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Appliance Repairs Devon
Appliance Repairs Devon Devon Appliane Repairs Appliance Repairs Devon

Home Appliance Shopping Tips

When choosing a dishwasher appliance, you should find out how many gallons of water it uses during different cycles. Look for features that reduce water use. Newer, more expensive stainless steel models enhance efficiency during drying cycles and can tolerate higher water temperatures, even allowing you to sanitise your dishes.

When choosing an oven, your first decision should be whether you want a gas oven or an electric. This decision is based on your cooking preferences.

Washing Machines/Dryers
Devon is rich with many appliance shops but before you go shopping, check the power service to the area where you plan to install your washer and dryer. Washers with water level controls, large capacity settings and spin cycle adjustment will help you curb your water use. In addition, front-loading models use about one-third less energy and water than top loading machines.

Always remember refrigerators with freezers on the top are more energy efficient than appliances with side freezers.  

Hot water heaters
Look for hot water heaters that are energy efficient. Energy efficient appliances can cost more, but will save money and protect the environment over time.
Tank size or capacity refers to the amount of water, in gallons, that the water heater will hold. Your tank size will be determined by your recovery rate needs. The more gallons of hot water you need per hour, the larger the water tank must be to accommodate the need. Large capacity water heaters are also more expensive to operate because they require more energy to heat the large amount of water.
Tankless water heating systems do not store heated water; instead, the water is heated instantly on demand. Tankless water systems are powered by either electricity or gas and turn off when not in use. Tankless water heaters are more energy efficient than conventional types, but have trouble supplying large amounts of hot water at any one time. Don't plan on taking a shower and running the dishwasher at the same time.


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Appliance Repairs Devon
Appliance Repairs Devon
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