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Cornwall Bathroom Design and Installation


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Cornwall Bathroom Design and Installation
Bathroom Design and Installation



Contemporary taps
Contemporary bathroom taps are special due to their own unique design. These taps are well made, and their smooth design leaves plenty of space in your bathroom. Installing these taps are the quickest way to make sure that your bathroom maintains the high standards which you would expect in a bathroom. Additionally, the fact that contemporary taps are tough and they have suitable features, means that they won’t go out of fashion in your atmospheric bathroom.                        

Traditional taps
When you think of the word ‘traditional’ and then associate it with a bathroom, you may think of an old-fashioned, dull bathroom. However, this is not the case here... traditional taps help to create a classic, yet lively atmosphere to your bathroom. Traditional taps add elegance to a unique bathroom, with beautiful curves and fine detail.


Steel baths
Steel baths are the most strong and robust bath to have – they are stronger than iron, plastic and marble too. Because these baths are thick and tough, they do not loose warmth easily – they keep heat and let you wash in warmer water for longer. This means that they are cost-effective bath to have. Additionally, they keep their colour too, and they do not get any damage from household products.

Acrylic baths
Acrylic baths, like steel, are very tough. Acrylic baths have a non-porous surface; they do not harbour any germs too. The surface of this bath is easy to maintain and clean and requires little effort. Acrylic baths are slightly more modern than steel baths, and are excellent quality when compared to the cost.


Many people get confused or mixed up between the electric and power shower.

Electric showers
The electric shower works by quickly heating the water as it flows towards the shower head. The electric shower give outs water, without the need of a pump.

Power showers
Power showers give a refreshing experience and they offer the user to change the pressure of the water flowing through the head of the shower.

Cornwall Bathroom Design Installation
Cornwall Bathroom Design Installation
Cornwall Bathroom Design Installation
Cornwall Bathroom Design Installation

Baths Cornwall Bathroom
Cornwall Bathroom Design: Hot, Hot Baths
From utility room to personal spa, contemporary bathrooms are designed to cleanse the body and the soul.
It is not far-fetched these days to describe the bathroom as a private retreat or getaway. Think for a moment of a room that is as luxurious as it is functional with cashmere towels, tubs that evoke art on a pedestal and a shower so heavenly it bathes the user in a funnel of light and steam that could very well render the spa obsolete.
Gone are the days of the dark, concealed powder room with stock laminate cabinets and counter-mounted sink. No longer the ugly duckling of residential design, the contemporary bathroom has come into its own as the second most important room in the home for rest, relaxation and, because of luxurious materials and high-tech, high style fixtures, investment.
Trend Watch Technology
The contemporary commode abode features a variety of innovative products that combine state of the art technology with impeccable styling. Nothing is left to chance in the tradition of form follows function. Products range from Toto’s Neo Rest 600––a fully automated lavatory––to Boffi’s primordial egg-shaped Po tub to TAG’s decadent SilverTAG shower-cum-steam room featuring 18 over-sized shower-heads, multiple jets and light therapy controlled by a touch screen.
The Home Spa
Technology and function alone are not enough to meet the demands of health and beauty regimens where cleansing the inner being is as important as cleansing the outer. Manufacturers and designers create a sensory experience in highly engineered and functional spaces by utilizing light, colour, hydro- and aroma- therapies. Products like Chromatherapy by Kohler allow the bather to create a pool of light with the touch of a button. The bather is washed by a series of eight hues that have a tangible effect on their well-being. Chromatherapy, or light therapy, is a popular amenity for soaking tubs and showers.
Internationally-renowned designer Clodagh describes her interpretation of an urban spa retreat as “a serene, soothing environment for today's time-impoverished world.” Known for her warm, monochrome interiors incorporating principles of feng shui, Clodagh’s contemporary salle de bain blends clean lines with non-traditional materials. The hand-poured concrete floor and stainless steel fixtures fuse with a plate-glass waterfall and decorative bamboo screen to evoke Eastern principles of balance and harmony, and engage the senses. The use of light from above and below emphasizes the tonal, monochromatic colour palette and creates, “a tranquil oasis dedicated to the rituals of everyday living.” The room features Kohler’s undermounted Greek Bath soaking tub encased in stainless steel and Timpani sinks in the same finish. Clodagh adds dimension to the diminutive space by using mirrors, reflective finishes and lighting.
The use of luminous surfaces like glass, stone and marble engender a sense of serenity and volume of space in contemporary bathrooms. Award-winning architecture and design studio Gabellini Associates, LLP creates a luxurious focal point in the tidy, white on white glass enclosed bathroom at the Olympic Tower in New York.
“The design of the Olympic Tower bathroom turns the space inside out by bringing city light and views inside while exposing the simple pleasures of bathing,” says firm partner Michael Gabellini. With its transparent walls, the room uses the Manhattan cityscape as a backdrop giving the bather the feeling of floating in the clouds.
“The bath is one of the centers of the house, acting as fulcrum of the apartment, visible from multiple angles. The spatial experience from behind the glass is like wearing a pair of sunglasses through which light is polarized and filtered.” In this open setting the custom elliptical sink and hand-carved bathtub, hewn from a single slab of Yugoslavian marble, take center stage as sculptural pieces of art.
Transitional Contemporary
Today’s cutting edge bathroom trends clearly fall on the side of contemporary, rather than traditional. Fixtures, sinks, tubs and showers have simple, clean lines, with a decidedly modern, highly engineered construction. Contemporary favours high-functioning stainless steel, acrylic, glass and enamel over decorative wood and brass. Yet some are apprehensive about installing contemporary fixtures in their home.
Transitional contemporary, an emerging trend, is helping to ease the timid. Transitional contemporary is the wave of the future for the British market . “While Italian designers have always set the precedent in furniture design, new designs are gently encouraging British to leave behind tradition and "transition" into contemporary. The use of wood and soft, organic lines are reminiscent of the past -- while functionality and art propel one into the future. Cabinetry is wall-mounted so that flooring is the background canvas for a new form of art; the bathroom sink and bathroom fixtures.
Familiar yet undoubtedly contemporary, transitional contemporary represents the lavatory’s transition into the mainstream. From utility room to luxury suite, today’s bathroom epitomizes the celebration of self and the ritual of bathing.

