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Storage services in Devon
Across the Devon area there is a number of different
companies that offer trusted and reliable storage services.
Storage Services Devon
Storage Services Devon
Tel. 07770 274061
Storage Services Devon
Storage Services Devon
Tel. 01392 833 131
Storage Services Devon
Storage Services Devon
Tel. 01395 239400
Storage Services Devon
Storage Services Devon
Tel. 01297 33839
Storage Services Devon
Storage Services Devon
Tel. 01626 363 430
Storage Services Devon
Storage Services Devon
Tel. 01395 239 403
Storage Services Devon
Storage Services Devon
Ashburton - Tel. 01626 821 971
Storage Services Devon
Storage Services Devon
Exeter - Tel. 01392 434 805
Storage Services Devon
Storage Services Devon
Plymouth - Tel. 01752 365 740
Storage Services Devon
Storage Services Devon
Tel. 01404 42886
Storage Services Devon
Storage Services Devon
Tel. 01395 239 400
Storage Services Devon
Tel. 01392 833 200
Storage Services Devon
Storage Services Devon
Tel. 01404 44900

Devon Storage
Storage and Removals Guide was created in order to help you quickly and easily find Devon storage facilities in your local area. This means for both private individuals and businesses they can find a trustworthy company who can look after their belongings or assets when they are not in use or when moving to a new property. To help protect your items most of the companies listed provide CCTV to ensure your items stay as safe as they can be.
Devon Removals Companies
Devon Storage
Packing Companies Devon
Man and Van Devon
The guide can also help with other related services, including removals, man and van services and packing services, in order to help you find a local provider who will provide an honest and efficient service.
Devon Storage Exeter
Exeter Storage  

Renting a containerised storage space differs from using a self storage unit inside a larger warehouse like building. The separate nature of containerised storage gives you some autonomy. This means that you have something which is clearly defined as yours, entirely separate to the surrounding storage. Access is easier, you can drive your van or car right up to the doors of your container and unload. Storage units are often a little too far to conveniently load directly from a vehicle, sometimes even with long, narrow corridors to negotiate. It is this simple access that makes containerised storage ideal for storing heavy or bulky items.

What indoor storage units have over containerised storage units is quite simply the advantage being inside a building gives greater ability for temperature control. Some people don't like having to travel to the edge of town to a containerised storage facility, but Westcountry Storage Solutions Exeter facility is not far from the city centre, just off Mount Pleasant Road

Westcountry Storage Solutions have three different container sizes, 8 foot by 7 foot, 10 foot or 20 foot. The walls of these containers are steel, with doors that can be securely locked and reinforced with vertical steel bars. The doors feature full rubber seals around the edges to ensure that the contents stay dry. The containers are raised slightly from the ground to protect against the extremes of temperate variation and condensation.

Devon Storage Plymouth
01626 821971

Two separate storage sites at Exeter and Ashburton, storage units, storage containers, archive document storage and CaSSOA approved Caravan and Boat storage.

All our new Exeter Storage site

Devon Self Storage

Storage is now not just for those with more possessions than space for a short while. The need to keep your valuable possessions somewhere safe during a complicated or protracted move is still a common use of storage facilities, as it is for household storage during a renovation or other large work on the home, when you need your furniture and other belongings out of the way.

But storage has been changing over the last few years. The affordability of storage facilities, right across Devon and the whole of the UK means that storage is useful for those who just need some extra space. The fact that prices are so low means that many people use storage for long terms, something which used to be more for business users than domestic.

Apart from the rather eclectic uses which television news has reported storage units being used for (from temporary dance studios to band practice space) many people simply use self storage facilities as an extension to their attic or garage. All of things you want to keep but just don't have room for, all of the things you don't use every day, all of the things which won't fit in the attic but you know you will want again. Once these things reach a certain quantity, it becomes a good idea to lease a storage unit to keep it all in.

During the summer, self storage units fill up with winter wardrobes, ski equipment, Christmas decorations and other things which won't be needed until the weather turns colder again. Then it will be replaced with garden furniture, boxes of summer clothes and even motorbikes, which won't be wanted until the next summer.

The broad range of storage units available means that all of this is far more affordable than moving to a larger home. It also is more attractive than sacrificing a section of your garden for a new shed. Contact your local storage facility for more details.


