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Somerset Boreholes
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Somerset boreholes plumbing
Somerset & Devon

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Somerset Boreholes Independant Water Supply

Somerset Water Boreholes

Your Borehole Questions Answered by Geologic Boreholes and Systems, the experts in supplying you with an independant water supply.

Q. Who can have a borehole?

A. Almost anyone who has a garden or almost any piece of land can have a borehole.

Q. Do I need a licence or permission?

A. Not at all, the Water Act of 2003 states that everyone is allowed to extract up to a maximum of 20,000 litres per day from their property without need for a licence or charge. Of course should you wish to extract more than 20,000 litres, you will need to obtain an Abstraction Licence from the Environment Agency. However 20,000 litres per day is enough for more than 133 people (based on on average use).

Q. Is it bad for the environment?

A. No, the drilling rig we use is the preferred method of drilling by the Environment Agency because of its low environmental impact.

Q. Do you guarantee that you can find water?

A. No, we're afraid that we can't and we suggest that be wary of any one guaranteeing to find water! By it's very nature the water table is impossible to guarantee. However, the BGS survey does provide very reliable indicators of probable location and depth. Of course in the unlikely event that we can not find water on your site, you will only be charged for the drilling time.

Q. Is borehole water safe to drink?

A. Water sourced from boreholes is far less likely to suffer from contamination than any surface water. This said it there is the possibiliy of dissolved minerals or even deep contamination. We always have water from boreholes we drill fully tested by an accredited laboratory. This will detect the presence of any and all impurities in the water.

Q. What happens if the water has excessive mineral content or contamination?

A. We can supply and fit an effective and efficient unit to filter the water and ensure that it is drinkable, safe and ready for you to enjoy.

Q. How much does a borehole cost?

A. Each borehole is unique and we cannot provide a set price for a borehole. Our quotes must vary due to the different composition of the ground through which we have to drill. It is also dependant on the use to which the borehole will be put (e.g. drinking water / irrigation).

Q. Access to our land / garden is restricted. Is this a problem?

A. This is unlikely. Our drilling rig and equipment can be broken down enough to be passed straight through a standard sized doorway. This can of course be discussed during a site visit.

Q. What does it look like when its finished?

A. Your Borehole will be covered by a custom designed cover, which looks similar a drainage cover.

Q. Are you insured?

A. Yes, of course. We carry the following insurance:
Employers liability: £10 000 000
Public / Products liability: £5 000 000

If you have any other questions that you would like an answer to before arranging a site visit, we will be happy to help you.


Somerset Boreholes

Somerset Borehole specialist

Geologic Boreholes can supply you with your own, independant water supply.

Somerset Boreholes Drilling

Geologic Boreholes and Systems are committed to the highest quality in customer service.

"...from initial contact, survey, quote, installation date, boring, installation and commissioning, everything was delivered when they said it would and within the time frame." - Rod B. Taunton.

Geological Boreholes are specialists in the drilling and equipping of boreholes and work across Devon and Somerset.

Somerset Borehole Specialists Accredited members of the British Drilling Association

Somerset Boreholes Independant Water Supply

Somerset Borehole Drilling
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