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cornwall conservatories conservatory design cornwall

cornwall conservatory cornwall conservatories
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cornwall conservatory design conservatory ideas cornwall
conservatory design ideas cornwall devon kitchen
cornwall conservatory ideas conservatory design truro
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conservatories cornwall
conservatory designs cornwall
cornwall conservatory
conservatory designs cornwall

Adding a conservatory to your home can add great value to a home, but you may have noticed that there are so many varieties to choose from and it can be slightly overwhelming. Conservatories come in all manner of shapes, styles and sizes and are usually built to the precise requirements of the consumer. Once you identify the size you want, all that's left to do is choose the right design to balance and harmonize your home.The most popular designs are listed below

Victorian conservatory

Victorian conservatories are similar in shape to traditional botanical greenhouses and can look just as amazing. Victorian style conservatories have seen a surge in the last few years and can be a stunning extra to any home. They are generally available with either three or five facets. Conservatories with three facets consist of a bay front with three main windows. Conservatories with five facets consist of five main windows which give a rounded appearance to the room.

Edwardian conservatory

Edwardian conservatories classically have a square or rectangular base plan with a flat front and an apex design in the roof. If you donít have much space then Edwardian conservatories are a good choice as their angular design means that there are no diagonal corners to cut into the floor space enabling you to maximise the space available.

Gable fronted conservatory

Gable fronted conservatories definitely have the 'wow' factor as they maximise the light and space available and can create an enormously majestic feature in any home. They have an elevated front, with massive roof windows which allow light to flood in. Like Edwardian conservatories, gable fronted conservatories feature a square floor plan, making the most of your floor space. This traditional design looks great for older houses.

P-shaped conservatory

If you want your conservatory to be an extra room in your home, rather than just a room extension, then p-shaped conservatories are likely to be the right choice for you. However p-shaped conservatories are normally very large and best suited to larger properties, although most companies can design a smaller version for you if your home is smaller. These conservatories make great dining rooms as they allow space for a large table and chairs. They can also create a great family living area.

Lean-to conservatory

Great conservatory design and installation can come at a price but if you are on a smaller budget then lean-to conservatories are a superb choice. Lean-to conservatories are often called sun lounges and can provide great value for your money as they are quick and easy to build. They tend to be slighter than other shapes as they 'lean-to' the house so can't extend far from the property supporting wall. This doesn't mean you have to miss out on elegance though as there are plenty of choice for base walls, windows and roofs to suit all your desires and preferences.

  conservatory design cornwall


So what is the makes an Edwardian styled conservatory different to a Victorian style one?

Generally nothing. It all depends what the supplier calls it, there is often no discernable difference between conservatories which are called Victorian or Edwardian style, sometimes Georgian. While a student of architecture would be able to point out the difference, sometimes the designers of conservatories do not pay attention. So our best advice is not to worry too much about labels and just choose a design which you like the look of.

A conservatory will be composed of prefabricated parts which are assembled to create your desired layout. So when you are discussing the design of your conservatory, point out the finish and ornamentation you want. Then discuss the layout (p-shaped, lean to, bell, etc). If you come to visit us we will be able to offer you the benefit of our years of experience. We can help to make sure that the design you opt for is suitable, cost effective and that the layout you select is appropriate for the grounds.

We are committed to delivering an excellent service to every one of our customers and build conservatories to the highest quality of workmanship. This commitment is carried through by all of our skilled craftsmen all the way up to the owners of the company. We value each and every customer as an individual and we focus on your specific needs.


cornwall conservatories

conservatory cornwall

We offer professional services supplying and installing conservatories as well as windows, doors, porches, cladding, fascias and guttering.


devon conservatories

Cornwall has many conservatory companies many highly reputable, names change for design though and depending on what conservatory company you go to, the names of the various conservatory styles can differ. Victorian conservatory designs are sometimes called Edwardian or Georgian and vice versa. Also there is the confusion between Lean-to's and Home Extenders. These are essentially the same thing, the difference in names comes purely down to marketing.. So be aware that terminologies can vary.

To be sure you get the conservatory you want, you will want to discuss the requirements and details of the conservatory with the supplier. For example, you are looking for "a bell ended/bay fronted Victorian style conservatory with a pitched roof".

To add to the confusion, suppliers may refer to three bay fronted Victorian conservatories as five sided conservatories (the left and right hand sides of the conservatory count as the extra sides). Whilst five bay fronted can also be referred to as seven sided conservatories.

Above all remember, your the customer, if you are confused about anything your supplier or designer is telling you, do not be afraid to ask.

Your local Cornwall conservatory supplier should be able and willing to go into the 'fundamentals' of your conservatory, you may wish to consider changing your supplier.

The photographs and illustrations on this page will give you an idea of the most common styles and configurations of conservatories that are currently available so that you will have a better understanding of what conservatory you will be getting without getting bogged down in the differing terminology.

conservatories devon
corwall conservatory
cornwall conservatorys
conservatories devon conservatory

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Cornwall Conservatories
cornwall conservatories

A New Patio or French door will transform your living environment by flooding your room with natural light and allowing you to enjoy the garden from the comfort of your favorite armchair. If you are trying to find a local Conservatory Supplier or installer contact any of our companies here in Cornwall today. All can fit a wide range of styles with numerous double glazing options and can tailor your new door, window or patio door to your exact requirements.

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doors windows conservatories cornwallChoose from a wide selection of styles and decide on the perfect door for your home. Each company offers friendly and helpful teams of suppliers and installers and will be happy to advice you on the best type of installation if required.
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Each Cornwall company also offers unrivalled levels of personal service and attention to detail which will offer you total peace of mind. Everything will be taken care of on your behalf from the initial quotation to the final installation of your new dream window, door or conservatory.

Many companies in Cornwall can offer design consultants who can assist you in designing your new installation to your exact requirements. All windows, doors and conservatories are made to measure and come in an infinate range of styles to suite your home.

cornwall patio doors windows
Whatever design you choose, you can be sure that your window, door or conservatory installations feature only the highest quality components designed to provide you with the ultimate in security, style and durability.

Highly experienced companies have many years experience in installing double glazed, aluminium and uPVC windows and doors and can deliver and can typically install right across Somerset and sometimes also across the south west including Devon and Cornwall.
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