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Cornwall Home Office Specialists give a brief overview on creating the perfect Home Office.

The important thing to remember about creating a home office is to make it suit your family's needs. For example, if your children need to use a computer, you will need to set up space that can be shared -- not a corner in your bedroom. Likewise, equipment and supplies should be selected for versatility.

If you do not have much room use a wall or part of a wall to set up an office. If you're extremely short on space, mount shelves on the top portion of a wall to store files and use a table that can be folded down.

  • Use a screen to set off a corner of a room and create office space. Although this is not perfect, it may be the best space you can find.
  • Find a niche -- under the stairs, on a landing, or in an odd-size room or hallway. Alternatively, why not have a timber Home Office space set up in the garden so you have more space and can escape there when you wish.
  • Convert a large cupboard into an office with a folding door. If there is no power inside the closet, have it wired to provide good lighting and an electrical outlet. This works particularly well in a spare room.
  • If you have a spare bedroom you could also replace an existing double bed with a sofa bed to allow space for your office.

Home Office Equipment & Supplies

Home Office Equipment is crucial for a home office to work properly. Along with good lighting, make sure your home office a place that you like.

  • If you intend to accessorise a room, draw up a floor plan before purchasing equipment. Make a plan and draw in any windows and doors. Then plot various design arrangements for things like your desk and computer.
  • Plan your work space so you have room to keep items such as the phone within reach while still retaining space to make notes.
  • Make sure you allow room for file cabinets to open. They are deeper than a standard desk.
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