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Cornwall Digital Aerial Installation
Digital Aerial Installation
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Digital TV installation Cornwall

Digital Aerial Installation

Replacing your aerial

If you replace your aerial, there is a larger chance that your TV reception will improve and you may even get more channels. It is recommended that you should wait until after the digital switchover in your area then you will be able to see if your home will be affected by it.

Shared aerial

Shared aerial and communal aerial system are terms which mean two households in the UK share an aerial. In the United Kingdom, there are four million houses that share an aerial with another home. Most people who live in flats share an aerial with other people, and most of these shared aerial households will need to replace their aerials, ready for the digital switchover.

As an estimation, half of the set-top aerials will have to be replaced after the digital switchover as they will not work.

What will you need to do?

If you have a shared aerial it is vital that you talk to the person who owns or manages the building you live in in order for you to make sure that you will be able to receive a Digital TV reception. Examples of the person that you may need to contact are: your property manager, your managing agent, your landlord, your freeholder, your resident association or your factor. Any of these suggested people will need to upgrade and replace the shared aerial that you receive signal from this will ensure that you will be able to get a digital TV signal within your household. On the other hand, if you own the flat you live in, you may need to contribute to the cost of any work needed to upgrade.


The digital television switchover (also called the digital transition or analogue switchoff) is the process in which analogue broadcast television is converted to digital television.

The reason behind the switchover is the improved quality of digital broadcasts as opposed to analogue broadcasts.

Until 2012 analogue broadcasts will continue to work in conjunction with digital broadcasts in the UK, until analogue broadcasts will finally be switched off completely.

The analogue switchoff process has already begun in the UK, the process began in 2008 switching region by region to digital. The switch over will be complete in 2012, when it is complete any TV set that has not been converted to digital will no longer receive TV programmes.

The digital switch over will occur in the West Country in 2009 to include all parts of Cornwall.

To see the switchover dates for different areas in the West Country please use the switchover map at the below.


The digital switchover is happening in stages in order to allow people who rely on analogue signal as their only means of TV reception can prepare for the change and allow the transmitters to be converted.

How do you switch to digital and how much will it cost?

There are a whole range of options which suit all budgets. These include: A one-off payment for a digital box or free-view satellite services, alternatively you can opt for a low-cost monthly subscription package.

You DO NOT have to buy a new television, as all current TV sets can be easily adapted by using one of the above options.New television sets are now being produced with a digital box built in.

If you wish to have the equipment installed please contact an electrician or specialist aerial or satellite installer who will be able to get you set for the digital switchover.

For more information on the digital switchover and how to get your tv converted please contact one of our aerial and satellite specialists for the Cornwall area.

  Cornwall Satellite Installation

Cornwall television aerial installation
experts may have the answers and expertise to help you out if you have problems with your television or aerial. For instance with this scenario below:

"My TV screen’s gone fuzzy and my favourite movie’s on the box next week!" Don’t panic, get the full picture by calling on the services of a professional. It’s worth noting that many TV and radio aerial companies offer free advice over the phone and guarantee equipment and installation for a minimum of 12 months.
They’ll be able to address faults like:

Snowy Pictures - sometimes caused by weak television signals.
Ghosting - double images appearing across the screen.


Loss of colour - often turning to and from black and white.
Missing letters
- Teletext information appearing incomplete.
Radio interference - annoying hiss and crackle, plus
cross-over from more than one station.

And tune you into better reception with tips like:

Mounting aerials outside - and not in the loft.
Checking your aerial is in good condition and water free.
Ensuring plugs are attached firmly to the cable and equipment.
Making sure there’s a genuine aerial fault by trying another TV or radio with it first.

Digital Aerial Installation Cornwall
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