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When you replace the windows on your property, you have to bear in mind the fact that windows fufil two different roles. Both form and function are an integral aspect of window design. Your windows act as sources of light and ventilation to your home. Because of this, the windows will be the chief point at which heat escapes from your home. But windows are also an key feature in what your home looks like.

Most homes these days have double glazing. The improved insulation makes this a valuable addition to any home. Retaining more heat during the winter will save you money on your heating bills. The more complex hinging arrangements within modern uPVC windows offers more utility to windows that traditional wooden frames just can't match. However many home will have had their double glazing in place for several years and don't make use of the latest technologies. From superior glass to more secure frames. Another benefit that has really come into it's own in recent years is the foil finishes for the frames which allows a wider selection of appearances. Rather than plain white uPVC frames you can have authentic looking wood grain effects or any one of a hure range of colours, with either the same or a plain white interior. This means that you have the option of benefitting from the excellent quality of modern windows at an excellent price, without compromising the exterior appearance of your home.

We also have a selection of more bespoke window designs, from bow and bell shaped windows as well as french windows and wide 'concertina' folding doors. These allow you to open up rooms, particularly pool rooms. Allowing more light all year round without leaving them open to the elements all winter.


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Cornwall Double Glazing
Cornwall Double Glazing


Cornwall Double Glazing Experts offer some good advice on the benefits on having Double Glazing installed into your home.

Double glazing your home can be one of the biggest investments for your family home. While the initial investment for double glazing is quite costly, it won't take long for you to easily recover those losses by way of lower heating and cooling bills.

Not only does double glazing your windows assist with lower utility bills, you also get the benefit of an extra barrier between your interior windows and the exterior of your home. This means the inner window is insulated from the heat and cold that the exterior window pane acts as a buffer.

Glazing can also assist in prevention of draughts and the moisture that result from condensation. With mould and moisture becoming more and more of a problem for the modern home eliminating condensation is a huge motivation to invest in double glazing.

Double glazing your doors and windows will result in less hot and cold air being lost through lack of insulation. The end result of that is lower utility bills and more comfortable surroundings in your home, no matter how inclement the weather outside is.

When it comes to your Cornwall home, you want to make the most of the home you have. Double glazing your home is a great way to make your home more appealing (by replacing draughty old windows and panes) and more comfortable (by achieving greater energy efficiency). Don't be convinced to go a lower cost route that will end up costing you much more money in the long run.

Choose Double Glazing because:

  • Double Glazing offers greater safety compared with traditional windows.
  • They offer greater security with their window frames and locking systems.
  • Double Glazed Doors and Windows conserve energy. This is good not only for the environment but your bank account too.
  • Double Glazed Windows and Doors can be designed to suit the architecture of your home.

Double Glazing Cornwall

Cornwall double glazing

cornwall double galzing
Cornwall Double Glazing

Double Glazing Cornwall
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