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Cornwall Architects give a brief description of what an architect is and the role they play in todays day and age.

An architect is a person who is involved in the planning, designing and oversight of a building's construction.

An architect must thoroughly understand the building and operational codes under which his or her design must conform. That degree of knowledge is necessary so that he or she is not apt to omit any necessary requirements, or produce improper, conflicting, ambiguous, or confusing requirements.

Architects in Cornwall and any other place must understand the various methods available to the builder for building the client's structure, so that he or she can negotiate with the client to produce a best possible compromise of the results desired within explicit cost and time boundaries.

Architects must frequently make building design and planning decisions that affect the safety and well being of the general public. Architects are required to obtain specialized education and documented work experience to obtain licensure, similar to the requirements for other professionals, with requirements for practice varying from place to place.

In practice there has recently been an interest in sustainable ("green") design. Although not really requiring that an architect be licensed, some interns or architects seek Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) accreditation.

It is achieved by learning about LEED principles and scoring and then passing a test on the subject. They are then considered LEED accredited professionals. Buildings that achieve a certain quantity of points from a checklist can become LEED certified buildings.

The most prestigious award a living architect can receive is the Pritzker Prize, often termed the "Nobel Prize for architecture." Other awards for excellence in architecture are given by national regional professional associations such as the Royal Institute of British Architects. Other prestigious architectural awards are the Alvar Aalto Medal (Finland) and the Carlsberg Architecture Prize (Denmark).

The Main Benefits Of Using An Architect For Your Project

There are numerous benefits in using an architect in order to assist with a building project, whether it be the restoration of an old house or the construction of a new hone or workplace:

An architect is specifically trained in order to look beyond any of the immediate structural requirements to design flexible buildings that can instantly adapt with the changing needs of you or your business. The use of an architect will ensure that you achieve the best possible result for your project.

Architects can also solve many problems creatively. The earlier in the design and planning stage that they become involved, the more potential opportunities they have to understand any limitations and requirements, enabling them to develop more creative solutions, and ultimately produce methods to reduce construction costs.

A well-designed new building should significantly reduce the rate of any bills like heating, electricity and water, as well as increasing the long-term value of a property. Often, a highly-skilled architect will be able to design a house that saves you money by maximising your investment.

One of the more distinct advantages of hiring an architect, however, is that they can manage any project from the very start - from the initial search for an ideal site, through to its completion.

This inevitably saves you stress and hard work, as an architect usually manages a team of all the different workers in your project, including the likes of landscape architects, interior designers, builders and quantity surveyors in order to ensure that the whole project progresses at a consistent and acceptable rate and that your building is is eventually completed on time.

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