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septic tank clearance

Any septic tank clearance and maintenance company will clear and maintain septic systems which protect human health and the environment by safely recycling wastewater back into the natural environment. Septic systems treat wastewater as well as, or better than, municipal treatment systems at a reasonable cost when properly designed, installed, operated, and maintained.

It is recommended that a septic tank be cleaned (pumped) through the manhole, removing all solids, every one to three years.

Septic Tank Pumping Clearance Cornwall  
It all starts with the septic tank, which serves several functions. Most important, it retains the solid waste. The heavy solids from the waste settle to the bottom, forming “sludge” and the oils and light solids rise to the top, forming “scum” or a “scum mat.” By separating the solids, the tank allows only the liquid in between the sludge and scum, known as effluent, to pass through to the absorption area.

While septic systems are designed and installed by licensed professionals to meet the needs of individual sites, homeowners are responsible for the system 's operation and maintenance. Often septic systems fail because owners do not maintain them after installation. Working with a fully qualified specialist will ensure your tank is properly maintained and is not a hazard to you or your family.


Septic Tank Pumping ClearanceCornwall  
Failure of your or a neighbour's septic system means that wastewater may come in contact with people or enter the natural environment without complete treatment of all harmful contents. Indicators of problems or a failing system include the following:-

Common Causes of Septic Tank Failure.

• Sewage backup into the house
• Frozen pipes or soil treatment areas
• System alarms sounding
• Algal blooms and excessive plant growth in nearby ponds or lakes
• Sewage odors indoors or outdoors
• Water or sweage surfacing in the yard or a ditch
• High levels of nitrates or coliform bacteria in well water tests

System failure is most commonly the result of improper design or installation of the system, overuse of water in the home, or lack of proper maintenance.

Improper Maintenance

The solids that accumulate in the septic tank must be removed regularly. If excessive scum or sludge builds up, it will begin to enter the soil treatment area and over time will plug it. It is recommended that a septic tank be cleaned (pumped) through the manhole, removing all solids, every one to three years. Cleaning frequency depends on several factors, including the number of people in the home, the size of the tank, and the use of a garbage disposal. The complete removal of solids from the tank requires flushing and back-flushing between the tank and the truck several times.

Septic Tank Pumping Clearance Cornwall  
Protect the soil treatment area
• Mow but do not fertilize or water turf grasses.
• Keep heavy vehicles (cars, tractors, snowmobiles, etc.) off soil treatment area.
• Do not place gardens, swing sets, or sand boxes over this area.
• Do not plant trees and shrubs on or close to this area.
• Maintain stands of appropriate plants on constructed wetland sites.


Septic Tank Clearance Cornwall
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