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Professional and Reliable Refurbishment
Across the Devon area we have found a number of different companies that can provide kitchen refurbishment services to have your kitchen looking perfect and refreshed.
  "We have a team expert kitchen installers that are able to provide trusted refurbishment services."  
Kitchen World - As trusted kitchen installers, we are able to provide professional services that are ideal for transforming your home. We offer fantastic CAD drawings to help create your perfect kitchen.
Bespoke Kitchen Devon
  Find the ideal kitchen installer for you, in your area
  There is a number of companies that can ensure that you have the perfect kitchen for your home.
Bespoke Kitchens Devon
  Looking for the perfect kitchen?
  When it comes to refurbishing a kitchen, there might just be more to it than you may think.


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Kitchen Designer Devon
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Devon Kitchen Design Sidmouth
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bespoke kitchen Devon
bespoke kitchen Devon
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Devon Bathroom Design
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Kitchen Designer Devon
Kitchen Design Devon
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Kitchen Showroom Devon
Kitchen Showrooms Devon
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Want your kitchen refurbished?
Find out more about the kitchen refurbishment services that you could be provided with,
also gather a few tips that can be perfect when having your kitchen transformed.

Kitchen Refurbishment Tips

Devon Kitchen Refurbishment Specialists offer some simple advice on refurbishing your kitchen simply and without chaos.  Firstly, now that you've decided to have your kitchen refurbished you need to take a few steps in preparation. Even if you have talked with a kitchen contractor and a designer, there is still some work you need to do to ensure that your kitchen refurbishing process runs smoothly. This isn't much work, but this preparation will help everyone involved.

Packing Dishes

A spare bedroom is the best place for your dishes. Lofts and cellars are fine also, except that you have to walk them upstairs or downstairs then back down or up again. If you have enough room in whichever spot you select, don't think that you have to pack them in boxes. Lay the dishes out on the floor or on beds.
If you do pack them in boxes, pack first the items you will use the least. Try to place any breakable items on the floor so that they can't fall anywhere.   You don’t want to be paying out for new plates or glasses when you don’t have to be.
Start packing the items that you won't need in your kitchen one week before the refurbishing project will begin. By the night before the project starts, you should have moved the last of the dishes out of the kitchen cabinets. Once the project is completed, be sure to wash all of the dishes before putting them away.

Protecting Your Kitchen Floors

In some cases, the kitchen floors have already been redone before the kitchen refurbish begins. Whether you have tile or hardwood floors, buy some carpet scraps from a carpet store and lay them over the kitchen floor.  A good idea is to tape them down with duct tape so that they won't slide, but be careful doing this on hard wood. The adhesive might damage the finish which can effect the look of your floors.  There are many Devon Flooring Suppliers and Fitters if you need to have your kitchen floor sorted out, simple click here to view.
If you have tile, or even for hardwood, consider getting a carpet pad to go underneath. Your kitchen contractors will be moving and using heavy objects that might mark, crack, or otherwise damage a finished floor. It doesn't matter what these scraps look like. They are purely functional and to protect your flooring.

Contractor Parking

Your contractors and sub-contractors will have to park somewhere near or on your property. If you have things that might be in their path to the house, your cars for example, move them elsewhere. You can always move them back when they leave. This will let your contractors know as soon as they arrive that you are doing the extra little things to make their job easier.

Moving Items of Value

Many people in Devon  leave notes, photographs, wedding announcements, and other things of value around their kitchens.  Make sure that you move these to a safe place where no-one can see. Also, if there are any pieces of jewellery, plants, or other items on the kitchen window or on the window ledge, move them as well.  You don’t want anything getting misplaced or broken while your kitchen is being re-furbished.

Overview on Kitchen Refurbishment

First, you want to move everything of value or anything that can be damaged someplace safe. Second, you want your contractors to have an easy place to work in, where they don't have to worry about tiptoeing around certain things or damaging others. Kitchen contractors in Devon work best when they don't have to think about anything but their own work. By taking these steps, and any others you may have come up with, you will ensure a smooth start to the kitchen refurbishing process.

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