Cornwall Baths
Bath Cornwall
Bathrooms Cornwall
Bathroom Cornwall
Cornwall Baths Design
Baths Cornwall Design
Shower Enclosures

When you are fitting a new bathroom there is a lot of different things that need taking into account in order to ensure you have a practical yet attractive bathroom. When you are wanting to install totally new elements to your bathroom, including baths, shower enclosures, walk-in showers and sinks, it is essential that you plan out where each new aspect of your new bathroom will go. One issue you may find at a later date unless you plan ahead is that although you have fitted in all your bathroom features you wanted you have a bathroom which is awkward to move around in as there isn't enough space around each feature.

One of the first tasks to be completed when forming a bathroom of your own is how much space you have available. Often if you have a small bathroom you will find that you will not be able to install all the aspects you may have wanted, however there are solutions to this such as an extension or bringing two rooms together to create a larger room. When fitting your bathroom you will need to ensure there is both room for the feature plus additional room in front to easily use it. Sometimes you may have to concede on certain parts or find a smaller option as features such as shower trays and baths can come in a range of different sizes.

For shower enclosures we think it is best to leave an area in front of the enclosure of the width of the shower tray by about 40-70cm. The amount of room you give yourself is often a personal preference, however for showers with doors that open outwards you will need to take into account there needs to be room for the door to open as well as room for you to stand which is especially important if you are planning on using a hinged shower enclosure door.

For sanitary basin sets we generally find the best dimensions for the amount of space that should be left is around 100cm by 70cm. If you are wanting to have a cabinet under the sink it is often best to leave additional space to easily open and close the doors as you stand in front.

Shower Enclosures

Shower Enclosure

Shower Enclosures

Shower Enclosure

If you choose to have a brand new bath fitted we advise that you leave an area of around 70cm by 110cm next to the bath in the space from where you will enter and exit. If your bathroom is going to have a toilet we advise you leave a space of 80cm by 60cm in front for ease of use.

As with many bathrooms to save space you can cross over the areas you have left in front of each feature, however there are some exceptions such as a his and hers bathroom sinks as you will need an area for both of you to stand. Other things you will want to take into account when planning your new bathroom is the positioning of your current plumbing, the space required for your bathroom door to open and will you have to move any vents or extractor fans.

Things to remember:

Shower Tray Leave a space in front of each bathroom feature
Shower Trays Is your current plumbing in the right location?
Shower Tray Make sure there is room for your bathroom door to open.
Shower Trays Make sure to take into account vents and windows.


Bathroom Design Cornwall
Cornwall Bathroom Design.

People always seek to impart harmony to their surroundings.

Given the choice of available ideas, achieving harmony in bathroom design is very much a question of reduction to essentials - even though harmony should never be confused with blandness.
The bathroom has become more and more important as a feature to the home and there are many ways in which improvements can be made.
Attention to detail can be very rewarding and need not be expensive, local Cornwall trades people can offer excellent value for money and may help you create that dream bathroom without the nightmare price.

Take a look at local trades people in the Cornwall area for all your bathroom requirements.

Cornwall Bathroom Design and Installation
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