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Devon Loft Conversions
Devon Loft Conversion Specialists give a brief description on the types of loft conversions available today throughout the local Devon area.

Statistics show that an average loft conversion costs approximately one-third of the cost of moving to a property with an extra room. However bear in mind that it's still usually easier to do a standard extension on a house than it is to convert a loft. Of course, a converted loft should increase the value of your house, but before starting it may be worth speaking with your local Estate Agent!!! Depending on what options you go for, and because every house is different, the cost of converting a loft can vary considerably.

There are two basic types of loft conversion. The first is a Dormer conversion, and involves an extension onto the roof. The second is known as a Velux conversion, and this does not require any extension. The way these types are reffered to actually refers to the tpye of window which is used. The dormer standing out from the roof and the velux being flush.

Ensure you have the correct planning permissions and meet the fire regulations as breaking the law could also null and void your insurance. If the loft is to become habitable accommodation, (like in the case of a home office) - you certainly need to comply with the Building Regulations, and you may even need Planning Permission - The Building Regulations are there to ensure that a reasonable level of health and safety is maintained. In the event that you discover you do need Planning Permission ,in not doing this it's very likely that you'll be forced to pay to have the work put right. You may also encounter problems when trying to sell your house.

Some important factors to consider with a Loft Conversion .:

Heating and ventilation - In mid summer as heat rises from the rest of the house, the loft can get exceptionally hot and stuffy - Good ventilation is essential to disperse this heat so thought needs to be given to window sizes etc.. However despite this movement of heat , there is still a need to have some way of warming the room in winter. What to use? radiators, or electric heaters? Good insulation for the winter in a loft space will be an important factor.

Lighting - apart from electrical lighting, think hard about where you will put your window. A Wiring - you will obviously need to wire up the loft so you've got some form of power supply. Dormer windows will create a "new" view over your surroundings (e.g. your neighbour's garden), and as such will almost certainly require planning permission.
Flooring - The Home Guide has a number of Flooring experts you may wish to consult.
Staircasing - how will you get up to the loft each day? - retractable ladder, or non-retractable stairs?. Your Building Regulations will have some impact on your choice.
Rafters - you may actually need to increase the height of your roof space, which will involve taking off the whole roof, extending the rafters, and then replacing the roof.

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Loft Conversion Devon
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Devon based Loft Conversion companies have built a reputation for outstanding service and quality workmanship throughout Devon.

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All have successfully carried out quality projects large and small throughout the South west. Each company's aim is to offer each client a comprehensive service to suit their needs at a competitive price.

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