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Summerhouse Devon Gazebo

Summerhouses and Gazebo's are a great addition to your property and garden and adding an idyllic thatched roof to your summerhouse is the perfect way to enhance your property. Summerhouses can be turned into an office, studio, therapy room or simply just a relaxing room with the perfect garden view away from the house. By adding a thatched roof to your summerhouse is an excellent idea if you want to use it through out the year as the thatching keeps the room cool in the summer and warm throughout the winter.

Thatched roofs can be designed around your needs and style, adding elegance and character to any Summerhouse or Gazebo. They can be fitted to the exact dimensions and shape of your summerhouse with as much or as little detail as you would like.

Mike Lewis is a Devon Master Thatcher who specialises in Summerhouse and Gazebo thatching throughout the Devon and Somerset area. The picture opposite of a thatched gazebo is an example of his quality work her produces throughout Devon. He takes pride in the quality materials that he uses and has over 30 years experience in this trade.

View more of Mike's thatching work on his website

  Summerhouse Devon Gazebo's
Get in touch with Mike Lewis today for all thatched Summerhouses, Gazebo's and other interesting garden features > TEL : 01803 872630

Devon Summerhouse Summerhouses Devon

Summerhouses are extremely popular throughout the local Devon area and can be used for a variety of different things.

There are various types of buildings that you can buy to put in your garden including sheds and summerhouses.
Summerhouses are typically made of wood.

Wooden summerhouses come in a large variety of shapes, designs and sizes, and can be used as an office, a workshop or a play house depending upon the design. It is easy to attach additional shelves and hooks to wooden shed walls for additional storage.  Some summerhouses have opening windows and skylights for ventilation - which you will need if you are going to spend any length of time in the garden building.

A Summerhouse is a place that can create a relaxing atmosphere on your doorstep where you can enjoy the beautiful Devon countryside and escape from the hassles of everyday life.

Summerhouses are designed throughout Devon and the local area for minimum maintenance and maximum impact.  

Both sheds and summerhouses are designed around an outdoor life, eating and entertaining in the garden where u can spend most of your time in the fresh air.

Article courtesy of Pengellys Of Bow, Nr Crediton, Devon.

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Devon Summerhouses

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Devon Summerhouses
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