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Cornwall Storage Companies
Cornwall Storage
01726 833477
Cornwall Storage
Local, National and International Removals and Self Storage
Wadebridge, Cornwall

Tel: 01208 869528

Storage Cornwall
Removals and
Containerised Storage
Callington, Cornwall
Tel: 01566 777292
Cornwall Storage Company
Cornwall Removals
Tel: 01579 342227
Cornwall Storage Companies
Containerised Self Storage
Tel. 01288 35 22 77
Storage Cornwall
Storage and Removals Guide provide an amazing range of companies who provide storage in Cornwall. The guide only list honest and trustworthy storage companies, meaning you can keep your valuable items safe when they are not being used or as you move into a new property, ideal for both commercial and domestic customers. To keep your belongings or assets safe most storage companies will operate using security systems, such as CCTV.
Removals Cornwall
Storage in Cornwall
Student Storage Cornwall
Man and Van Service
In addition to helping you find locally based Cornwall storage companies the guide can also help you find a range of other services that you may need, including removals, man and van services, and packing services.
Storage Solutions Cornwall

Storage Solutions for small business

Your small business can reap great benefits by using a self-storage facility. Instead of storing your old stock or even office records where they will be getting in the way, use a storage facility where you will retain access but gain valuable space at your shop or office.

Even when starting out with a new small business, the decision on if to use a self-storage facility should be seriously considered. Here are the best reasons why using a self-storage facility is beneficial towards small business proprietors:

  Storage Solutions Cornwall


For local businesses, a storage facility is convenient for small business owners, as it can save a lot of time and money. There is no need to use your own space, either in your office, shop or even home.


Payment terms can be set up monthly. This means that you do not have to worry about bulky yearly expenses. Discounts may be available depending on your intended usage.

Cornwall Storage Solutions  

You will be able to save a lot of money whether it is short-term or long-term making it more cost-effective than needing extra room in your business location. By storing bulky items inside a storage unit, the space you saved in your place of business can be used to generate more income.


Small business owners do not need to worry about setting up expensive security systems over store rooms at their business with a self-storage facility. We have it all taken care of. We can assure you that any valuable stocks, documents and other items are stored in a safe place.


By renting space in a self-storage facility, it gives a business the flexibility to expand or reduce the space they use as needed.


Cornwall Storage

Choosing a storage company in Cornwall

There are two main types of domestic storage—containerised storage, where your property is placed in boxes made of timber or steel, and selflf-storage, where you rent a bare room in a warehouse and can have access to your possessions;

If you will need access to your possessions, choose a storage company whose warehouse is not too far away from your home.

Prices between storage companies can vary considerably, so arrange to receive more than one quote.

If you are not sure how much space you need, the storage company should be able to advise you on this.

Visit the storage company's warehouse yourself to ensure you are satisfied with the security and access it offers;

If you are opting for self-storage, find out when you will be able to access your storage area and whether there are charges for this.

If you choose containerised storage, ensure that an inventory of your goods is drawn up and signed by the storage company.

To find the right removals and storage company for your needs simply view the list of companies The Bradleys Homeguide offer on this page.


Cornwall Town Guide  
To find out more about the local towns in Cornwall


Storage in your Area  
For storage companies in your local area, see below:

* Devon Storage

* Somerset Storage

Other Services in Cornwall  

Storage Cornwall

Storage Company Cornwall


How to select a storage operator in Cornwall

Industry insight from the experts.

To guarantee the storage company you pick are trustworthy, ask if they are members of the UK Self Storage Association.
The Association lays down strict operating guidelines and you can rest assured that any member will have all the necessary safety, security and fire prevention measures in place.

No hidden extras
Make sure your storage company do not charge for any hidden extras such as registration fees or release fees.

Check the small print
It may be wise to shop around your local storage operators but make sure you check whether prices include VAT and be careful not to compare rates per calendar month with those for four week periods because the latter covers fewer days.

Check access rights
Make sure you are not penalised for accessing your own goods. Choose a company that offers unrestricted 24/7 access to be on the safe side.

Notice period
Make sure you are not tied in to any long term contract.

Special offers
Ask the operator whether they have any special offers on at present. Typical offers include a discount off your 1st month's storage.

Site visit
Why not ask to have a look around first before you choose. Check the security measures in place, ask to see a range of unit sizes and generally check that you are happy for your prized possessions to be stored at that centre.

For more information on the storage services available from Crown Self Storage please contact us on 01726 890880.


Storage Cornwall

Cornwall Self Storage Specialists give some great tips to consider when choosing the right storage solution for you.

