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It’s new and it’s convenient, but do you really know how to get the best from self-storage?  Whether you’re moving house, have accumulated a lifetime of possessions, running out of space or just a natural hoarder, where do you go for help?  The modern day solution is Self-storage. 

Self-storage companies are not removal firms; think of them as a flexible storage solution offering DIY storage space for members of the public and businesses.  Their purpose is to provide a flexible storage solution whether you are a student, working from home, emigrating or simply moving house.   Your belongings will be in a secure and dry environment, giving peace of mind.  There are storage units to suit all requirements whether it is a single item of furniture or the entire contents of an office or house, and the size of your unit can be increased or decreased whenever you wish.  It’s simply a cost effective way to have space whenever you need it. 

“What should I look for?”  Self-storage centres are user-friendly facilities, and renting your own storage unit is easy.  Your household effects are very important to you, so you need to make sure you choose the right company and one that is a member of the Self Storage Association (SSA), is essential.  SSA is the only recognised Trade Association for the industry and is a membership organisation, constantly monitoring and ensuring that high standards of security and excellent management are achieved.  Michael Homan, managing director Europe, of Steel Storage Europe Limited gave delegates attending an SSA conference in Barcelona, a résumé of the results of a survey that the company carried out on the self-storage industry in the UK.  “There are 812 entries in Yellow Pages of companies claiming to be self-storage companies” he said.

Will my furniture be insured”?   Always ask!  A recent change in regulation has stopped some companies from offering insurance, however if a member of SSA, it is likely that they will be able to offer this service.

Your local member of the SSA association is Quickstore who has 4 storage units in Exeter, Plymouth and Torquay offering over half a million cubic feet of storage, giving you complete peace of mind.

“How much space will I need, and what’s the cost”?  The price you pay depends upon the size of storage unit you require.   Most self-storage companies will have a handy guide to help with this. Your self-storage manager is normally able to discuss your individual requirement or you can get a handy space calculator at:    If you need shelving, always ask the self-storage company if they can rack out your unit to meet requirements.  Most self-storage companies charge a similar rate for space but you need to check for some of the hidden costs as well:

  1. “Is VAT included?”  Some companies will charge you VAT so it is always worth checking as it could save you an extra 17.5%
  2. “Do you need to pay a deposit?”  Some companies may ask you for a deposit equivalent to one month’s rental.  Whilst this is refunded at the end some companies don’t ask for it in the first place!
  3. “What if I pay for a month then only use it for 2 or 3 weeks? “ Don’t worry, most companies will refund any unused days at the end of the term but you should always ask before taking a unit.  Why pay for days you don’t even use!
  4. “Do I pay per calendar month or every 4 weeks?”  Paying each calendar month is always cheaper than every 4 weeks so again ask
  5. “What else will I need?”  You will probably need boxes, bubblewrap and tape to pack your items safely.  A reputable self-storage company will have this available, but it’s a good idea to check before you arrive.

“How secure are my items?”   A critical feature of any self-storage centre is the level and type of security measures employed, both as regards the safety of customers visiting facilities and of stored goods.  A reputable self-storage company who is a member of the SSA will have up-to-date electronic intruder and fire alarms, monitored round the clock by a watching station plus a comprehensive CCTV installation, so you know your goods are in safe hands.  

So free up space in your home and declutter your life!

Renting your own storage unit at Quickstore couldn’t be easier, with no long-term lease to sign, just a simple easy in, easy out rental agreement.    Pay a single monthly rental charge, keep the key and come and go as you wish and they will even refund any unused days!    All self-contained storage units have their own lockable door with a PIN system, allowing you free, unlimited access to your unit 24/7 and secured with your own padlock.    An on-site forklift helps with larger deliveries, together with flatbed trolleys and trucks for customer use. 


Devon Self Storage

Choosing a storage company in Devon

There are two main types of domestic storage—containerised storage, where your property is placed in boxes made of timber or steel which are usually managed by the removals or storage company, and selflf-storage, where you rent a bare room in a warehouse and can have access to your possessions;

If you will need access to your possessions, choose a storage company whose warehouse is not too far away from your home.

Prices between storage companies throughout Devon can vary considerably, so arrange to receive quotes from storage companies in your local town.

If you are not sure how much space you need, the storage company should be able to advise you on this. Simply call one of our Storage Companies in your local Devon area today for more information.

Visit the storage company's warehouse yourself to ensure you are satisfied with the security and access it offers;

If you are opting for self-storage, find out when you will be able to access your storage area and whether there are charges for this.

If you choose containerised storage, ensure that an inventory of your goods is drawn up and signed by the storage company.

To find the right removals and storage company for your needs simply view the list of Storage companies The Bradleys Homeguide offers in Devon, on this page.


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