Self Storage Devon
& Storage Facilities
Tel 01404 831225
Fax 01404 831893

Storage Newton Abbot
Local Removals
Newton Abbot, Devon
Tel.   01626 363 430


Devon Document Storage
Devon Document Storage
Westcountry Document Storage


Every home and business ends up with an accumulation of paperwork, which often needs to be kept. This is often 'just in case', especially in the event of something going wrong. The problem is hard copies of documents take up room. If you run a business you will know that there is even more paperwork; receipts, time sheets, accounts, tax returns. Often there is no need for this material after it has been filed, but occasionally someone like HMRC wants to see it. For a business it is a legal requirement to retain certain documents for a fixed period of time.

The legal profession especially builds up masses of documents, all of which needs to be kept for as long as it may be relevant. This can mean decades, in which time it is simply taking up valuable space. For any home or business, space is always finite and in many cases at a premium.

Specialised document storage services from Westcountry Archive Storage could be the answer to your prayers. We offer a flexible service, freeing up space in your home or office but storing your important documents and electronic data in our purpose built facility. With a managed environment protecting your documents from damp and variations in temperature, your documents will be returned to you in pristine condition.

With intruder alarms and fire prevention systems you can be sure that your documents are secure. A relaxing thought if you have anything sensitive to store.

Accounts Records   Legal Documents
Personnel Details   Correspondence
Electronic Data   Photographs
Customer Information   Any Paperwork

Westcountry Archive Storage

Devon Document Storage

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Exeter Self Storage

Devon Self Storage

Choosing a storage company in Devon

There are two main types of domestic storage‚ÄĒcontainerised storage, where your property is placed in boxes made of timber or steel which are usually managed by the removals or storage company, and self-storage, where you rent a bare room in a warehouse and can have access to your possessions;

If you will need access to your possessions, choose a storage company whose warehouse is not too far away from your home.

Prices between storage companies throughout Devon can vary considerably, so arrange to receive quotes from storage companies in your local town.

If you are not sure how much space you need, the storage company should be able to advise you on this. Simply call one of our Storage Companies in your local Devon area today for more information.

Visit the storage company's warehouse yourself to ensure you are satisfied with the security and access it offers;

If you are opting for self-storage, find out when you will be able to access your storage area and whether there are charges for this.

If you choose containerised storage, ensure that an inventory of your goods is drawn up and signed by the storage company.

To find the right removals and storage company for your needs simply view the list of Storage companies The Bradleys Homeguide offers in Devon, on this page.

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Storage in your Area  
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Other Services in Devon  

Devon Storage

DeVon Self Store


Devon Storage
Self Storage & Containerised

Storage Companies throughout Devon have been providing value for money storage solutions for hundreds of businesses and domestic customers in the local Devon area for many years.

The Bradleys Homeguide offers many self storage companies providing for the whole of Devon offering ample secure storage. Here at The Bradleys Homeguide we offer storage facilities in Exeter, Plymouth and the surrounding areas.

Each individual storage provider is operated by efficient and professional teams and their friendly, helpful & approachable attitudes has helped us build a reliable list of storage facilities for you.

When you rent a unit with any of our Devon Storage companies you can come and go as you please (within any opening hr restrictions). Purpose built and constructed from steel, your storage units will be dry, secure and fully protected.

Friendly staff are always willing to help their clients. Simply contact your local Storage depot in Devon for more information and prices.

Storage Devon


Storage Devon UK

Medium term household storage solutions in the local Devon area

Medium term household storage brings flexibility to many different situations. You could be a person that has sold their property. With your possessions in our store you are free to find exactly the house you want without the usual pressures and compromises that come with being in house buying chains.

In other circumstance, a complete house renovation and redecoration is made possible with storage facilities as it takes away the stress of having to organise extra room for your home belongings.

Long term storage solutions in Exeter, Plymouth and the surrounding areas

If you are one of those people who is going to live abroad but cannot take your household possessions with you and plan to eventually return and set up a new home in the UK Long Term storage solutions can help.

Many companies offer containerised and conventional storage and typically offer the range of services as below:

  • Wrapping and packing of your house contents.

  • All soft furnishings placed into plastic protective covers to keep them clean and dust free.

  • Generation of an inventory to record the condition of each of your possessions before storage.

  • Transportation of your possessions and placement into storage at your local depot.

  • Delivery of your possessions to you. There are restrictions on what many storage depots can store. These typically include no gas bottles/ cylinders, food stuffs or perishable goods, no paints, flammable liquids or toxic substances.

For more information on pricing and individual rates contact the individual storage companies. Many offer discounts and special offers- keep in contact!

Exeter, Plymouth, Axminster, Devon

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