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Somerset Conservatories
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Somerset Conservatories
Weston Super Mare, Somerset
Tel: 01934 822253
Somerset Conservatories
Conservatories, Windows
& Doors
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Conservatories Somerset
Conservatory Designs Somerset
Conservatories Somerset


Conservatories are so popular as they are a cost effective way of expanding your home and gives you a unique room within your house, and can be used any time of the year as if you were sat in your own home.

They can be used for many things, kids parties, dining area, chill out room, office and more, for you to enjoy in whatever way you want.

The great thing is there are so many different designs of conservatories, many of which you can design yourself, therefore you can still keep the feel and style of your home, picking a conservatory that mirrors the style that you already have.

You don't have to have PVC-U, you can have a wooden design depending on what you are looking for and how much you want to spend.

Contact a conservatory specialist in Somerset for more information on how they can help you expand you home in to your garden.


Somerset Conservatories

Somerset has many conservatory companies many highly reputable, names change for design though and depending on what conservatory company you go to, the names of the various conservatory styles can differ.

Victorian conservatory designs are sometimes called Edwardian or Georgian and vice versa. Also there is the confusion between Lean-to's and Home Extenders. These are essentially the same thing, the difference in names comes purely down to marketing.. So be aware that terminologies can vary.

To be sure you get the conservatory you want, you will want to discuss the requirements and details of the conservatory with the supplier. For example, you are looking for "a bell ended/bay fronted Victorian style conservatory with a pitched roof".

To add to the confusion, suppliers may refer to three bay fronted Victorian conservatories as five sided conservatories (the left and right hand sides of the conservatory count as the extra sides). Whilst five bay fronted can also be referred to as seven sided conservatories.

Above all remember, your the customer, if you are confused about anything your supplier or designer is telling you, do not be afraid to ask.

Your local Somerset supplier should be able and willing to go into the 'fundamentals' of your conservatory, you may wish to consider changing your supplier.

The photographs and illustrations on this page will give you an idea of the most common styles and configurations of conservatories that are currently available so that you will have a better understanding of what conservatory you will be getting without getting bogged down in the differing terminology.

Conservatories Somerset Conservatory
Conservatories Somerset Conservatory
Somerset Conservatory
Conservatories Somerset Conservatory

Somerset Double Glazing Specialists
Somerset Conservatory Specialists give simple advice on the advantages of having a conservatory fitted.

Conservatory Advice

Conservatories have historically been described as greenhouses - in which plants are arranged aesthetically for display, as at a botanical garden. Today however, conservatories are quite different. Modern manufacturing methods ensure that we now have more choice and more reliable alternatives. Your conservatory need not be a cold damp space when it's winter or an unbearable HOT HOUSE in the summer.

Conservatories are becoming an increasingly popular solution to extend your home.

The advantages of Conservatories:

For a lot of conservatories you don't need planning permission.
You don't need to move home to get a bigger living area.
A conservatory adds value to your home.
Conservatories can be very versatile and give much needed extra space, as you can use it for almost anything you like, from a breakfast room to an evening entertaining area.
To get the most from your new conservatory, it is important to think before construction about what you will use it for the most. This will not only help establishing the shape and size of your conservatory, but, more importantly, will help you choose which materials to use for construction. For example, if you would use it as a breakfast room, you would like it to be nice and comfortable in the morning, in summer and winter. This would mean that you would want to keep the conservatory warm in winter, but need protection from the early morning sun in the summer.

Conservatories need a lot about temperature control and this can be done by heating and using blinds, but have you ever thought about how much your choice of construction materials can help you? Here we will give you an overview on the materials best suited for insulation and construction of your conservatory.

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Conservatories Somerset

Conservatory Materials
Somerset Conservatory Specialists describe the choice of materials available for your perfect conservatory.

As more and more people in Somerset want to use their conservatory as an all year round, comfortable room, it is imperative to insulate and ventilate your conservatory properly to reach the desired temperature level. And as most of your conservatory will be of glass, it is very important to choose the right type.

Low E glass or Pilkington "K" Glass varies from normal clear glass in that one side of the glass has a special metal coating, technically known as a low emission, or Low E coating. This microscopic metal coating (which is almost indistinguishable from normal clear glass) allows through short-wave radiation, like sunlight, but reflects long-wave radiation, such as heat from fires and radiators, back into your conservatory making it easier to keep warm. As the Low E. coating on the glass actually makes the surface warmer to the touch, condensation is also reduced. The Pilkington K glass has been proven to give up to 30% better insulation than other double-glazed windows. Pilkington K Glass is a brand name for a type of Low E glass.

Argon filled units are the ultimate in glass-insulated units. Argon combined with Pilkington "K" or Low E glass is just about as good as it gets in terms of insulation. We are now talking as good as or better than most brick built extensions in terms of insulation. Not particularly expensive (only £10 -£15 per sealed unit in the UK) and well worth the extra expense. Please note that Argon filled units combined with "K" or Low E glass will give the best results. On its own the benefits are only marginal.

25 mm Polycarbonate provides perhaps the best insulating roof option for conservatories today. Most standard conservatories come with 16mm polycarbonate (a few only come with 10-mm polycarbonate). For a little extra you can upgrade to the better insulating option of 25-mm polycarbonate. With its six skins and reinforcing webbing, it has an approximate "U" value of 1.6 as opposed to 2.3 for 16-mm polycarbonate. It is available in clear, bronze tint and opal options.

Glass Roofs are an essential for those of us who like to see the stars at night! Living in Somerset, what better place to enjoy your new conservatory all year round. It is, however, a fair amount more expensive and much heavier than polycarbonate. You will also almost certainly need some form of shading. That said, it is no doubt one of the best options - very classy and inspiring. But as with all glass in your conservatory, Low E Glass or Pilkington "K" is recommended. It is also possible to get tinted/anti-sun glass.

UPVC Doors,Windows & Roofliners. • Somerset Superior Quality Conservatory Conservatories & Sunrooms. • Somerset Windows & Doors. • Carports & Canopies. • UPVC. • Quality Guarantee & Service. • Quality Work Quality Prices. Hand-Built To Your Design. • Organised Planning Application. • Excellent Customer Service. • Hardwood & Pvcu Conservatories.

Somerset Conservatories



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