Make a list of everything you intend to store.
Note which items can be taken apart for easier transport and reduced storage costs.

Keep all your essential items (keys, mobile, wallet, and medication) in easy to find places.

Start packing any non-essential items
such as extra clothes, paintings and ornaments early. Lofts and garages are good places to find items to get started on.
Don't wrap precious items in newspaper
as the print can rub off.

Stacked plates
can be heavy and the bottom ones can break; instead, wrap them in paper and pack them on their ends. Glass panes (including pictures and mirrors) should be stacked upright.

Label all boxes clearly with the contents and room they belong in
to help when retrieving goods from your unit and unpacking.

Avoid unpleasant retrievals by cleaning your garden equipment before you store it, and drain petrol where relevant to make sure things start properly.

Store large and heavy items at the bottom.

Use the space in chests of drawers and wardrobes to store boxes and paper work
, reducing storage costs.

If you are going to need access to certain items
throughout your storage period, keep them near the door.

Protect furniture with dust sheets
and wrap table and chair legs to avoid scratching.

Remove batteries from electrical items.

Store heavy items in smaller boxes to make for easy lifting.
Store china and breakables in stronger cardboard and plastic boxes packed with bubble wrap or tissue paper.

 Make sure that fridges and freezers are fully defrosted to prevent water damage and where possible leave the doors open to allow ventilation.

Clean all garden furniture before storing and make sure that your lawnmower is drained of petrol.


Cardboard Boxes for storage

Storage in Cornwall


Cornwall Storage Caravans, Boats,Cars, Furniture.

Cornwall Caravan Tourer Storage Tips.

So the summer touring done and its time to say goodnight to your friend for the duration. Storing your van correctly is a must especially in our harsh winter conditions, do it right and your Easter start-up will be fine, Get it wrong and you are in for a torrid start to what should be a perfect start to the years touring. Hopefully I can give you some hints and tips that will prevent New Year disasters.

1.Drainage: ALL ONBOARD PIPES AND WATER SYSTEMS SHOULD BE DRAINED COMPLTLEY OF WATER the only alternative to this rule is when your caravan dealer and/or heating appliance manufacturer advises against it. I have always drained and left the plugs out during winter (please remember where you stored them)

2.Wheels: It's a good idea to place your van on axle stands, thus removing the weight from the suspension and giving it a rest so to speak, but more important, it takes the weight off the road tyres there fore alleviating the flat spot, wall damage and possible tyre renewal in the new year Just do a check with your insurance company both van and household to ensure you are covered DON'T LEAVE THE VAN ON THE CORNER STANDS

3.Interior: It's a good idea to remove bedding etc during the winter months, and remember the seating and upholstery need air in order to stop them getting damp and musty, Its also advisable to keep the fridge door ajar for the same reason, a good idea on a fine fresh day is to open the van and stand the upholstery on end, leaving the door ajar for a couple of hours, this way you can check for any damp spots at the same time. Curtains leave them open , It helps to air the van, don't worry about fading as this should not be a problem

4.Electrics: It's of no use just disconnecting the wiring relay and letting it hang there during the winter months, you're asking for trouble. Simply spray the unit in a good preservative and then seal with a plastic bag by wrapping or tying the end, this should stop any rust forming and short circuits, but do give it another spray and check the contacts on a free day.

5.Coverage: My own experiences have taught me NOT TO COVER MY VAN in order to try and keep the weather out. Condensation and mould growth became abundant and the scratches were beyond belief. My best storage area was a farmer's huge lofty barn. But always remember to use a security device remembering the poor farmer may need to move your van in an emergency, so check with him before you fit them and take the keys to any locks away with you.

Winter Security: Lock the coupling head into a cover with a hitch lock if possible, if your van is not on stands for the winter consider using lock nuts on the caravan wheels. If you can, use wheel clamps - everyone knows how well they can keep a vehicle stationary!

Gas cylinders are always an inviting target to a thief.
Padlock them to the fixing bracket on older caravans so they can't be removed,
and keep gas compartments locked on newer models.

Fit an alarm. You can get one from any DIY store. Fit a time switch. If you're out after dark, lights on in your caravan will make it look occupied and can deter opportunist thieves.

Remember: your caravan is even more vulnerable when not in use or at home. Caravans left on sites even over winter, for example, are targets for thieves. If you are choosing a storage site don't just look at the price. Check to see that it offers good security. If you are a member of the Caravan Club, your touring caravan will automatically be logged on the club's security register. This enables the club to liaise with the police and dealers rapidly should a theft occur. It also helps to authenticate ownership if your caravan is stolen then recovered.


Cornwall Storage Companies
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