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Aerial Installation Somerset
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Aerial Installation Somerset
Somerset Aerial Installation
Aerial Installation Somerset
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Somerset TV Aerial Installation

Fitting a 'digital' or Freeview aerial


Digital is a way of transmitting TV pictures and sound as computerised bits of information. This takes up much less space in the airwaves (bandwidth), so there is room for more channels and features than the basic five channels available on analogue TV.

All TV in the UK is being switched over to digital in the next few years, so sooner or later you will need to go digital.

Digital television is the new way of broadcasting TV. It gives you:
more TV channels
interactive features via the red button
better quality pictures
on-screen programme guide (EPG)
radio through your TV
recordable subtitles and some audio description

What does digital TV give me?
The full range of features depends on the platform you choose (Freeview, satellite, cable or phone line), but the main benefits are:

More TV channels: over 30 channels
Better quality pictures and sound: very little interference, no 'ghosting', hiss or crackling
Interactive features: press the red button for information, extra coverage, play-along quizzes, etc.
Radio through your TV: at least 20 radio stations.
Electronic programme guide (EPG): on-screen information about what's on
Better accessibility: recordable subtitles on many programmes, audio description on some

How do I get digital TV?
If your TV receives more than five channels, it is probably digital already. If not, you will need to adapt it or replace it. Any TV can be adapted simply by connecting it to a set-top box with an extra lead (SCART connector). You will need to adapt every TV in your home and also any video or DVD recorder you use to record from TV. You don't need to adapt or replace every set at the same time.

The ways to receive digital TV are:
via an aerial (Freeview)
via a satellite dish (Freesat, Sky)
via a cable (ntl, Telewest, WightCable)
via a phone line (Homechoice – London area only; BT Vision)

To find out which digital services are available in your area,
call an installer for more information.

The best place to get your TV aerial fitted is on the roof. It is advisable to get a professional TV aerial fitter as they will ensure that it is orientated correctly. TV aerials can also be successfully installed in your loft, especially if you are in an area with good TV reception.

Some people may have existing aerials in the loft of their home. The roof tiles and any metal in the roof construction will reduce the signal it receives by at least half. There is also some loss of signal due to the fact the higher you can mount the aerial the better the signal it will receive. So, despite it costing more to have an aerial on the roof it is usually better going for the roof for the best signal you can get.

The ideal aerial type is an aerial that will give you the best chance of receiving a good digital tv signal is a Group W or wideband aerial (picks up channels 21-68) ideally one with a high gain and possibly with a mast head (i.e. at the aerial) mounted amplifier.
Aerial Installation Somerset
Somerset Aerial Installation
Aerial Digital TV Somerset
TV Aerial Somerset
Digital Aerial Somerset
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Aerial Instalation Somerset
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