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Cornwall Underfloor Heating


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Underfloor heating systems - The ins and outs.

  Cornish Heating Underfloor

Underfloor heating has been around since at least the time of the Roman Empire, and has always had draw backs, until now. Modern underfloor heating systems utilise some of the most state-of-the-art materials to ensure a high level of efficiency and amazing performance.

Quite apart from the benefits of not having to worry about radiators cluttering up the walls, any room with an underfloor heating system will be more flexible, with the room evenly heated there will be no cold spots.

Modern underfloor heating are available that can be laid under any type of floor surface, from vinyl to hardwood, there are even systems suitable for use under carpet.

The chief benefit of underfloor heating is that now it is as simple to install as carpet. With especially constructed insulation systems which can be laid underneath the heating it means that the vast majority of the heat is released into the room instead of warming the floorboards or worse, the concrete foundations where it will do no-one any good. And with modern thermostatic controls, your rooms will be warm and comfortable whenever you need them to be.


Underfloor Heating

Cornwall underfloor heating




Cornwall Underfloor Heating

Electric underfloor heating – the easy heating solution for conservatory, kitchen and bathroom floors – both timber and tiled.

Using under floor heating to heat your conservatory / home can prove to be a very efficient way to heat because it's invisible once installed and allows you the freedom to design your interior the way you want.

Radiant Underfloor Heating for Wooden Floors, Tiled Floors, Slate and Stone Floors

Whether it is in your conservatory, bathroom or your kitchen, tile, stone and slate floors have traditionally been beautiful finishes to a floor but have also been very cold surfaces to live with.

Unfortunately traditional forced air heating systems did little to ease the temperature on these floorings.

With modern electric under floor radiant heating this is no longer the case. By laying heating cables underneath the tiles the floor can be warmed up to a comfortable temperature.

While wooden floors are usually warmer than tile or stone floors it had until relatively recently been considered unwise to combine underfloor heating with any form of wooden / timber flooring.

Benefits of Underfloor Heating


Additionally there are many more benefits to under floor heating beyond having warm floors:

  • More comfortable air temperature;

  • Low Maintenance;

  • No drafts;

  • Invisible;

  • No wasted wall space giving you complete freedom to design your room as you wish;

  • Greatly reduces dust circulation

Radiant Floor Heating

With radiant heating, floor surfaces in conservatories, bathrooms, and kitchens are not only beautiful to look at but also warm and inviting to live with.

Radiant heating works differently to conventional heating systems that rely on convection through air movement to spread heat.

Radiant heat is in the form of waves. Instead of heating the air these waves heat the surface of objects or people in the room. Surfaces include walls, windows, floors and ceilings. These surfaces then gently warm the surrounding air.

Additionally because the air does not circulate there are no draughts created and much less dust is circulating in the room which brings higher comfort levels not only for allergy suffers but for every one in the room.
As there is an even spread of heat throughout the living space this means no cold feet and higher comfort levels overall.

Radiant heating also provides savings on energy costs when combined with the use of high insulation levels and control equipment.

Other Advantages

  • Low running costs and maintenance free.

  • Under floor heating can free up wall and floor space needed by conventional heating systems.

  • Reduces condensation and associated problems.

  • Because it is a radiant heating method dust and air movement is minimised.

  • Easy installation requires connection at only one end.

Cornwall Underfloor Heating

 Underfloor Heating Cornwall
Cornwall UFH
Heating Underfloor Cornwall
Cornwall UFH

Cornwall Underfloor Heating
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