short notice.


People often choose to travel for either work or pleasure for up to twelve months or more. With their house often unoccupied during this period they feel more secure placing their treasured possessions into a secure self storage facility. If the move overseas is work related often the company pays the bills and will require quotes. A good self storage company will be able to visit your home, provide a free quote and submit it professionally to the company responsible for making the payments.

Because 12 months is a long time you need to ensure that you save money where possible while also storing at a safe and secure location. The best way to secure the right size and price is to have an experienced self storage consultant come to your home to provide a free no obligation quote. This ensures that you will only get the space you need and will not be paying for additional unused space. Your storage consultant will be able to advise you on the best way to store your belongings for the long term and how to box and wrap them for maximum protection. Ask your storage consultant to bring along some samples of boxes, tapes and wrapping materials to show you.

Death in the family:

It is a sad fact of life that at some stage we will all experience the death of a loved one. Many storage consultants have had the melancholy task of assisting family members store the belongings of a deceased relative when no other options were available.

Often time is needed to sort through their affairs and belongings and so a month or two of storage can relieve additional pressures during this difficult time. Storage consultants can help make this difficult task as hassle free as possible by organising everything including removal and packing with just one call.

Moving back into the family home:

So the kids leave the nest and you have all this spare room to do with what ever you want. And you do by creating a study and an entertainment area, not to mention your own in house storage area. Then 12 months later you get the phone call "Mum it has not worked out and I need to come home". You can rustle up a bed but where is your son or daughter going to put all of their recently acquired possessions?

Self storage is the perfect solution. Because siblings often move in and out of home a few times before settling down, self storage allows them the flexibility to store their belongings just for the period required and when needed they can get it all out and move again.

Some storage facilities in Somerset have a free move in trailer and driver service which is very popular among young people who can't afford removalists and have not got too much furniture to move.

Lifestyle and hobbies:

Some people decide to use storage to improve their way of life. Where living space is at a premium, having a storage unit is just like having a garden shed. It is merely an extension of their home. Self Storage in particularly popular in densely populated cities where apartments and living space in general are smaller and more expensive.

Self storage can also provide those with elaborate hobbies the space to indulge in their favourite past times away from the mischievous hands of children or unsympathetic partners. This may include building trains and tracks, collecting and reading comics or simply storing your valuable coin or stamp collections.

Many storage companies in Bridgwater, Taunton and Wellington have extended access hours to visit your storage space which is perfect if you have a busy lifestyle. Additionally, most storage facilities have excellent security and a variety of different sized units to choose from at reasonable rates so in all self storage can provide that extra space you have always wanted.

Overall, above are some of the main reasons why people need to use self storage. The benefits of taking advantage of self storage are more than just peace of mind but often a sense of relief that your affairs are sorted and you are free to get on with living without your possessions tying you down.

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Article courtesy of Wellington Self Storage, Somerset
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Somerset Storage

Storage Somerset


Somerset Storage Companies give a brief overview on the benefits of putting your possessions into storage in the local Somerset area.

Storage might be a good solution for property that you want to keep, but are unwilling or unable to take with you. Items such as large pieces of furniture that will not fit into your new home, large tools and work benches, air conditioners and other appliances, clothes which are inappropriate for your new climate are likely candidates for storage.

There is also the option of self-storage which works best for items that you are likely to retrieve, but don't have available space at home. A mini-storage unit is convenient and accessible, and you provide your own lock and key for added security. Individual units, in a variety of sizes and shapes, are available to fit your needs. You rent a unit on a monthly basis under an "occupancy agreement."

Some companies may also bill you for electricity. You may move your items into the unit yourself, or if you have a couple of heavier items, you can request a pickup. Many facilities will provide free pickup if you agree to keep your items in the unit for a certain length of time. In these cases, when the driver arrives with the truck, it will be your responsibility to load your items. So remember the driver will accept no liability for your items.

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